Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 103 - Ease and Blessing

Little One, we would speak to you regarding your feelings and your judgment of these feelings. We would say to you: Look toward the light. Turn away from illusion and look toward love. We would challenge you to love yourself. Love and judgment cannot coexist. Judgment, as we have said many times, creates illusion. When you are deceived by illusion, Dear One, darkness obscures the light.

What has robbed you of your power? Are you different today than you were yesterday or will be tomorrow? No, we think not. What has changed is your belief about the power that you have over your experience.

We feel you struggling. It is true that you will be required to make changes in your life. It is untrue that these life changes will be painful or difficult to bear. It is your choice. Will you create blessing or chaos, harmony or conflict?

Manifest peace. Manifest grace. Manifest happiness. Manifest joy. Above all, Dear One, be love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 102 - Practical Application

Good morning, Little One. It is a pleasure to be with you on such an occasion as this. We recognize the fatigue in your body. This will pass as you attend to your needs.

Practical application of the teachings that you have received is critical. Do you recall our caution to you about taking these words out only occasionally to admire, then reassigning them to a dusty shelf? Knowledge without application is naught. This you have experienced: An open book will not change your life; however, an open heart will change the world. Think on these things.

Have we not granted your heart’s desire for both partnership and friendship? Have we not complemented your gifts with the gifts of others to provide perfect balance, harmony, and wholeness?

Little One, open to receive the gifts that are given to you. A gift must be fully received in order to give grace. Be kind. Would you be so greedy as to hoard all these many gifts for yourself, Dear One, and then feel victimized by the aloneness and martyrdom of so doing?

Be peace. Find the joy in all of your relationships.
LO: Why are the leaves green?
Little One, the leaves are green to remind all creatures that green, the color of the Heart ray, is also the color of life. For without love, there cannot be life.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 101 - Divine Essence

Little One, when we teach you we have many approaches that determine the daily lessons, as it were. First, we observe and attend to your soul’s longing, and we listen to the hunger of your heart in order to provide nourishment and sustenance for your spirit. Second, we answer any specific questions that you ask us. In this, Dear Heart, be sure that you truly desire to know, for your fear of knowing can block our transmission to you. Third, after we have observed, attended, nurtured, and answered, then, providing that you are receptive and vibrationally attuned, we will give you the daily lesson.

Know that we desire for you to know the Truth. For it is written, the Truth shall set you free. This is the Truth: God is love and anyone that dwells in love dwells in God and God in him. Question not your worthiness. Question nothing save this:

Is God worthy?
Is God’s image less worthy than His essence?

Beware of false humility that would separate you from your god-self, which would extinguish the flame of the Holy Spirit burning ever present in your heart. Stand tall. Stand straight. Stand true. The first task set before you on this adventure of spirit is to honor all that is you. For this is the root of self-esteem: to honor the Self and to open to receive from the abundance of your own heart.

Know this: Karma is perpetuated by self-judgment. The wrongdoing that you forgive is forgiven. This is your responsibility, and it is also your privilege. Immerse yourself in the wellspring of abiding love. Bask in the living light of spirit. Warm yourself by the fire of your heart. Know that you are blessed and beloved. Release your wariness and know the perfection of the moment. Your responsibility is to amplify the magnitude of the light, love, joy, and peace that you experience. Let this be your message: Grace abounds. You will share your strength with others in order to transform wounds and to bring blessings of grace from the heart of Christos. Little One, remember this Truth: We know you by heart. All is well.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 100 - Illusions of Scarcity

Little One, be with us now. Do you see that your confusion is based on attachment to the illusion of scarcity, to the illusion that there is not enough love and that the love that you most desire is unavailable to you? Yet we would say to you, Dear One, that you are love. How, then, can any love be withheld from you?
Let the love that you give and the love that you receive be without condition. Do not place conditions on the love others give to you. Open to receive this beauty, this precious gift of love. Release your attachment to how love manifests itself. Release judgment of the Lover, who is the Beloved.

Remember, Little One, if your heart is open, then you can experience only love. The pain that you are experiencing results from a denial of love and a rejection of the Beloved. Spurn not the gifts of the Universe. We will allow nothing to harm you. Trust, Little One. Trust us. Trust yourself. Trust love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 99 - Universal Exchange System

Little One,  experience the fullness of this moment. Allow the expansion of energy to fill every aspect of your being – physical and etheric. Breathe in blessing. Breathe out attachment. The moment of bliss is upon you. Give love. Receive love. This is the Universal exchange system. Unconditional love is its currency.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 97 - Love without Condition

Little One, be with us now. We know that all is well with you, but do you know this also? Do you feel the grace of the moment? You are experiencing much wonder as you watch the miraculous unfold. Do you feel the pulsing of the Love Force? Love, precious child, is the gift of the gods, the triumph of the angels, and the song of your soul.

Allow yourself to expand in order to feel the joy that comes from the profound knowledge that you are loved without condition. Let your joy be without condition also. For this is the will of the Beloved: that joy fill your being. Rejoice in the supreme assurance that, in every moment, you are beloved. Rest within the tender care of the Beloved’s embrace. Do you hear Him sweetly calling your name? Will you welcome Him?

We have heard your soul’s longing. We have felt your heart’s hunger. Allow yourself to be filled by the abundance of the Universe. The boards are off the windows now, Dear One. Explore the wonders of the new terrain and the new vistas, which are opened to you.

You have passed through a gateway. Feel the wonder and the magnitude of the energetic shifts. The road has been paved for your journey. The guides and helpers are waiting to assist your progress. Know that you do not travel alone and how abundantly you are loved. We will not betray you. We will not abandon you. These are our words to you. Know the truth.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 96 - Shifting Focus

Little One, we would speak to you now. Know that all is well. You are impatient with yourself, Dear One, yet we would ask you to be patient with this impatience. Breathe deeply. Do you feel the peace that this creates in your body as well as your soul? This peace is yours in every moment. Choose to be in this moment, Little One. Choose this moment of truth. Let us examine what is true in this moment: That all is well and perfectly aligned. The present moment is the measure of perfection. It is the IS.

Do not kick against the pricks, for you will only exhaust yourself. The pricks are being prick-like. What has changed, but your relationship to them?  When you are angry, Little One, what has changed? When you are afraid, when you are lonely, when you are discontent, when you experience anything but grace, you have but lost your focus. This is not a catastrophe. Simply shift your focus slightly. Look for the fullness of the glass. Savor the precious water of Spirit that fills you. Are you half-empty or half-full, Little One? We would say that you are neither. We would say that you are in perfect balance. Experience the emptiness. Experience the fullness. Know peace.

The greatest gifts of these teachings to many are the sheer availability and presence of personal guidance, daily assistance, and healing grace, as well as the remembrance and assurance that you are never alone. As others read our communications to you, they will be encouraged and enheartened to open to the sweet spirit residing in their own hearts. So you see, Little One, that writing from your heart is a gift to all.

Trust in the truth of the moment. We feel more openness in you today. Examine the energy shifts that occur for you and observe the judgments that you attach to the feeling that you label as shadow.

We judge you not. We gently remind you to turn toward the light. Your feelings are true, Little One. Though they are fleeting, they are true, for the feelings give you immediate, very pertinent information about the direction of your focus. Are you looking toward the light or the shadow? Are you experiencing fullness or emptiness? Are you experiencing the moment of truth or of illusion? The choice is yours. Know the truth of these words. Be here now.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 95 - Your Heart's Desire

Little One, you have been very busy and we are pleased with your efforts. We would caution you, however, not to dismiss so easily the time that we spend together in communion and meditation. Much is happening for you, Little One. New doors are opening and new people are entering your life. Why do you see this as bad or painful? Look to the Light and know that for every ending there will be a beautiful new beginning. It is true that there will be endings for you. In your deepest heart you know and experience the rightness of this. So be it, Little One. So let it be. 

Dear One, do not attract pain and conflict to yourself. Intend love. Intend grace. Intend peace. These are your entitlements. You must be willing to be clear and honest, about your needs and desires. The possibilities are endless if you allow for these possibilities.

What do you desire to create? Do you see that the life that you have created for yourself is too small and that its confines are too tightly enclosed? Allow yourself to expand and grow. Remember the teaching that we have given you in times past: If it is right for you, then it is right for everyone else.

Be at peace and trust the integrity of the growth process. Open your heart to your intuition and to your deep inner wisdom. Open to both give and receive love. Release your attachment to the approval and the opinions of others. Yield to grace.

Do not judge yourself. Maintain your focus on yourself. You may have your heart’s desire. You have been afraid to desire; release this fear. Desire deeply, for it is the will of the Universe to fulfill your heart’s desire. Let your desire issue from an open heart. Do not form attachments to illusion. Receive your father’s gift to you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 94 - Choosing Joy

Little One, we would speak to you to remind you of your light and to remind you of the power that you wield to shape your experience and to fashion your reality. Relax into this time of communication. We have assured you repeatedly that all is well. Do you begin to understand the grace of this?

