Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 39

Little One, do not judge yourself. Just observe the wound and the pain that you feel around issues of worthiness. This wounding, this belief in unworthiness, has blocked your Life Force. You know that all healing comes from the Universe. You also know that all healing comes through an open heart. Open your heart to yourself, Little One. Feel compassionate love for yourself. Release this block to your life force and allow this power to move through you.
Embrace yourself as healer. The “by what right?” questions have come up for you this week. The Universe does not ask this question of you. It is imperative that you understand that the question itself comes from a wounded place; which is why it is so hard for you to respond from your heart.
When you experience a heart wound, it is natural to respond in kind, with like energy for like energy.   Relax, Little One, and heal yourself. Relax into your own grace, your own healing, and your own power. These vicious cycles are tricky things. When you respond to like energy with like energy - in this case wounded energy with wounded energy - that energetic response sets off a chain reaction of energies within your mind and body. 

What is your lesson but that you learn to love yourself? How can you heal a wound but by bringing love to it? Love yourself. Embrace yourself and your worthiness. Who called you to be healer, dreamer, and teacher, visionary, mother, writer, and storyteller? No one “called” you. You have no need to be called or chosen. You are those things by your essence; by your very existence you are these things and many more. They are you and you are the Universe.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 38

Little One, it is important for you to understand the power of language and the immense energy of words. A new vocabulary is emerging. The new vibration of these words effects a vibrational change, a paradigm shift in planetary energy. It is not desirable to use old words to describe a new experience. New words facilitate the new vibration. It is not necessary that those with whom you share your experience know the meaning of the words. It is just necessary that they receive the energy of their vibration. The vibration will affect the understanding and facilitate the energy shift; the vibrations will convey the teaching.

Little One, you do not have to accept as “reality” that which you do not desire. Conflict, tension, resentment, worry and anxiety need not be your reality. The choice is yours. Little One, what do you desire to use your thought forms to create: prosperity, good health, loving relationships, thriving business, and blessings for your children? Then allow your energy to create these things for you. Allow yourself to be open to receive the abundance of blessing. All things are possible, if you believe. This is the energy of your beliefs. You create your beliefs. Believe in blessing. Bless yourself. Give heart. Take heart.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 37

Little One, why does it take so much time to get your attention? You must be very busy now. We know this; however, it is important that you do not forget what is important, or all is for naught. It is neither our job nor our intention to scold you, but rather to gently remind you that communication is important in order for you to keep your vision clear, and for you not to be stuck in the illusion that surrounds you. Be at peace, Little One. All is well. 

The heart is the center of power. This is a correct teaching. This teaching will facilitate the change in planetary vibrations. Assisting in this process is a major part of your work here on Earth. The time has come to bring this heart energy in its purest, most powerful form to the planet. It is the energy of the Divine, but in order for you to channel this energy and to facilitate this healing, you must be scrupulous about your own spiritual process. In order to keep yourself a clear channel – a “live wire” as it were – and to clearly and without interference bring in this new vibration, you must make wise use of the time that you have been given.

You must make your soul work your first priority. This does not need to take time away from anyone else. It is an illusion that there is not enough time; it is another manifestation of the scarcity myth. As you spend more time in meditation and movement, new energy will be able to flow through your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies more freely. You will experience increased vitality from this energy. Your vessel will be strong enough to contain and effectively use the fire of your Life Force that you have repressed (yes, repressed) for so long. Remember that we are not scolding. No, we are applauding the work that you have done. Bravo, Little One. What courage you have shown!

Little One, remember to laugh. This is the sound of God. Laughter. When you are working so hard, you do tend to take yourself too seriously. Lighten up. Smell the flowers; savor the blessings of grace. Open your heart. Laughter is the sound of an open heart.

 What is the sound of one hand clapping? Laughter, Little One. Laughter. We love your laughter. However, we have not heard much of it lately. If your work is too serious, then you are not blessing it with wings. Let your work be joyful. Let it be easy. The same is true for your relationships. Imagine yourself totally supported by the Universe in every area of your life, totally supported and supporting. There is enough time and energy for everyone to experience abundance, grace, love, and laughter.  

Do you see now how important it is to pay attention to your dreams, to be faithful to the guidance that you receive? It is wonderful to be able to communicate with you in dreams, because then you are able to be much more active in this process. First learning and then teaching people about the power of their dreams are intricately woven into the reality of Heartspace,[1] for this is your heart’s dream and your soul’s vision. Heartspace will be the manifestation of this dream.  

