Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 13

Little One, your heart is very full today. We are pleased that this is so. Do you feel the blessing? Do you see the opening? Move through it. Move beyond what is safe for your ego. Move into the space of the spirit, into the space of unlimited love and abundance. Be filled with wonder and light.

You want to know how to remove the boards that are covering your window of the world and that are obscuring the expanse of your vision. Why are you looking for a hammer, Little One? These boards cannot be removed with a hammer, but only through loving intention.

This is not a difficult process. Much fear must be overcome in order for the boards to come down, for it was fear created the boards in a ruse of self-protection. Fear yields only to love. Be patient with yourself and unconditionally loving. We have taken care of the details. We have opened the portals of understanding. The time is now. The path will unfold perfectly as you move into the Light of Bliss.

You have a beautiful heart, Little One. Be happy. Be love.