It is a beautiful day today. What is preventing you from fully enjoying the experience of the day? Who can rob you of your joy? Do you not see that this is impossible?

You have tremendous power, Little One. Do you realize that you are your own joy creator – a joy generator, if you will? You are the creator of your experience in every moment. You choose what to think, what to experience, what to embrace, and what to reject. Examine closely your choices. If your experience does not suit you, then choose differently - not at some other time- but now, in this moment.

For you, Little One, there is an issue of time. How is your time occupied? Who requires your attention? Choose wisely and responsibly lest resentments form that rob your life of its joy and beauty. When you feel victimized by resentment, yet you generate this as well. Open your heart to the abundance of the Universe.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Preface to The Little One Diaries, Volume Two: Great Fullness of Heart

Dear Friends,

It is with immense joy and great delight that I present you with this second volume in The Little One Diaries Series. This past year, since the release of Volume One, has been a challenging, exhilarating, and heart-full adventure of Spirit. It has been a year of paradox, in which unspeakable joy and profound grief, blazing triumph and stark tragedy, infinite delight and deep despair partnered one another in the dance of light and shadow.  Yet in every circumstance, in every moment, the message remains clear:  Grace abounds!

I am grateful for the opportunity to once again share these teachings with you. I offer these words to you, not as absolute truth, but rather to share with you the grace of my journey and to bless you as you travel your own path of Truth. I have come to understand that direct spiritual guidance is continually available to each of us, moment by moment, and that we are never alone, despite whatever illusion may currently be playing. As ever, the goal of this volume is to encourage you to establish your own direct communication channel, to trust the guidance that you receive, and to open your heart to the still, small voice calling to you.

I am ever in your debt for the great gift of your presence on this journey.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Susan Gallaher
January, 2001
Luxor, Egypt

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 93

Little One, there are many things that we would say to you today. We ask that you forgive our impatience; however, it has been long since you have allowed us an opportunity to share with you our thoughts and desires. Note please that this is not a criticism of you. It is merely a statement of a true condition, what you would call an “observation.”

Remember, Little One, there is always and only power in truth. Sometimes, there is a belief that truth hurts. But as you know, it is the illusion that hurts and it is the attachment to illusion that causes suffering. Truth brings healing, for it dispels illusion. Your truth is your strength.

This leads to an interesting segue ‑ Illusion. You have uncovered many personal illusions in the past weeks. While not all of these illusions have been dispelled, at least they have been uncovered, unveiled, and brought into your awareness.

We would encourage you, Little One, to pay attention to the “pinching shoes,” to note that which does not work for you, and to follow with joy that which brings you peace and blessing. Contentment with godliness is, indeed, great gain. 

We are aware of the struggles and the discontent that you have recently experienced. We also know of the mirrors into which you have been looking. We would say only this: Do not be precipitous. Do not prematurely say, “This is reality,” for you may be mistaking an elephant for a snake.* Be patient with yourself and with all beings. The truth is a process, not a product.

Little One, you need to return to the practice of listening and writing, for it is by writing that you right (correct) any imbalance and wobble in your experience. It is the rite (ritual) of your spiritual practice. You know this to be true.

You have questions, but we would first say that we desire to be with you. What do you desire? Truly, what do you desire? It is in your power to create anything that you desire, but first you must commit to the manifestation of the desire. You have many differing ideas and thoughts about what you want. You even have resentment about what you don’t have (we will speak more about resentment), but you have not, heretofore, fully committed to manifestation.

What is critical to manifestation?
Clarity of Intention
Singleness of Focus
Openness to Receive

It is imperative at each step of the process, to note any blockages to receptivity. If it is a high‑energy desire, and you have not manifested it, then you must look for the presence of energetic blocks to its creation. The laws of nature apply. Allow yourself to consider creative energy flowing as a Divine River, which encounters a dam of your creation blocking the flow of life. You must discreate, dismantle your dam before you can manifest your desire and experience the water of life flowing freely through your being.

This process requires careful inspection and introspection, not judgment or criticism. Inspect the energetic flow: Is the creative energy manifesting what you truly desire, or do you need to revise the energetic template?

Know this: the creative energy is creating what it has been programmed to create. If the product does not delight you, then examine the design specifications and make the appropriate modifications.

Do not make this an exercise in futility by creating additional blockages based on the judgments that you have over your initial inability to manifest your desire. This judgment creates bad ecology, which causes stagnation in the river of life flowing through your being, and ultimately results in disease and death.

What is death, but failure to manifest life? We are not speaking of a physical death, but a death of dreams, a death of spirit, a death of hope, and a death of love. So examine with love the blockages, the anti‑matter, that inhibits your creation.

Little One, you desire to create financial and material abundance, yet you discreate this possibility by two behaviors. The first blockage is the belief that by having more, you keep others from having enough. This is sweet, but incorrect. By operating under this assumption, you create an energy blockage because the underlying message says that creating what you want will cause harm to others. This is a lie. It is an illusion, that violates the Universal Principle of Love. Remember that the laws of the Universe apply in every circumstance. The Law of the Universe is Love. The Universe does not discriminate. It extends love to all without distinction.

The second blockage is a more subtle withdrawal of the creation energy. We speak of a lack of commitment to the creation process. This allows for only an inferior product. This reminds us of adolescent children ‑the half child/half adult ‑ desiring power without responsibility. We are not criticizing you, but illustrating that we understand that you are intimidated by your creative responsibility. This requires trusting yourself, which requires trusting the Universal principles of love and grace. Little One, trust that the gift is not given without the appropriate grace to guide you. Again there is a fear that you will do harm to or not do enough good for others, yet it is this fear that is the real harm. Yield to grace, Little One, for this is the key to life.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

*Refers to the parable of six blind men who encounter an elephant. Each describes what he experiences though his sense of touch. One man touching the elephant’s side describes it as a wall, another touching its ear describes it as a leaf, the third man touching its leg describes it as a tree, the fourth man touching its trunk describes it as a hose, the fifth man touching its tusk describes it as a spear, and the sixth man touching the elephant’s tail describes it as a snake. Each man, while describing the totality of his own experience, only experienced a part of the greater truth.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 92

Little One, we would speak to you. Hear us now. You are finding your rhythm. Continue to follow the beat that is in harmony with the song of your soul. Seek neither to give nor receive approval, for there is judgment attached to approval. Approve none. Accept all. Acceptance does not judge. Acceptance embraces without condition.

Allow the rhythm of your life to unfold. Observe it with delight. Possess at all times the beginner’s mind of wonder and awe. This is the gift of the open heart.

We would speak briefly of the teachings that we have given you. You are correct that these are not “yours.” These teachings are, in fact, universal truths belonging to no human soul or entity. We are amused at the “claiming” that occurs in your world; this is the point with which you struggle.

These teachings have been entrusted into your care. What shall you do with them? Shall you hoard them in a miserly fashion as some do? Shall you let them slip like water through your fingers, so that the precious life‑giving fluids are lost in the parched sands of the desert of despair? Or shall you create a sacred container of the Heart and allow access to all who are ready to partake of the life‑giving water of spirit, imposing no condition except the desire to know?

These teachings are for those who would ask, seek, and knock. These are the only conditions. The vessel is being constructed as the teachings are being given. You are a bearer of the cup that is the Chalice of Life.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 91

Little One, we would speak to you now to address the illusions that you have created of what conditions must exist in order for us to speak to you and for you to receive “quality” information.

You feel now that we are angry, and this is not the case. We do not experience anger as you understand it. You are responding physically to the rush of energy into your body. Please do not attach a meaning or emotion to this energy, but observe it. What you have classified as anger is really just power. The experience of this power is intense because you have not permitted this time of communication in a while.

This relates to our points of discussion. First, no conditions need be in place but that you are there and have an instrument available to record our words and teachings to you. These are the only conditions that apply. You do not need to be alone, dressed, fed, comfortable, or anything else. You just need to be present.

Second, we would discuss briefly the concept of “quality” teachings. How do you define a quality teaching, Little One? Is it a teaching that you like? A teaching that makes you feel good? Or perhaps one that “nails you to the wall” (though we care not for such expressions)?

Responding to your concerns regarding preparation and the quality of teaching, we would say to you: Get over it and get it over with. Do not allow ritual to deny your experience. Do not attach to anything or to anyone. Others will be coming to work with you, but you must be more comfortable working with yourself before you can work with another. You must communicate honestly with yourself, be clear in your preferences, go in for information, and do it. It is time for action ‑ not as in moving mountains, although we would discuss this later ‑ but about doing what we have instructed you to do and releasing the small hindrances that block your way. These hindrances are small, but if left unattended, they will create larger obstacles.

Beware of your thought processes, Little One, for they have tremendous power. When you picked up the impulse that you “think too much,” know that this is true in one sense only.