Your physical vessel is tiring.  Sit for a while and dwell in the presence of the Divine. This is your reality. Your Father sends his dearest, fondest greetings to you. Know how very much he loves you and how proud he is of you and the work that you are doing.

We love you, Little One. Do not forget that reality. Be at peace. All is well. 

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

[1] Refers to Heartspace, Center for Creative Change. An educational and spiritual healing center founded by the author to facilitate personal, collective, and planetary transformation based upon the principles described in The Little One DiariesFor more information, please visit .

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 36

Little One, you are growing in new and different ways. It is time to speak your truth, not for just a select few to hear, but to share that light of love with the Universe. You have the tools and you have the opportunity. What is stopping you, but fear?

This is selfish, Little One. This fear of yours is a self centered trait that benefits no one, least of all you. Your fear of failure, your fear of success, and your self sabotaging doubts consume the fire of your creative energy.
Remember the goddess Pele. There is no containing her magnificence. Do not attempt to dampen her fires. This will create illness in your body. Do not waste your creative fires on the futility of “what ifs.” You have the power to create your own Paradise, just as Pele did. Be in that space and cultivate that Holy Fire. Honor the Pele that is you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 35

Little One, We are with you. We are pleased with the step you have taken. You are already moving through a new gateway; it is a gateway of the heart. I sense that a big block to your delight is a fear that this experience will somehow alter your essence. This could not be further from the truth. This shift will clarify your vibrational pattern and will reduce the interference and static that prevent you from realizing your truest and highest Self. It will allow you to expand your consciousness, not because you are not doing enough or because you need remediation, but because you are, in fact, making so much progress. You are progressing so rapidly that you are ready to move into a higher (not hierarchical), more expanded and evolved state of being. 

Your heart energies are evolving and expanding at an incredible rate. We would not ask you to do anything that would sabotage your growth or ask you to be different from who you are. Your work here is to be authentic. It is your sacred task to vibrate to that unique frequency that is you. Only then can you experience true, universal harmony. Relax into the heartspace that you have created.

Now you are wondering how all of this will play together and how the many different things that you do will come together to form a cohesive whole. Just be present and enjoy the adventure. Pull your energy away from fear and negativity. You have done marvelously well at this; continue in this way and you will experience tremendous blessing beyond what you can now imagine. Take heart, Little One. Give heart. Your open heart is a beacon that will attract the Universe to you. Allow us to teach you, as it is a privilege for us to be your guides.

Laugh, Little One. Open your heart to yourself. See the places where you are afraid and where you feel your heart closing, then consciously choose to open your heart. It changes everything. It changes your entire experience of the Universe and yourself. Notice the seduction of negativity, but do not fear it. Heal it with a compassionate heart.
Remember to speak your truth and to be present to yourself. Only the truth will heal. Remember to laugh. Be peace. Be light.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 34

Little One, if you seek to understand the Universe, look into your own soul. Look into your own heart. It is here and here alone that you will find all that which is holy. Embrace the All That Is without judgment. Do not judge the debris that is carried off. Do not compare yourself with another. This is a trick of illusion. Stay present.

Be love. Beloved. Beloved.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 33

Little One, so many decisions to make so early in the morning! Why trouble yourself so? There is no right or wrong. Be at peace for this is your natural state. Trust in your goodness and integrity. 

You have had a wonderful opportunity over the last few days to examine behavior patterns that no longer serve you. You once thought that these behaviors protected you, but now you understand that any defense – no matter how well it is crafted – only creates more wounding. It is an open heart that allows the experience of Godness. 

An open heart is the portal of the Universe through which you move into dimensions beyond what your human mind can imagine. It is your soul’s playground, your soul’s home. If you begin to feel lonely, alienated, or homesick; if you begin to forget who you are; if you cannot hear the sound of the Beloved's voice; if you cannot recognize God’s image as your own, then know that you must open your heart. For your heart has become constricted, thus preventing the Love Force from flowing freely. When you experience love that is conditional, open your heart. This is the Universal mandate: to love, to be loved, to be Beloved.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 32

Little One, relax into your feelings. You have become somewhat separated from your emotions. What are you feeling now in this moment? Remember that your feelings give you important information about your current situation. Attend them well.  

Your heart has been remarkably open, Little One, but it can open even further to experience ever-greater abundance and blessing. Be present to yourself first. Only then can you can be present to others.  

