Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 33

Little One, so many decisions to make so early in the morning! Why trouble yourself so? There is no right or wrong. Be at peace for this is your natural state. Trust in your goodness and integrity. 

You have had a wonderful opportunity over the last few days to examine behavior patterns that no longer serve you. You once thought that these behaviors protected you, but now you understand that any defense – no matter how well it is crafted – only creates more wounding. It is an open heart that allows the experience of Godness. 

An open heart is the portal of the Universe through which you move into dimensions beyond what your human mind can imagine. It is your soul’s playground, your soul’s home. If you begin to feel lonely, alienated, or homesick; if you begin to forget who you are; if you cannot hear the sound of the Beloved's voice; if you cannot recognize God’s image as your own, then know that you must open your heart. For your heart has become constricted, thus preventing the Love Force from flowing freely. When you experience love that is conditional, open your heart. This is the Universal mandate: to love, to be loved, to be Beloved.