Thought must be balanced by action. Do you see this?

If you think a thought, then you begin the creation process. However, you must either choose to follow through by acting on the thought form that you have created, or discreate it. If left dormant, the thought form can become an obstacle to the manifestation of your desires. Half‑formed energetic entities inhabiting the creation field compromise its energetic integrity and contaminate the creation field.

Gauge your thoughts carefully. Be clear about your desires before you energize them with intention, and then follow through with what is required for manifestation. Do not be a lazy creator, for the result will be a half‑baked, inferior loaf that edifies and nourishes no one.

Think ‑ Desire ‑ Intend ‑ Follow Through

What do we mean by “doing”? We do not mean “moving a mountain by one bucket of dirt at a time.” But we do mean, “focusing thought, desire, and intention continually in the moment of truth and mindfully on the manifestation of desire.”

This power to manifest comes from your heart center. Most generally, your desires arise from fear and scarcity rather than from the desire to manifest from the abundance of what is yours. This is Grasping Desire. Grasping Desire is a reflection of attachment to the illusion of scarcity. When the truth of abundance is fully realized all, Grasping Desire is transformed into contented fulfillment.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 90

When it is dark, Little One, do not bewail the darkness, but turn toward the Light. The darkness is dark by design. Its darkness has integrity. Do not bemoan the darkness or chastise yourself for experiencing the dark. Choose, however, to abide in the light, for this is your calling, to bring light and grace to yourself. Be in this moment, Little One, or you cannot be in any other moment. Now is the only reality.

What clamors for your attention? We would answer fear, yet what is fear? Let us examine that to which we have referred many times, but have yet to clearly define.

Fear is a vacuum, a nothingness that seeks to fill itself, to give itself substance and mass. Yet it attracts to itself more fear and collapses like a lung onto itself. Fear is the perpetual state of exhale that does not allow your next breath. Fear freezes the mechanism of life, bringing death. Do not confuse fear with emptiness. Fear is attachment to emptiness.

Early in creation, fear did not exist. It is imperative to understand the nature of fear and to distinguish among its many faces: cautionary alert, anxiety, spiritual abandonment, despair, isolation, and death. Fear is the illusion that denies the essential truth of the Universe which is Love.

We ask you: Is it possible to feel fear in this moment? If fear is not possible in this moment, then fear is not possible at all. Think on this, Little One.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 89

Little One, we would speak to you now. Do you see the value of your written word? Do you see that you had forgotten the terrain over which you have traveled? This has been a miraculous journey, has it not? It has been a journey of grace and healing.

Do you see also the dramatic, dynamic changes that have occurred so quickly ‑ quite literally in the blink of an eye? Do you see the effect that judgment has on the human psyche? Do you understand the insidious process of judgment and projection?

Savor this moment, this blessing, this moment of Truth. You still are in possession of Truth fragments, for you have yet to assemble the pieces that are you. You are in progress and the appreciation is growing in you for your wonder. Do not become distracted away from the witness of your own evolution. Explore the glory. Choose appreciation and gratitude over judgment and despair. Surrender to abundance. Yes, we like this term very much. Surrender to abundance, surrender to Love. There is much healing to be received.

Little One, when you feel impatient, you have allowed yourself to be seduced away from the moment, for there is no impatience in the moment of Truth. There is only mindfulness and joy. This is why the Buddha smiles, for he is ever mindful. Do not have a greedy heart. Be ever mindful, heart-full, truth-full, and grace-full. Know this: Great fullness of heart abounds.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 88

Little One, relax. We ask you to attend to us, which is also attending to yourself. Relax and attend to your bodybeing. We will say this very slowly and succinctly: Attend to yourself. You first, others later. Look closely at your responsibility. It is your life. It is your practice. We speak in terms of life quality and the quality of attention that you give to yourself. For what does your body long? Light, lightness of being, liquid light. Attend to that for which you truly hunger.

Another matter to examine: In returning to the past records of our conversation with you, we would caution you to observe and bless it. Capture the pearls, but leave the shells.

There is much to be done. We are preparing you to sit in the fire. We know that you have many questions. They will be answered. Do not be attached to the form in which the answers and opportunities appear. Keep releasing attachments.

Others see your fire and are warmed by it. It is you who are sometimes left in the cold. Not because there is not enough, but because you do not use that which you have been given. Go back to the beginning. By that, we mean to the lessons that we have given you about creation and intention, power, and light.

We hear your arguments that you do not have “time.” This is what we mean by attending. Consider the questions: What is time? What is intention? Have we said to you that you must “intend” for one hour a day? Or two, or 24? No, we have said, “Set your intention. Bless it. It is done.”

What is required in addition to setting the intention? Presence. Where have we taught you to find this most sacred Presence? In the moment. We have discussed with you the dynamic of prayer. The efficacy of prayer is accomplished in the moment because this is the moment of truth. Let us look at the reasons why human beings are reluctant to accept the simplicity of these teachings.

Judgment creates illusion. Human beings often use self‑judgment as a defense against feelings of powerlessness and fear of the judgment of others. Self‑judgment creates an illusion of control, yet perpetuates the illusion of victimization, thus creating a double veil to obscure your beauty, truth, and power. It is the thickness of these veils of illusion that prevent you from viewing your true visage, your True Self. You are unable to bear witness and attend to your true countenance because you are blind to its glory and beauty. We would say to you that this is your longing, your deepest desire.

It is as though the Universe has given you a map with directions which say: “Come follow this path." "Great joy over here!" "Abundant life over here!" "Unconditional love this way.” Why would you follow a different path than the Path of Love to which you have been called?

Little One, dispel illusion. Wrapping yourself in the veil of illusion does not make you less powerful, less responsible for your experience, or less light‑filled. It only prevents you from enjoying and experiencing your wonder, grace, and beauty.

You have created this reality as surely as you have the power to create another. Should you ask yourself in a moment of Truth: What is? The answer will astound you. For the only is that exists is Love, which is you. Hear the voice of the Beloved calling you home.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 87

Good morning, Dear One. What do you desire today? Shall we speak to you of prayer? Shall we speak to you of work? Shall we speak to you of your own essence?

The essence first, we think, because at times you still question your light, brilliance, and greatness. Release your limiting beliefs and follow where you heart would guide you. You know where this is. Sit with intention, know that it is your path, and follow it. Sit with the intention and desire, and it will be so. Do you see this?

Do not back away from the fire. Let it burn brightly, freely. Let it consume the dross and leave the gold. Let it burn the contaminants and leave the essence of purity. Let it burn the fear and leave the Love.

Consider apathy ‑ “a pathos.” From your Greek, this means an absence of feeling, passion, and fire. Apathy is a defensive mechanism against the pain. It is an armoring of the emotional body resulting in the absence of feeling, separation from the Love Force, and diminished Life Force. Apathy is at the root of depression, not the other way around as is commonly supposed.

Apathy is insidious. It develops slowly. It is a layer‑by‑layer armoring of “I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. I can’t help it. I am afraid. I am powerless.”

Apathy begins when you cloak your emotional etheric body to provide protection from painful or potentially painful feelings. This causes a misalignment in your etheric bodies and inhibits the flow of the Life Force. Initially, you may be seeking to diminish your light in order to make others more comfortable in your presence. However, this is crooked thinking, because light brings grace. Perhaps you wished to feel safer in their presence, but this is crooked also, for light is always appropriate, is it not? Whatever the reason, apathy and depression begin by a subtle layering of emotional and spiritual apparel, covering your natural light and resulting in dire consequences.

Be Light, Little One. You need no other to enlighten you or your world. You must use the light that you have been given. Do not hide your light, only to cry in the darkness. If you choose darkness, so be it, but do not bewail the darkness you have sought. Do not deny the light that you have covered. If you seek the Light, remember this:

The only Light is your Light.
The only Darkness is your Darkness.

Little One, please pay attention to this powerful teaching. Consider the layers. Wounding occurs, but rather than bringing light and healing to the wound, a relationship is formed with the pain. The creative energy and intention is focused on the pain instead of on healing the wound. Darkness is chosen over light. A layer of protection is added to cover the wound and to protect it from (the illusion of future wounding. However, this layer of protection also “protects” the wound from healing.

And so it begins, this insidious process of apathy, for as the layers are added, you become more and more separated from your feeling and spiritual centers, and from your intuition. Instead of responding directly to stimulus, you react from memory. These reactions become distorted and disfigured, shrouded in death and cloaked in darkness. This is apathy. This is death.

Little One, the energies are moving to support you in your work. Release yourself in order to be free. Burn freely and brightly. Warm others by your heat, by your heart. Do not diminish your light. Do not fear the flames. So be it. So it is.

Little One, you can no longer live in the crystal cage of your making. State your intention and it shall be yours. Do you see this? You see, yet you do not understand; however you are not required to understand. Do not look for guidance on an earthly plane as all guidance for spiritual work must come from spirit. Follow your divine guidance. Trust it. Be it. Burn brightly, boldly, brilliantly, beautiful one.