Meditate on the Open Heart. Feel its power to transport you to the farthest reaches of the Universe. Allow it to raise you to the heights of ecstasy. Relax into its splendor. Know this: The power of your open heart is unlimited because it connects directly to the Heart of God. Fear, hate, judgment, shame, anger ‑ these are only the shadows of the heart’s light. Do not fear these things; instead, bring light to them. Open your heart. Take the boards off the windows.  

Just one open heart brings light and healing to the whole. When others see your open heart, they are attracted to its Light. You do not have to say or do anything except to allow your heart to be open and heal you. As you allow yourself to be healed, those around you will experience healing also. It is not your words that heal, but your heart’s light. Know that every situation that occurs in your life is an invitation to open your heart. Every lesson is a lesson of love. 

Do not be deceived by the seduction of the darkness. When you become distracted by illusion, remember that it is only love in disguise. Follow these rules:

If your heart feels pain, you must open it.
An open heart does not feel pain – an open heart feels only love.
The Soul does not – it cannot – recognize conditional love.
Love by its nature must be without condition.

We have given you these teachings before and will continue to give them to you in different ways, using different words. These have been the teachings of the Holy Ones throughout the history of the Earth because this is the Secret of Life ‑ to love, to be loved, to be Beloved. It is love that brings all into at‑one‑ment. Only love. When you align yourself with the vibration of love, you experience bliss. Together Eros (Love) and Psyche (Soul) birthed Bliss. It is a simple equation. Do not make it difficult. Love is never hard. Open your heart, Little One.  
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 31

Little One, your true nature is Love so expansive that it fills the Universe. The filters that you have acquired in your life, that shape and are shaped by your experience of the world, allow you to see only a small portion of the Universe. Hence, you come to believe that this is the only portion that exists. Your windows become very small and the glass dirty. Often there are boards on the windows that prevent you from experiencing life in its all its majesty.

The invitation from the Universe is to take the boards off the windows and to let the light of love and abundance flood your existence. The boards that you have erected prevent you from experiencing the Light that is already present for you. Yet, this Light is the source of authentic abundance. If you will consider that the true nature of the Life Force is Love, then you will begin to see that abundance, in whatever form it may take, is a pure manifestation of Love. Does love flow unchecked in your life?

Judgment is incompatible with love. If love is flowing freely without judgment in your life, then people will experience its grace and be blessed. However, if your “love” contains judgment, then the experience of love is blocked. The soul cannot recognize “conditional” love. In fact, no such thing can exist.

The same is true for you, Little One. If abundance is energy, how is this energy manifesting in your life? Are you experiencing its free flow or is the flow of the universal Love Force blocked by self judgment? How well are you able to receive love and nurture from others? How well are you able to receive loving attention from yourself?

It is true that the Universe works on an exchange system. You reap what you sow. However – and this is important – there is more to husbanding and stewardship than sowing and reaping. What is hindering the Love Force in your life? Where is this energy blocked?

Remember, Little One: Blessing is the Universal Law. Love is its principle. Openheartedness is your natural state of being; it is a reflection of your god-likeness – your divine essence. Opening your heart takes the boards off the windows. It allows clear communication to flow directly from the God Source. When you are in alignment, you experience the totality of the Universe within you. Openheartedness acknowledges the perfection of the All That Is and allows for unlimited grace and healing.

Opening your heart center creates an energetic shift in the cultural and planetary paradigms – a profound shift to god-likeness and healing. Do not underestimate the immensity and magnitude of this power.

Love created the world.
It is Love that will heal it.

Be love, Little One. Be loved.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 30

Little One, allow your paradigm to embrace the inclusion of either-and. Allow yourself to both support and be supported. Release your addiction to worry. Release your addiction to stress.

Trust in the abundance of the Universe. Its scope and breadth are without limit. No good comes from fear itself. Allow fear to light the way of your path and then go beyond the fear, for it points the way to bliss.

Teach what you know and more will be added to you. Use what you have been given and you will be blessed with even greater abundance. People will come to you because they are seeking what you have been given. Stay grounded in the spirit. Acknowledge your gifts. Value them. Share them. Abundance shall be yours as you share what you have been given.

Seek peace. Be love. Follow bliss. This is what will fill your heart with joy. The kingdom of God is neither meat nor drink; however, meat and drink are a part of the abundance of the realms. Embrace all that life has to offer you. Follow the song of bliss. The dolphins’ song sings in your heart also. Be present to the joy of being fully alive.

Gather your threads into your basket. Sort them, comb them, and then weave them into your life: what has gone before, what is, and what will be.

Stay present to yourself and receive our words to you. Great things will come to you if you but stay present to yourself. Avoid judgment and comparison for these separate you from your true self, which is your home.

