Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 16

Little One, we are again ready to communicate with you. We are very pleased with all that you are. Today as you pondered the ordinariness of your day, you hit upon the very essence of this message. The ordinary is extraordinary. It is all perfect. It is all miraculous. Once you strip away illusion, all you have is Love.

We are touched that you have missed our periods of communication with you. We are also amused that your ego would caution you that you have made us up. What a powerful imagination it credits you with, for if you can create us with your imagination, then you can in truth create anything!
It is all there for you, Little One. Do not fear that you will be asked to do something, only to have the tools and the teachings withheld from you. This is not possible. Remember this truth: We are all one and we are all working toward the same end – healing and wholeness.

Your body is very tired right now, yet you do not wish to break this connection. Know that we are with you always. We will come to you as you dream to teach you many things. Relax now, Little One. Honor your sleepiness. Bless the vessel of your body. Do not judge yourself or your behavior. We will in future days teach you how to maintain and care for your body so that your joints will no longer cause you pain and so that your life force can flow more freely through your body. Until that time, take special care to be good to yourself.

Although we are not in the business of predicting futures, we will remind you that you can manifest whatever you desire; however, it is imperative to be clear about what it is that you desire to manifest. Be patient, Little One, and all will come to you. Rejoice in your abundance.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.