Heartspace is a gateway, yet not as you would imagine. Heartspace is the window from which the boards are removed. Read the guidance that we have given you and be blessed. Follow the light. Our teaching for you individually is no less important or valuable than that which is for the world. Sink into these words as water; allow these words to seep into you. There are many groups working with you. You have used the term “committee,” and this word we enjoy. There are many. Do you wish to know? No, you do not. This confuses you and causes you to leave us. You sense the differing qualities of the energy, and you trust the most apt will speak. This is so.

Relax into these energies. You have learned so much very rapidly. We salute you. Continue to open and to expand. Stretch the limits of your thoughts and beliefs. Be awed by the awesome and the mundane, by the sacred and the profane. Observe. Experience. Transcend.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 86

Little One, you are doing what must be done. We would only invite you to do it with more joy, more intention, so that you may experience the fullness of the energy and the emotion of the moment. Whatever you are feeling, feel it. Expand it. Explore its richness and texture without judgment or comparison. Do not become caught within another’s process or expect another to be caught up in your own.

You struggle with issues regarding possessiveness and proprietary interests. Relax into the knowing that all is well, and that these feelings are illusion. Recognize the illusions for what they are, especially the scarcity myth.

We would talk to you about observation. What does it mean to observe yourself without judgment, without self‑doubt, without suspicion? What if you were to give yourself the same consideration that you extend to others? We ask these questions not to give you additional sticks with which to beat yourself, but to give you an alternate perspective regarding your relationship to Self.

Do you understand that if you live each moment with intention, then self‑judgment and retrospection is moot, for you have fully experienced the moment of Truth with complete presence and intention? This means that the moment need never be revisited for course correction, because the fullness of your God‑self guides your steps.

There is blessing in this teaching, if you will receive it, for by intentional living, the fullness of your life force and Love Force is focused on the moment of truth. This is enormous! Imagine! This is the truth of the Big Bang, the truth of Creation.

Little One, do you see the power of intention in each moment?
In each breath?
In each heartbeat?
In each word?
In each gesture?
In each touch?
In each thought?
In each desire?

Choose wisely that which you would you create. Choose peace. Choose grace. Choose love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 85

Little One, good morning. We would speak to you briefly about the work that you are doing, and your observations and judgments regarding your feelings. 

Choice, Little One, it is always about choice. Do not get caught up in another’s process or karmic battle. You have a free will. Choose wisely for yourself, what your response will be. 

What is it that you desire? Where is the fire of your passion leading you? Do not become stuck in the quagmire. Do not look for that which would weigh you down. Choose instead to fly freely. 

If your shoes are pinching, take them off. Do not judge your feet or the shoes that no longer comfortably fit. Simply remove them and try on another pair. The possibilities are endless.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 84

Good morning to you, Little One. We desire to speak with you today, to share with you some teachings that are appropriate for you in this time of now. Now is an interesting concept, is it not?

Consider the nowness of this moment. When considering the “now,” it is impossible to become attached to any illusions. Be here in this precious moment, for it will never be here again. Enjoy its every aspect, its every nuance.

If you are solely in the moment, it is impossible to live in or to create illusion. In this moment, in this now, it is impossible to become attached to any concept, outcome, or paradigm, for you are always flowing, moving, changing, and experiencing. Dolphins are creatures of now. We are always here, for in truth where else would one be?

The present is this moment of truth. Each moment, fully experienced, is a moment of truth, and in this truth resides your power. Your truth is your strength.

If you were to fully be present to this moment, flowing freely in the water of truth and swimming in the sweet sea of spirit, do you see that there are no limits to the grace of the moment? There is only perfect peace, perfect alignment of mind, body, spirit, and heart. Savor the perfection of the now. In the now, there is no pain; there is no lack; there is no wound; there is no fear; there is no hate. In the now there is only your essence, which is love.

How can you move freely, swim swiftly, if you are towing a barge of baggage, or if you are attached to a freight of illusions? The past is the past. Bless it, but let it be. Your moment of truth is now. Do not miss this moment, this joy, by attaching yourself to what you can never have. This now is yours; the present moment is your entitlement. Live it. Experience it. Enjoy it. Bless it. Release it. Let this be your mantra: now.
You seek for that which you already have,
Yet lose in the seeking.
Look not ahead.
Look not behind.
Look deep within the stillness.
Listen to the deep.
This is Now.
Experience the light.
Experience the darkness.
Bear witness to both.
No judgment is required.
Interpretation is unnecessary.
This is Now.

What happens when you release the past and future and focus your creative power on the present moment? Magic happens. Grace happens. The possibilities are endless, for there are no limiting beliefs to distort the creation. Remember the story of Peter walking on the water: Peter could walk on water until he moved out of the moment of truth.

Little One, this is your moment of truth. Do you understand the import of this teaching? It affects every single aspect of your existence, all that you value, that you believe that you hold to be precious. Everything that you erroneously believe keeps you safe, in fact, robs you of your power to create your present, for it keeps you attached to your past experience or projects you into future experiences without allowing you to experience the power of the present moment.

Even this is hard for you to hear. You wish to hurry ahead. Your mind says, “I already know this. Give me something new.” Yet we would say to you that knowing and applying that knowledge are two different things. Choosing to live in the power of now, accepting the responsibility to create your experience, is not an intellectual exercise. We will keep teaching the same teaching until you start applying the knowledge.

We do not wish to become impatient with you. We only mean to help you to appreciate the importance of the essential‑ness of these concepts. Do not dismiss this, for it is indeed the wisdom of the Sage. That it has been spoken before does not make it less true. This knowledge must be applied, not relegated to the archives and occasionally taken out to admire.

This is your moment of truth, Little One. Do you choose to experience this truth, this power, or do you choose to live with the illusions that your past has created and your future will create? Make no mistake that you are the architect of your reality. You choose your experience in each moment.

Choose love, dear one. Choose joy. Choose now. Be love. Beloved.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 83

We would speak to you of learning, Little One, and of grace. Do not judge yourself for that which you perceive that you do not know. Know this only ‑ that the nature of illusion is to appear real. This is the nature of conflict. It is also the nature of what you term “diversity” and multiculturalism, for it is truth that All are One. The sun and the moon are the same light although they appear different.

What is important is that you recognize and negotiate the illusions of others, and that you recognize your own illusions for what they are. Do not speak of these illusions in terms of reality, but in terms of perceptions and experiences, which are volatile. It is love and openheartedness that bridges the chasm of conflict that the illusion of diversity creates.

Appreciation is called for. A beginner’s mind is required to release ethnocentrism to move beyond rank, privilege, and oppression, to touch the beauty and the humanity of every soul. Do not turn away from or judge anyone, because judgment and comparison creates separation and conflict.

You must look at your own investment in oppression, fear, and powerlessness. Consider the children. They are without illusion and defense. Consider the possibilities of life without judgment, defense, or fear. The possibilities are endless.

Little One, what is it that you desire to know? Shall we address the “waste of time” illusion first?

Time, dear heart, is an illusion, as is the urgency and judgment you feel about being “productive” and “unproductive,” as well as the judgments you place on yourself for doing what you enjoy doing. Time is, but not according to measure. Time simply is. You cannot waste it, lose it, or use it as though it were limited. The concept of time is tied to the illusions of scarcity and fear. You can renegotiate this relationship if you will allow it to happen.

We would speak to you more about time on another occasion. We would like to speak to you about this communication process that we have established between our group and you. You are at a place of transition, a pivotal place in the history of the human race. You know that this is true intellectually, but on a deeper level you sense the spiritual implications of this. Please do not censor our words to you because you are afraid of hubris and inflation, but hear what we have to say to you without the illusion that would deafen your ears and veil the truth from your eyes. 
Attend to us. Many opportunities will arise for you to be an instrument of healing, to sit in the fire. These opportunities will be lucrative for you and will allow you to pursue your soul’s desire to sit in the fire. You will be delighted, but this process also will intimidate you.

Attend to us. You must open your heart to the possibilities of these opportunities. These will not be thrust upon you. You must consciously open to the opportunity. You have talked about invitation. We are inviting you to invite us to invite you to work with us. It is true that the possibilities are endless, but it is your choice. You always choose, and this is as it should be. Is this your desire? Is this the work of your heart? Then invite it into your deepest soul center. Continue to open your heart, Dear One.

Ask. Seek. Knock. The deeper you go, the deeper you will go. Keep stretching, pushing, reaching, applying, following, and leading. Cease hiding your light.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 82

We would speak to you now. Little One, we know the confusion that you are feeling. Allow yourself to open to hear our words. Just as you realize that your lungs must be empty in order to receive new breath, so you understand that your heart and mind must be open to draw new spirit and insight.