Remember that Love is the answer to every question. Open your heart to the All That Is. This is the secret of life:

The open heart feels no pain.
The open heart feels only love.

This is the gift your father gave to you, Little One. It was his final message to you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 29

Little One, no matter what you do, do it from an open heart. There is no wounding in an open heart. It is a closed, angry heart that feels pain; an open heart only feels love. Do not be fooled by illusion. Reclaim joy. Seek light. Remember that it is a beacon that cannot be found anywhere but inside your opened heart. Be still in this peace and love will be your guide. Fret not. All is well.
Release judgment, not only of yourself, but of all those who are involved in this drama called Life. When you feel separation, always look for judgment. Judgment separates. There is no love in judgment. Strive to love always, without condition. Your soul only recognizes unconditional love. This is where you will find your peace. This is the path of your heart. Authentic power comes from an open heart because only then are you one with the Universe.
      Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 28

Little One, be not afraid. Trust in the love of the Universe and all else will come into place. Fear creates illusion that your fire will threaten your world. However, this fire is not a consuming fire, it is a creative one. Allow the fire to fill you. Allow the fire to warm you. Allow it to fill you with passion. Embrace it and yourself.        

Be love, Beloved One.

Day 27

Little One, you worry incessantly. It is much easier and more pleasant to relax and enjoy the play as it unfolds and to delight in the surprise of its intricate plotting. Can you not trust that there will be happiness and love?

You are learning something about the time-space spiral, are you not? Time and space are only illusions. You create the separations that you call “realities.” Imagine that time and space is something like a cineplex on a grander scale. You exist everywhere at once. Release the illusion that if you were here at this time, you could not be there at that time. You can be starring in multiple movies at once. Now showing: Infinite Possibilities!

Time is not forward or backward, past or future, terrestrial or extraterrestrial. You can star in a western, sci-fi, romance, drama, comedy, and tragedy all at once. Multiple lessons and multiple lifetimes are all occurring now.

History is illusion. It’s just the “script,” the background, if you will, of this movie. As with every story, there is a point or a lesson. When people write about history, they are writing about their glimpses of other realities. For example, when you see someone that you have not met previously in this life, you are recognizing his or her essence from another physical (or non-physical) existence. The invitation is not to go back or to abandon this present moment, but rather to expand your conscious awareness to allow for infinite possibilities of grace and healing.

Use your imagination. Have fun. The mistake comes from believing that this current “movie” is the ultimate reality when it is just a small slice of you in all places at all times. It is not a question of whether this is you or that is you for you are everything. There is nothing that is not you. Multidimensionality is experiencing all movies as real and having value.

Celebrate life with joyful abandon.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 26

Little One, you are sad today. You think that we have forgotten you when it is you who have forsaken us. Be at peace and know that all is well with you. When it is hard to visualize what is beyond the door, take the boards off the windows.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 25

Little One, be with us today. That is all that is required of you: to be present, to create a sacred space, and to enter therein.

What is it that others need from you? You need not be their Savior; you need only their Lover. Send out love to all without distinction. It is this love that will change the world. Write a book about loving the world. This will bring the change you seek.

It is Love alone that can heal. It is Love alone that can bring peace. Remember the Sermon on the Mount. Pray, Little One, for the Children. Pray for Peace. Pray for Love. Let your light be a beacon. Let it shine forth unfettered. Simply be. This is all that is required of you. Don't try to make it hard for that diminishes the intensity of the light. Do not attempt to be anything but what you are. You are Love, Little One. Be that in the world.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 24

Little One, you look to us for answers, but you find only more questions. That does not seem fair to you, does it? How can you take the boards off the windows, if you do not recognize the boards for what they are – illusions that separate you from the Truth of your Limitless Self?

What is your reality, Little One? If the Universe is an abundant place, then where is the fear of scarcity rooted? Be careful of perpetuating illusion with your thought forms. Ask yourself: Does this thought resonate with my True Self? Is this idea harmonic with my energy signature? Do not feed illusion with the energy of your negative or fearful thought forms. Your thought forms are powerful creative tools. Use them to create what you want not what you don’t want.

You ask about Noetics. There is purity in such knowledge. However, knowledge can replace neither spirit nor wisdom. Knowledge can easily seduce the ego away from its True Self, which already knows and understands all things. You need not that anyone should teach you, for you know all in your deepest being. The mind and spirit complement each other; therefore, do not exclude one from the other in any pursuit.

