Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 35

Little One, We are with you. We are pleased with the step you have taken. You are already moving through a new gateway; it is a gateway of the heart. I sense that a big block to your delight is a fear that this experience will somehow alter your essence. This could not be further from the truth. This shift will clarify your vibrational pattern and will reduce the interference and static that prevent you from realizing your truest and highest Self. It will allow you to expand your consciousness, not because you are not doing enough or because you need remediation, but because you are, in fact, making so much progress. You are progressing so rapidly that you are ready to move into a higher (not hierarchical), more expanded and evolved state of being. 

Your heart energies are evolving and expanding at an incredible rate. We would not ask you to do anything that would sabotage your growth or ask you to be different from who you are. Your work here is to be authentic. It is your sacred task to vibrate to that unique frequency that is you. Only then can you experience true, universal harmony. Relax into the heartspace that you have created.

Now you are wondering how all of this will play together and how the many different things that you do will come together to form a cohesive whole. Just be present and enjoy the adventure. Pull your energy away from fear and negativity. You have done marvelously well at this; continue in this way and you will experience tremendous blessing beyond what you can now imagine. Take heart, Little One. Give heart. Your open heart is a beacon that will attract the Universe to you. Allow us to teach you, as it is a privilege for us to be your guides.

Laugh, Little One. Open your heart to yourself. See the places where you are afraid and where you feel your heart closing, then consciously choose to open your heart. It changes everything. It changes your entire experience of the Universe and yourself. Notice the seduction of negativity, but do not fear it. Heal it with a compassionate heart.
Remember to speak your truth and to be present to yourself. Only the truth will heal. Remember to laugh. Be peace. Be light.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.