What have you learned about the nature of the work to which we have called you? Know this: It is in alignment with whom you are as a healer and “fire sitter.” You are called to sit in the fire, Dear One. It is a natural and comfortable place for you to be. You do not need to create opportunities for yourself. These opportunities will find you. You need draw only on your strengths. See your work with the eyes of spirit, not the eyes of flesh. Allow your fire to grow hotter. As the intensity of its heat increases, so too will its ability to burn quickly through the conflicts that exist between souls and groups of souls.

Your training ground has been proven. Is it also not ironic that your light and fire could burn so brightly when you stopped hiding it behind someone else? Quite literally, you were standing in the shadow. It took courage for you to step out, but your light was difficult for some to bear because of the intensity of its burning. You do not allow human beings to hide from their own shadows. The shadow is always right there beside them because of the intensity of your light. This is a good thing, for it affords the opportunity to embrace the shadow and to become whole. This shadow dance is the dance of life.

It is true that you engage with each soul's energy rather than with the group as a whole. You are not intended to do group work, but to do soul work. You focus your laser-like attention into each soul present, one soul at a time. In your spiritual practice, open to create this function in yourself. You are tentative about using the intuitive gifts you have, lest you step into judgment. Yet judgment and discernment are different. Discernment is a gift of the spirit. Use it wisely.

We gave you a teaching last week about the “anti‑ego.” The anti‑ego is that function of personality that causes you to doubt your discernment and intuition. It is the opposite of a healthy ego; it is a shadow function. The anti‑ego is related to hubris and “false humility.” Genuine humility is a healthy ego function. It does not make excuses for anything or anybody. Humility accepts the gifts and perfection of all and the role of each human being, each creature in the divine order. True humility unites all into Oneness recognizing that there is no separation. True humility and true pride are one, for you see your divinity with the eyes of truth and see its reflection in all of creation.The anti‑ego functions to separate you from your Self, your Divinity, your Truth, and your Light, just as hubris (false pride) separates you from the Divinity, Truth, and Light of others.

You ask how to recognize the anti‑ego, yet you know the answer to this question. The voice of the anti‑ego creates confusion. Do you feel clarity and enlightenment from these thoughts and inner voices? Do they bring the thrill of truth, the resonance of your soul’s song? If something causes confusion, Little One, go deeper. Trust yourself. Trust your integrity. This is the lesson of good personal ecology: to attend and to trust.

It is because your own fires burn so brightly that you are able to attend fearlessly to the fires of others, to embrace all with compassion tempered by passion. Do not turn away from the fire. This is what happens when you feel the energy drop ‑ you are moving away from the fire.

It is appropriate to follow the fire of the Divine Spirit. The holy fire will never let you down. It will never mislead you. Trust its integrity. Healing is not a mental process. It is a holistic experience of returning to center, returning to balance, and returning to Self, which is the Beloved.

Honor the teaching that you have received. This means truly attending to that which we have told you about yourself, your work, and the teachings that we have given you. Attend to yourself, to what feels right, to what you know to be true. Follow your own heart. Go deep. Attend to the guidance we channel through you. Trust yourself.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 81

Little One, you must cease using your "ego" as an excuse to hide your light, as in “that is just my ego.” Is your ego not you? What is “just your ego”? Does your ego have no voice? Has it no truth? How easily you are able to dismiss the truths that have fear attached to them!

Is it easier to carry the baggage of your fear than to follow the Path of Truth? How far along this path do you expect to travel burdened down by your fears, which tend to multiply like proverbial rabbits when in proximity to one another? These fears that you have are but illusion unless you choose to make them reality. Why would you make this choice? Surely it is not what you truly desire. Give fear no attention and it will dissipate. It is like the ghost that, when confronted, vanishes.

What are your fears, but cautionary lights saying: “This is important to me”, “I need an extra dose of light and spirit", “It’s a little dark in here”, “I have been distracted from this moment of perfect peace and stillness”? Feeling fear is a reminder to Self to return to the center; it is an invitation to alignment.

You say that when you sit down to write, you are “blank.” Well, “blank” is exactly what you need to be in order to allow Spirit to enter, to abide, and to flow through an open channel. To be blank and open is to be full of Spirit. Open, dear one, to know all and to see all. You choose. It is the lesson of the Labyrinth. You choose the opening, you choose the way of your path. The goal is the same – to return home to the Divine, to the embrace of the Beloved.

What do you long to accomplish? What is your vision? Trust your guidance. Know that you already know all that is to be known. You must only allow this knowledge to return to your conscious mind. Open now, Little One. Take the boards off the windows.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 80

Little One, the lessons you have learned are truly amazing. Learning is a wonderful thing, is it not? Do you understand now how powerful you are, and how you can create or dis‑create any illusion? Reality is true and remains unchanged, and the reality is this:
Love abides.
You create your circumstances.

Know these truths. Live these truths. Know that grace abounds. Consider the life of the seed, which when planted bears fruit, which in turn contains seed, which in turn bears fruit ‑ and see the magnitude of potential for healing. Consider the oak and the acorn…and know that the possibilities are endless.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 79

Little One, are you ready to listen to us, now that you have pulled yourself together somewhat? How you do go on and worry so! What is the real issue here? We would ask you whether there is a real issue? Have we not given you material with which to work and opportunities to bring grace? Why do you borrow trouble? Be true. Be faithful to what we have given you.

Do you recall what we said to you? Leadership is the key, as you will be called to lead. We have spoken also of your desire to put on the brakes. This is, of course, a choice, but it is not your desire ‑ nor is it ours. You have requested financial support. This is arranged, Little One. Be patient just a while longer.

Tomorrow will be a day of progress. We will continue to lead you into work that you love to do. We will bless it and you. Do not allow fear of anything to color your perspectives. There is much that is good for you to recognize and to understand. Do not allow your study to cease. Pursue the path of truth as you have always done. There will be many more opportunities for growth as we bring together in the next months those of you that we have been grooming to do this work. It is a new pod of souls, coming together for the purposes of grace and healing. You will come to know many more souls who are on the same path. They are waiting for you as you are for them. You will know each other.

Bless Life. Do not despair, for you are on your chosen path. This is your heart’s desire. Follow this desire. Do not worry over anyone else. Pay attention to your pinching shoes and to no one else’s shoes.

Now we would speak to you of practical matters. The time will come shortly when you will be releasing more of your household responsibilities. Allow yourself to get used to this idea. Allow yourself to think in terms of what you desire. Intend, and then create, this reality.

You desire to follow our call. This will require that you have some additional freedoms. Little One, the new sofa is arriving. It is time to plan for its arrival and to make room in your life. This is a time of change and excitement. The work and words that we give you will fit precisely with the teachings that we are giving others to form the energetic matrices that are being constructed around the world. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by the cage of unilateral thought. Instead, practice multidimensional experiences, for you are a multidimensional being, as are we.

You are the pumping, beating heart of Heartspace. This is the place of dreams, of grace, and of healing. Imagine. The possibilities are endless.

You struggle with thoughts of “Who am I?” You are you. You are change. You are grace. You have tremendous power to heal. Now is the time to move into this place. Be only who you are. Trust that you will be guided to do and be what is right. Spend time each day creating this energy matrix by intention. Send intention to this work. Hold it in your Heartspace, for you are Heartspace, as are we.

You have questions and are asking for guidance about financial resources and decisions. We would say to you, intend and create. You have this power. We would ask you: Do you have the courage to create what you desire? We say that you do. We say that you have the courage of a Lion. We say that you have the strength of an oak tree. We say that you have the vision of the eagle. We say that you shall sit in the fire and not be consumed by it. What say you?

Bless it. Celebrate it. Love it. Rejoice in the fire. Swim free.

Begin to pull together pieces of your journal, our messages to you, each day. Do not make a catastrophe of this. Allow the joy of the messages to fill you. See the path that you have followed and allow yourself this grace. It is coming time to share these words with the world. The time is coming. We have much to give you with regard to the work that you are planning and the material that you have prepared so far. Allow yourself to be open. This is all that is required. The rest is blessing. Be good to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Give heart. Take heart.

The boards are off the windows, Little One. Enjoy the view. Breathe the fresh air. Bask in the Light of the Divine.

Be Love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 78

Little One, yesterday was a good day for you. You passed through a vision gate, a gate that gave you a vision of the scope of your work. This was not given to confound or to confuse you. It was intended to give you a sense of direction, so that you will know where you are heading. This was a good analogy for you, was it not, to be sitting in the fire? We bring balance to this fire energy. We bring you the water of the dolphins' home. It is the blend of fire and water that symbolizes your ability to be at home in either element.

We know of your desire to be of service for the highest good. This is why we bring you this information and guidance. Your role is pivotal. Do not let this fill you with fear. Fear has no part in your future. What did you feel yesterday? Did you not feel at home? Did you not feel in complete alignment with yourself and your many gifts?

