Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 3

Little One, you have experienced many wonderful things while here in this magical place. Know that it is not the city that you experienced here or the land – it is you. The magic is not this place – it is you. You have come home to find your place in the Universe at last. I sense your reluctance to return to your “normal” life. Do not be afraid. The Universe is supporting you as surely there as it is here. Do not concern yourself with geography only with spirit. “Can’t” is an illusion. Do not allow circumstances to blind you to the wonder of your True Self that you have experienced. This is you. All else is illusion. Take heart. Give heart. This is the blessing: to be openhearted in every moment, to be the beacon.

You are correct right when you say that these experiences have no words. Two-dimensional words cannot adequately describe a multidimensional experience. You do not need words to remember. You are imprinted with these experiences. You are forever changed, for you have recognized yourself as a child of the limitless Universe. You have many guides and teachers from differing dimensions. I know that you are amazed by the exquisiteness of this trip; however, this is but an infinitesimal aspect of our care of you. We are pleased that you are so welcoming of the many angels and guides assisting you. They are indeed your partners on this journey. Allow them to help you.

Little One, attend to us. When you wish to raise your vibrational frequency, open your heart. If you wish to lower your frequency, open your heart. Ask for what you want, as well as what you need, and it will manifest. Allow yourself to experience the wonder of the Universe and its abundant blessing.

Know that you bring healing by your presence – by being rather than by doing. Open to grace. Your work is to help people to find their way home and to experience the Divine within themselves. This will empower them to change their situations and their experiences of the world.

I feel in you some tension regarding your son. He is a great teacher for you, as are all of your children. Open your heart to him. Love him. He will thrive in non judgment. Know that you are the only person that you can change, but that you can love everyone. As you love without condition and withdraw judgment, miracles happen. You have experienced this. It is not hard. Love is never hard. It is your essence. Just allow it to be. Allow love to fill you.

To manifest something, Little One, you must open yourself to it, much like ordering at your favorite restaurant. Openness creates the space that you need to manifest your desire. Stay clear. Ask for your highest good. Release your doubts. You do not have to “work for it.” You just have to allow it to come to you with an expectation of good.

Little One, there are all kinds of work. Release yourself from the belief that there has to be a “middleman,” that someone has to pay you rather than you receiving directly from the Universe, for you are the Universe. No other man or woman can measure your value with a paycheck. This is not the exchange system upon which the Universe is based. This is illusion. It is hierarchical. There is no hierarchy, there are only stages of development. A newborn is not inferior to a toddler or to an adolescent. There is wonder and grace in every moment. Relax into the blessing. Love. Open your heart. Receive. It is a choice, Little One. It is all here for you at every moment. Be mindful. We are ever with you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved