Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 1

Little One, can the Universe not meet your needs, whatever they may be, if you but allow it? This is an opportunity for you to move beyond your self‑imposed beliefs about prosperity and abundance. No one can take away your right to be prosperous. Abundance is your entitlement for you are a child of a limitless Universe.

Your feelings of fear and victimization come back to the same issue: the belief in scarcity and the belief that there is not enough for everyone. Recognize these beliefs for what they are – limiting beliefs. Be willing to move beyond these illusions into a larger reality. This requires willingness to release the beliefs to which you are so tightly grasping. Remember, Little One, the loaves and the fishes are given freely. Abundance is a principle that exists, not a condition that changes.

This journey is a manifestation of intention. It is an opportunity to expand your awareness and to change your experience of reality. It is an opportunity to see thinly through the veil that creates the illusion of separation. This separation exists only in your mind. You may choose at any moment to end this separation. You have the power at any moment to come home to the Source. You have committed to bring this knowledge, indeed this wisdom, into this world. You bring not only love, but love empowered to heal and to raise the vibrational energies and consciousness of the planet. The tools that you need to do this are already in your possession.

Ask for eyes to see. We cannot help you unless we are invited to do so. Ask for ears to hear. You invite us to speak with you, yet you keep on chattering so that you are unable to hear the very response that you seek. Then you feel angry. Know this, Little One: the response always comes. The Universe always responds to your requests and answers your deepest longing. Ask. Seek. Knock.

You were sent here to be successful. Period. There is no other option. You were sent to teach love, trust, and healing. This is a sacred journey and a vision quest. Leave your fear at the altar. Trust. Open your heart to wonder. Forgive.

You may release your body from its roles as teacher, scapegoat, punisher, and escape route. You may stop using illness to give yourself permission to take appropriate care of your body, mind, and spirit. You may give your body permission to heal itself and give it the appropriate nourishment to accomplish this healing.

Your physical vibrations are changing at a remarkable rate. As your vibrational energy rises, you will go through some amazing physical changes. You can manifest anything you choose from teeth to toes. It is all energy, and you will learn to appropriately channel this energy as your right and your responsibility. You will share this knowledge, and more importantly this wisdom, with others.