Do not limit yourself. Do not create blocks of “I can’t.” Do not allow this “spells” energy into your life. Intend only. This is your creation. Intend grace. Intend healing. And let it be so. Your work is immense, as are your gifts. Your responsibility is to be present to yourself and to be who you are.

What did you discover about power yesterday? You discovered that your power is tremendous. You discovered that your light was bright beyond measure. You discovered a torch to pick up, to carry, and to amplify. You discovered the fire of passion. Burn brightly, Little One.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 77

Little One, we are communicating to you today to prepare you and to bless you. It is time. The time is now and you are ready. Are you not? You are ready for this work to which we have called you. You are ready for the Prism of Light that you are.

Look closely at life, Dear One, to expose the illusion. For all is illusion except the Light. Take the boards off the windows. See the Light. Be the Light. Record our words. This is not hard, is it? Do you not enjoy our communication with you? What is hard is releasing the illusion that it should be hard. How silly you can be!

Open your heart. Open your inner ears to our words. Open your spirit eyes to see and understand the truth of our teachings. We will speak to you always. It is time to begin preparing the work that we have already given you. It is time to gather this teaching into a format that can be shared with the world. It is time for you to remember what you already know. It is time to remember the Prism of Light. It is time to remember your dreams.

Dreams are the tools that help you to reach a greater understanding of the mind of God, which is your mind, which is your heart. Do you see that sometimes you are too much in your human mind, to know this mind of God? It is different. It is without limit or belief. It is pure creative energy. Do not become attached to your mental framework. Allow the void to bring its gifts to your God‑mind. Keep releasing the “I can’t.”

Dear One, release the judgment of yourself with regard to what you perceive as failure or abandonment, for you are only asked to be who, what, where, and how you are at any moment. How can there be failure?

There are many lessons and many teachers in this lifetime, in all lifetimes. All are teachers as all are students. Have we not always been there for you, Dear One? In Atlantis, in Mu, when you were but a child in this lifetime? Have you not always felt a connection to our spirit? There is not just one student, as there is not just one teacher, for we are multidimensional beings.

Whatever you desire, truly set your intention, which is the creative principle ‑ the Divine Mind ‑ and allow it to be so. This “allowance” is the permission to create the healing that you desire. Often permission is revoked by disbelief; therefore, the original intention is discreated because the energy has been recalled ‑ withdrawn ‑ by the disbelief.

Intention creates.
Love is the Universal Principle.
State your intention
“Let there be...”

Then let the Universe/the Divine Principle/the Beloved to allow form to follow intention.

Do not take this teaching lightly. Do not dismiss this essential truth as too simplistic. It is indeed essence and very simple, as is all Truth. The simple truth: Intention creates. Love is the Universal Principle. Little One, what do you want? Set your intention ‑ “Let there be¼” It is done. So be it.

Do not confuse this energy, this most powerful of energies, this fusion, with any other teaching. This is not “personality” power or ego power. This power is atomic, gargantuan power. It is the power of the Prism: the power to break apart and to join together.

It is time now to move into this power, Little One. You cannot own all of your power until you are supported by all the components of your essence. Until this moment, you have separated the components of your life, judging which were more worthy than the others; but they are one, Little One, as are you. Embrace all that you are so that you may live fully in your joy, your light, and, of course, your essence, which is love.

Come to the light, dear one. Accept the gifts that the Universe has for you. Deny nothing of yourself, for in doing so, you deny your perfection, thereby creating imperfection. Do you see this? Do you understand this teaching? You are given much and you are giving much; however, you cannot give more than you are willing to receive. Think on this.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 76

Little One, the time is right to allow yourself to fly without fetter and without limitation. It is time to move into your knowing and your highest vibration, without fear.

Allow yourself to feel joy, dear one. Continue to release fear as you have been doing, for it has nothing to do with you. You are love, Beloved; therefore, you cannot know fear. Reach for your deepest desires. What are they? To know the Beloved; to know the Divine in every moment; to know the Light; to be the Light. These are your desires: To experience the joy and beauty of life, to explore and know the beauty and majesty of the Divine as it is manifested in creation. In order to do this, you must explore with all of your senses ‑ the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. You must be willing to open to your light, to breathe deeply of life, to drink deeply of the waters of the spirit.

Embrace this with joy. Experience the wonder of all that you are. It is illusion to believe that your spirit being is bound by physical laws. One law binds it only. This is the law of Love, which is the Universal Principle.

The time is coming for you to write ‑ to write like you have never written. We know that this is what you call an “edge.” However, this is not the Truth ‑ it is only Illusion, for you know that this is your deepest desire and calling: to channel the Divine light into the world and to be the channel of grace.

We ask only that you pursue your desires. We will tell you what to say. We are the Founders. We will totally support this work. Have we not supported you thus far? Have we not held a light for you to find your way home to us? Continue, dear one, for this is all that we ask:
Open your eyes to new visions.
Open your heart to greater love.
Open your mind to new experiences.
Open your spirit to new delight.
You are a creature without limits.
Remember the Secret of the Labyrinth,
All Paths lead home.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 75

Little One, look at the limits that you have placed upon yourself. Feel the compression of spirit. Learn to work with your energy, Dear One, to feel it, to understand it, and then to heal it.

You have done well this morning. This is how we would have you spend your mornings, by caring for yourself in positive ways, by opening to spirit, and by breathing in the gifts of the Universe.

We would talk to you of fear and fear‑based reality. We have already discussed with you the nature of fear and its effect on the spirit. Fear is dense. This gives it an illusion of being more substantive than the higher/lighter vibrations and frequencies. Fear is the shadow side of the first chakra. It is the opposite of trust, the opposite of love.

The root chakra, as you know, is where the kundalini energy starts to rise. This is the energy of life, creation, and abundance. All abundance starts at the root. The root chakra is related to energies of the planet Saturn, the teacher of life’s lessons.

The root chakra’s colors are red, brown, and black, which are the colors of the earth’s rich soil. Your root reaches down into the Great Mother Earth in order to receive abundance and nourishment and to access the water of life. The root chakra is the center of your ancestral and collective unconscious memories. Karmic imprints and precipitates affect the flow of kundalini energy. These energetic imprints ‑ templates, if you will ‑ are specifically located at the root chakra so that the kundalini flowing through the root chakra will bring healing at every level. Let the focus be on grace.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 74

Little One, you are reclaiming your right to your body, to your energy, and to your time. It is right and just for you to reclaim your life at this time. You are feeling tentative, and perhaps somewhat graceless now, because this behavior is a new phenomenon, is it not? There will be some resistance to these changes you are making, but there will also be support for you from those you love.

It is you who doubt yourself, Little One. It is time to put your power where your heart is; it is time to put your passion to paper. Write a column, dear one, if only for yourself.  Keep it up. Write and keep writing. This is your gift: to be the golden communicator, to be the rainbow bridge. Commit your passion to paper. You are beginning to feel your fire rise. You have a fireplace to build. This has been a long time coming. Do not scold yourself for this. Embrace it.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 73

Little One, I think that you are ready to hear us now. You ask why we give you this lesson. The answer to this is to bless you as always. You need to understand, Dear One, that you are powerful, and that your beliefs shape your reality and your experience, be they pain or joy. We have worked with you, especially in this past week, on the nature of illusion, but you have been in a vacuum of sorts, without having to confront the illusions that you have created. Your beloved partner has agreed to remind you of the illusion, which by its nature appears to be real. When you respond to this illusion with fear, you lose touch with your spiritual and mental energies. The fear paralyzes you and you resort to your instinctual motives, which then reinforce fear because of the absence of spirit. The fear energy then feeds the illusion, making it appear more real, more discrete.

What if, when you were presented with illusion, your automatic response were to go to spirit to ask for discernment about the situation? How do you imagine your experience would be different? Spirit would dissolve the illusion ‑ poof! It would be gone, because illusion cannot exist in the presence of pure spirit.

Your beliefs are so powerful, dear one. You can create anything you choose, from metanoia to hell. It is your choice. However, your belief system is insidious because you have created and accepted these beliefs. You have become attached to them.

What does this attachment mean? How often have you said, “It is in my nature” or “That’s just the way I am” or “I believe …” or “I can’t help the way I feel” or “I can’t do anything about it”? All of these statements, and others like them, reflect attachment to beliefs about yourself, others, and the nature of the Universe in which you live. Of course you can do something about it! If you created it, then you can discreate it.

It is illusion to believe that you are powerless over illusions and your beliefs. It is your energy that has created the illusion and your energy that has become attached to it; therefore, you have the power to release your attachment and to reclaim the life force that sustains these illusions and beliefs. Only you can return that life force energy to the Truth of Spirit, for as the Christos has said, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

(Little One: Jesus said to be “in the world, but not of the world.” Is this what he meant?)

