Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 2

Little One, you are hiding behind a door of fear. Come out now. This is not a time to hide or run away. You are here to enjoy yourself - to love, to laugh, and to live. This is a time of great permissions. Come out now. It is safe. Your fear is creating an illusion. Remember, Dear Heart, pain is very isolating. Don't let it keep you caught in its cycle. Release your fear and come out to play. You are safe always. Always. There is no other option.

Little One, look back over your journaling. You have asked for help to become more whole and to live more authentically. This is your opportunity to fulfill this longing. These experiences mark the beginning of the fulfillment of your desire. Keep looking to your high guidance. Keep looking to the Light. As a human being, you have great power so great that at times you are afraid to use it. Cease hiding behind the door of fear that you imagine will protect you. The safety that you seek there is an illusion.

Dear One, it is an illusion that the Truth hurts. The only possible safety is found by abiding in the Truth. The Truth heals if you will but receive it as such. It is time to release the beliefs that have held you captive for so long, to move beyond the paradigm of fear, and to accept the authentic power that is your natural right and entitlement.

You have used your fear as an excuse to not move forward for far too long. It is time now to fly. We have honored your request for an answer to your longing. We are here to support you as ever. Allow us to do that. Don't allow your fear to prevent you from manifesting your desire.

Your body is your tool. You manifested it to come into this lifetime. Accept it. Bless it. Honor it. Listen to it. But don't create illness in it. Little One, if you have the power to create illness, then you also have the power to create wholeness. As your relationship to your body changes, your body will change automatically on its own account, following your desires.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.