Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 27

Little One, you worry incessantly. It is much easier and more pleasant to relax and enjoy the play as it unfolds and to delight in the surprise of its intricate plotting. Can you not trust that there will be happiness and love?

You are learning something about the time-space spiral, are you not? Time and space are only illusions. You create the separations that you call “realities.” Imagine that time and space is something like a cineplex on a grander scale. You exist everywhere at once. Release the illusion that if you were here at this time, you could not be there at that time. You can be starring in multiple movies at once. Now showing: Infinite Possibilities!

Time is not forward or backward, past or future, terrestrial or extraterrestrial. You can star in a western, sci-fi, romance, drama, comedy, and tragedy all at once. Multiple lessons and multiple lifetimes are all occurring now.

History is illusion. It’s just the “script,” the background, if you will, of this movie. As with every story, there is a point or a lesson. When people write about history, they are writing about their glimpses of other realities. For example, when you see someone that you have not met previously in this life, you are recognizing his or her essence from another physical (or non-physical) existence. The invitation is not to go back or to abandon this present moment, but rather to expand your conscious awareness to allow for infinite possibilities of grace and healing.

Use your imagination. Have fun. The mistake comes from believing that this current “movie” is the ultimate reality when it is just a small slice of you in all places at all times. It is not a question of whether this is you or that is you for you are everything. There is nothing that is not you. Multidimensionality is experiencing all movies as real and having value.

Celebrate life with joyful abandon.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.