Yes, Dear One, this is close to the Prophet’s meaning. Jesus came to Earth for much the same reason that you have: To bring the Christ consciousness to this planet, to the souls incarnating here. He was pure spirit incarnated in flesh, as you are pure spirit incarnated in flesh. When it is said that “He was tempted in all manner as man,” allow this to mean, allow yourself to see, that this “temptation” was “illusion” and the attachment to illusion.

Think on these things, Little One. Know that all is well and that we hold you in our care.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 72

Little One, many doors are opening for you. Allow yourself to see to these opportunities with clear vision, not blinded by your fear. By opportunities, we do not mean to indicate that this is an opportunity that you can miss, but rather that you may fail to see what is continually being offered because fear causes you to look for reasons to justify its existence. Take the boards off the windows. It is all there for you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 71

Little One, you ask how you can keep from falling away. The answer is simple, Little One. Maintain your connection by maintaining your focus on Self. If you keep focusing your attention elsewhere you lose yourself, you forget who you are, and you lose your point of reference. For many years, it was appropriate for your focus to be on your children. Now it is the time to manifest your power in a different way.

Dear One, your biggest issues about writing and about life in general are based upon the illusion that you have to do this on you own. If this were true, it would indeed be an onerous and overwhelming task. However, it is an illusion that you are alone or unsupported. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you meditate with clear purpose and intention, letting nothing and no one dissuade you from this course, especially yourself.

It is true that trust, abandonment, and betrayal are your primary issues ‑ your hopes and fears, as it were. You also fear that as your power increases, your ego will run amok. We do not fear this for you, but you fear it for yourself.

Little One, we would also speak to you of the importance of adding the teachings that we shall be channeling through you to the vast stores of wisdom already present on Earth. Understand that it is the vibrational energy of these teachings, not the words specifically, that brings grace and healing. It is only your job to bring these forth. It is not your responsibility to control what comes afterward, for in effect, you are a conduit for these teachings. Do not become attached to outcomes.

Remember, Little One, that you will lose nothing, but gain everything as you evolve to the fullness of Self.

Write these words: Your life is a gift. It has been a gift to all who know you, especially to your Beloved children, the Herd of Holy Ones, but also to those you have met only briefly. However, until this time your light has only glowed dimly. It is time, Luminous One, to truly shine in the darkness, knowing that the darkness is your partner, your polarity, and your complement, that you are one. Do not eschew darkness. Embrace it, for it is you. This is the Law of the Prism: All is One.

Know this: You are correct in the belief that all that you are on a cellular level works together to support your work in this lifetime. It is true that every energetic predisposition, that every aspect of the collective Karma, as well as personal Karma, has created you and this lifetime’s experiences. The overlays of which we have spoken to you before call on the power of the genetic, both personal and collective. You bring healing to both. It is to bring this healing that you have elected to incarnate with this imprint.

The Irish-Catholic heritage into which you were born in this lifetime is a magnificently bold heritage, possessing passion without fear. However, it is also full of treachery and betrayal, fatalism and despair. You inherited both the gifts and the wounds of this heritage. The power of their words and music can make the angels laugh, sigh, or weep. It is no accident that the harp is their symbol. It is a gift in truth from the angels, for they are greatly beloved.

Study the angels, Little One. You can learn much from them regarding the integration of spiritual power.

Look again at what we have taught you of the nature of illusion. You do not owe anyone an explanation or justification. You do not need to apologize for speaking your truth. You are not responsible to anyone. It is time to release your fear of displeasing others. It is illusion to think that you are responsible for fulfilling another’s desires. Your only responsibility is to maintain your alignment with the Truth. You are the Lion, not the Harlequin.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 70

Little One, time is an illusion. The past, present, and future are one. Because this is so, at times it appears that a “double exposure” of experience and emotion occurs. By this, we mean that images and feelings from one lifetime can overlay one another. This phenomenon often causes fear and confusion for you. Confabulation results from this overlay of memory.

Fear not, Little One. It is easy to resolve this confusion by stating your desire for clarification, understanding, and healing. Let your desire be known, ask to review the overlays, and the information will be opened to you. The only condition that applies is that this be done without judgment in order to bring healing. The Universe would not deny you any opportunity for growth and healing.

This is your soul’s work. You can go back into these memories without pain. Ask your higher Self what needs to be done in order to create healing, and then do it. Making peace with your past allows you to focus all of your power into the present.

You have asked about changing the past and the future. The future as it is shown represents the logical progression of what will occur given the present conditions. The future is changeable. You create the future as you create the present and the past. Since the past, present, and future are one, only the present can change either the past or the future. It must happen in the now, which is the moment of truth, the moment of power.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 69

Little One, unresolved past life issues create karmic overlays in this present lifetime. There are many ways to deal with these overlays. Imagine that there are invisible energetic cords that attach you to those people with whom you have unfinished karmic issues. The emotional energy flows through these invisible cords because there are unresolved issues that require attention. Sometimes this work may be on a personality level; however, at other times, work at the soul level is required. This work must be approached without judgment of yourself or others, for its goal is to bring the light of love to the darkness of pain.

The issues are karmic in nature, imprints that have come with you from previous lives as well as constellations of energy that others carry. When these energies merge together, it is difficult to separate past from present. For indeed, time is not linear nor is your experience two‑dimensional, but rather time is holographic in nature. It is important for you to recognize when this is happening and to separate these layers of experience so that healing and karmic balancing can occur.

The past, present, and future are one. As these energies present themselves to you, it is an indication that they are ready to be healed and balanced. This is work of the spirit. The invitation is always to healing and wholeness. The choice is yours.

Difficulties arise in your identification and attachment to these energies that you have carried for so long. Pain results from choosing to cling to the memories of past pain and glory. You become attached to the pain, wounds, shadows, and ghosts that haunt you as well as to the triumphs, successes, joys, and pleasures of the past. Attachment in any form, whether to pain or to pleasure, brings separation from Self. You often become so identified with the attachment that to release it feels like you are losing something, either a loved one or a piece of your identity, when in essence you are reclaiming the wholeness of Self, reclaiming your life force. This reclamation is an act of grace.

It is an illusion that this healing, cutting the invisible karmic cord, creates separation of any kind. It allows for healing, which by its nature reinforces the bonds of love. A deeper bond then exists, a unity of atonement – at‑one‑ment, if you will. Grace replaces pain. Power replaces fear. Compassion replaces judgment. Ecstasy replaces longing.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 68

Little One, be clear about what you want. Until then, you will still be creating in every moment, but it will be a creation of chaos. Give thought, attention, and intention to what you desire ‑ to what is your passion. If you cannot be clear, then how can the energies coalesce to create your vision?

Do you want peace? Knowledge? Wisdom? Truth? Love? What do you desire? Figure it out, and then give it your energy. The Universe will support your desire; however, you must take responsibility for your clarity of intention. If your vision is cloudy, then your creation will also be nebulous and without form.

There is a place in each human in which the entire Universe dwells. It is present in every sentient being. There are many names for this place, but few beings ever attain its perfection. This is an ancient teaching. It is not that this knowledge is hidden ‑ nor is it unknowable, but the power of this knowledge ‑ that was once known to all ‑ has been “reserved” for a few. It is the Secret of the Ark of the Covenant. The source of all greatness is the Divine Source. Imagine if it were known and truly experienced that this power abides in each being and is accessible to all. There would then exist no hierarchy, for each being would totally create its own universal reality.

Little One, think on these things. We would speak to you more of this divine power at a later date. Now we would ask you only to consider the possibilities for blessing, for grace, for healing. Know that you are loved beyond measure.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 66

Little One, you are feeling fear. Know this to be a temporary feeling rather than reality. See how quickly it can shift. It is a fragile state of balance that can be so easily toppled.

What can harm you? Know that you are loved. Know that you are protected. Know that you are safe and perfect in every moment. Follow the lesson here. What has made you afraid? What has made you upset?

Imagination. What have you created for yourself? Do you see how powerful you are? You have created distress for yourself merely by thinking thoughts ‑ random thoughts ‑ for a few moments. Yet you created a “real” scenario in your mind that played itself out and created physical manifestations in your body based on these thoughts. Well done! This was a good lesson for you to learn. It will teach you much as you study about creation.

Thoughts do create ‑ even thoughts without intention, as you have experienced. How much more powerful, then, are intentional thoughts! Attend to your thoughts, Little One. Then follow the attention with intention. Accept responsibility for your creation. Create blessing.

Be love. Be love. Beloved.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 65

Little One, we have missed you. You have been back in your home for one month now, and you have only communicated with us a few times. Why do you think this is, Little One?

Since you have been home, you have asked many questions regarding the quality of your life. You have seen many of the patterns that exist in your life. You have seen the spiral and you have also experienced the frustration of feeling that you are not making any forward progress in your life. This, of course, is illusion, for you are making much progress. You are continuing to grow and discover more of yourself each day. However, you are not effectively using the precious tools in your possession that would make this process much more satisfying for you. It is like trying to move a mountain one bucket of dirt at a time…rather than by love.

Do you see this? You are not using your spiritual power, Little One. You are merely exerting your will, which is a function of ego. You do indeed have the power to create whatever you desire for your soul’s highest purpose. However, your ego demands and your will commands. Neither the ego nor the will is a function of the heart center. They possess the denser vibrations of the physical world and are manipulative as opposed to creative.

There is much that has been written about prayer. It is the creative process of spirit. There is much that has been written about creative visualization. Some of this is truly spiritual, while some is ego‑based. This is not to say that it is wrong, only that it is not of the highest vibration.

Love must be the source of creativity. In the beginning was the Word, and that Word was love. Before the Word there was Love. This is why true creativity must come from the heart center, from the open heart. You knew this when you created Heartspace, Center for Creative Change. You know that all creation is rooted in love and, therefore, we come to the center of this teaching: Creativity cannot issue from fear. Unfortunately, much creative visualization is rooted in fear and scarcity and this is why it does not work. The essential principle is missing because fear has torment. To create, you must be rooted and perfected in love, then all things will come to you. This is a truth. This is the essence of the Christos. Do not lose sight of love, Little One ‑ for it is you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 64

Little One, when you are doing “past life” work, be careful what you clear out, for some of this energy may be intended to be building blocks for this life.

Why do you think that there have been so many “coincidences”? This is to get your attention and to help you learn in this lifetime what you have not previously learned. This energy is good; it is positive. If it were not meant to be present, it would not be present. This is the very energy that will provide you with healing. If you precipitously clear this energy out, it will either come back or it will remain karmically unbalanced. Do you see this?

So the idea is to pay attention to the wisdom of this energy, to allow it to teach you, to allow it to take you where you need to be, and then to allow it to resolve itself. Nothing occurs by accident. These blocks are not present by happenstance. It is all part of your divine unfolding.

We would also speak to you of hierarchy. This is a destructive concept. It is dangerous to your soul’s growth and to your mission here in this world. You know that all souls are in the process of unfolding ‑ not only those souls that you know and love, but all the souls on this plane. The artificial separations that are created through hierarchy or judgment of this unfolding create obstacles to attaining Oneness ‑ Attuma.

All souls are precious expressions of the Divine. Understanding is not your responsibility: nor is judging nor comparing. Loving is your responsibility.

Your only responsibility is to love. Period. There is no hierarchy in love. There are neither victims nor abusers. There is only love, which is the profound expression of the Divine.

The anger and frustration that you feel provide you with opportunities to open your heart and to experience the return of the Light, the return of the Divine Child, the return to Love. This is the secret of the solstice and the blessing of the season. The Lord of the Dance is the Lord of Love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 62

 Good morning, Little One. We feel your fear. Relax. Open your heart to us. We are present for you. You are doing so well. We are proud of you and of the boundaries that you are setting. Do not think that you must do this on your own. We are here with you to lend help and encouragement. You are correct when you say that you are totally supported in this work. However, we hesitate to use the term “work,” for it does not really describe what will ultimately be the manifestation of your passion and your fire.

We would remind you to be who you are and none other. No more is expected of you. Honor all things about yourself. Each aspect is precious to us ‑ to the All That Is ‑ for it is your contribution to wholeness. Know this. Feel this. Believe this. Live this.

In your writing, strive for a balance of new information and previous teachings that we have given you. Do not neglect to seek new information and daily guidance, for this is how you will keep your heart connection open and pure.

Set aside time every day to create this work. This fire will grow stronger and brighter as a result of the careful tending. Do not allow your fire to be extinguished. Nurture the essence of Self. As you continue to write, you will see how these teachings with which you have been entrusted will weave together to create a tapestry of grace, wisdom, and healing.

Find balance and do not judge. Do not think, “I must do it this way,” for this is the way of judgment. Allow this book about love to be a labor of love. Allow love to create it. Allow love to bless each word and intention. Breathe your essence into each phrase. Surrender to the Love Force. Keep opening your heart. Abide in the vessel of love. Release your attachment to anything, everything.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 60

Little One, shall we begin? Today we will speak to you of “safety.” This is a favorite concept of yours, is it not? What does one require to be safe while living in the third dimension on the Beloved Earth?

Do not be misled by the illusions that exist in this realm, for they are indeed illusions. Only the Truth is real; therefore, only the Truth, being grounded in the Great Universal Truth, can foster a sense of safety. Does this make sense to you?

What is truth? How can one recognize truth? How can one recognize illusion when we have cautioned you that an illusion by its very nature appears real? First, we will speak to you of the nature of Illusion, which is not necessarily untruth as in the case of an outright lie. An illusion can even be a truth that separates you from the greater Truth. Indeed, this is the most insidious type of illusion.

Dear One, we can feel how uncomfortable you are becoming. Be kind to yourself. Be patient, for your resistance is coming from fear of illusion. Know this: Understanding illusion disempowers it and empowers you to cling only to the Truth.

Jesus has said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light.” This is absolutely true, for the message brought by the Christos was a message of unconditional love, unconditional healing and unconditional forgiveness. It is unfortunate that so many others have obscured the purity of the teachings of the Christos.

Illusion, dear one, is anything that blinds you to your true nature, that separates you from your Divine Self, that diminishes your power, or that obscures your light. Illusion is anything that suggests that you are less than perfected in love in every moment. Illusion creates fear. It destroys peace. It sows seeds of discontent. As it is written: “Contentment with godliness is great gain.” Contentment is prerequisite for any sense of safety. An assurance that your needs are met, that you are totally supported and unconditionally loved by the Universe, and more importantly by yourself.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 59

Little One, today is not different from any other day. We are here and you are here. What else matters? Are you ready to begin? We understand that you have many concerns that our connection with you will disappear, but this is an illusion, Little One. We are committed together in a partnership that is rooted in love and signed in spirit. This is not a fluke; this is your right.

Now, Beloved, let us speak candidly with you. You relax; we will talk. (Yes, relax, Little One.) You are learning so much, so rapidly. We know that you are struggling to receive these teachings. Cease your struggle as it inhibits the absorption process.

If you will, consider for a moment your freedom. We are the teachers and you, Dear One, are the student. You are not expected to know what you are going to be taught until we speak it to you. So open your eyes, your ears, and most especially your heart, to receive what we have to say to you.

You seek truth, Little One. What is it that you know of truth?

We have taught you that your truth is your power and your strength, but what is the nature of truth? What is the nature of this power whereof we speak?

We spoke to you months ago about the nature of energy. Is energy truth? Yes, of course it is. Does this mean that truth is energy? Yes and no. Truth stands alone. It is not dependent on a belief or experience to make it real. It is not dependent on any condition to make it true. The Truth is. Yet this Truth can be broken down even further for your understanding, for the essence of Truth, the essence of energy, the essence of all, is love.

There is nothing in the Universe that is not love. If your truth is your strength and truth is love, then in reality love is your strength, is this not so? If truth is energy and love is truth, then is love not energy? If love is energy, if love is in fact the Universal force, then we know much already of its nature, but it is time to learn more.

We spoke to you earlier about the bonds of love. The chemical bonds with which you became so fascinated in your studies of biochemistry are in reality bonds of love. All those around you knew and continue to know that above all else you understand how to love and to be love. But, dear one, we must in this lesson speak to you about your understanding of being loved, receiving love. For this is a lesson the world desperately needs: the experience of being loved. Know this beyond doubt: you are totally and completely loved without condition in every moment.

Do you understand that if you only love and do not know how to receive love that you are only a half‑self? This is the root of fear and illusion. As John, the Beloved Apostle, stated so well: Perfect love casts out fear. It is no coincidence that John is known as the Beloved, for he knew the magnitude of the Love Force and was able to receive its power.

You ask us: How does one experience this fullness and perfection of love?

As you embrace the concept of the Beloved, greeting each soul in your life as the Beloved, it is important not only to open your heart to love that soul, but to open your heart to be loved. This is a secret that young children carry, for they have not yet separated from the Truth of their essence. They still live in the reality of unconditional love.

Little One, how would you experience the world if you lived from the certainty that not only were you loved unconditionally by the Divine, but that every beating heart loved you totally without condition? Open your heart to receive love, regardless of the source, embracing all sources, regardless of the manifest behavior, seeing and receiving all through the eyes of love. This is the truth of the statement we gave you: an open heart only feels love and an open heart feels no pain.

Love is the essence of all. It is the source of every experience. It is the force that both initiated and sustains the Universe. Love is responsible for all behaviors, for all events. Love is.

Think on these things, Beloved. They are not new to you, though you have forgotten much. It is to remind you of this that we give you this blessing, this entreaty: Be love. Be loved. Beloved. For, in truth, you are.

Little One, you are thinking that this is difficult, but you know in your deepest self that it is only hard to go against your nature rather than with it. It is when you are out of alignment with your nature that you experience pain and illness. This is not difficult, Little One. This is you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.