Do not exclude your physical form from your search for understanding. You still have much ambivalence about your body. Often you treat your body as a machine rather than as an expression of your divine essence. Honor your body as you honor the divine principle that it manifests. This is not a judgment of you, Little One, so do not take offense. It is merely a loving observation of a behavior that does not serve you well.

You have not been laughing, Little One. Who has stolen your joy? Where has it gone? It is still there hiding behind the illusion that you mistakenly call reality. The more tightly you cling to illusion, the more real it appears. Release these shackles and allow your spirit to fly free. Laugh.

Why is Buddha smiling? The Buddha smiles for the same reason that you may smile. He sees beyond the Illusion. Open your heart, Little One, to the power and the grace of love.

Inhale: “I receive the gift.”
Exhale: “I return the gift.”

Little One, you must accept the responsibility for creating the reality in which you wish to live. Look deeply within yourself. For what do you yearn? For what does your spirit seek and your heart hunger? Seek these things. You have all the tools that you need to create what you desire. Follow your longing for it will lead you to bliss.

It is not necessary to name it, to say “Aha, this is it!” for the “it” is constantly shifting, growing, changing, transforming. Do not become attached to the source of your blessing. Create an opening to allow the light to illumine your path and simply follow the light. Experience the wonder of this journey moment by moment. Practice Presence.

Be peace. Be love. Beloved.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 23

Little One, cease your struggle and relax into your deep knowing. What has changed? Not the most minute essence of who you are. The veils of illusions shift in the breeze of time and space. These illusions create a sense of shadow. Do not be deceived by illusion; merely observe it. Observe its dance, but do not become involved in it. This is seduction and, although it provides something upon which your ego can attach, it is emptiness.

Stewardship and responsibility are real and must come from openheartedness without judgment of what is good or bad. Embrace what is. Manifest change. If you want something, take responsibility to create it for the highest good of all.

Keep sight of your true self. The light and the shadow are one. You still struggle with self judgment and self repression, and then you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by futility. Release all judgment. Replace it with love, creativity, passion, and boldness. Boldness is the piece that has been missing for you. It requires attention and cultivation. Remind yourself that you are ever bold for, in truth, you are everything.

Often you rely on others to define and give shape to who you are. Do you see how erroneous this is? For others also are trapped in their own illusions as well as being deceived by the illusion that you have created to protect yourself. This creates a double veil of illusion by which you judge yourself and others. When this occurs, it is possible to see but a flicker of light through these veils.

Who benefits from judgment? Who benefits from scrutiny? Which is hardier: a tree in the forest that is allowed to grow without constraints, living harmoniously within its natural environment or a tree that is fussed over, scrutinized, sprayed, pruned, and forced to blossom and bear fruit out of season?

Reach for the Light, Little One. Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 22

Relax, Little One, for we are here with you. Do you not feel our presence with you, daily teaching you and holding you in our care? Remember that illusion by its very nature is deceiving. Learn to recognize its deception. Do not judge it. Merely acknowledge its presence and it will dissipate. You are not bound by illusion just because another accepts it as real. What has that to do with you? Allow yourself to see through the veil of illusion to the truth of you.

You have questions about the health of your physical body and I have a question for you, Little One. Have you communicated with your body? Have you asked your body what it needs? Its symptoms are feebly trying to speak to you. Are you listening?

You need not go outside of yourself for better seeing or hearing. Listen deeply; your body is speaking. Your body is hungry for light. What will bring light and lightness to your body? Your body is thirsty for water and food that is drenched with light – with prana. Seek balance. Listen to the wisdom of your body – not to change it – but to honor it as a sacred vehicle for you. It is your chariot. Caring for your physical vessel does not have to be arduous; this is an illusion. Allow your life to be filled with the laughter of the Universe. Hear the joy. Embrace it. Allow it to embrace you. All is well.

Be peace. Be love. Beloved.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 21

Little One, you are very quick to judge yourself when you feel a shift in your energy. If you are perfect, Little One, then are you not always perfect? Withdraw from the illusion. Take a step back to regain your perspective. Is a day only a “good” day when you have “accomplished” something, have “good” feelings, and are physically at peak performance? Is this how you will measure yourself – by the quality of the illusion that you have produced each day? Your value – your perfection – is not based upon illusion. It is based upon the True Self that you are. Little One, cease trying to improve your prison; rather, choose to be free.

Consider the possibility that you are being invited to accept yourself in every moment – peak and non-peak alike – to embrace the ebb as well as the flow and to be present fully in every moment. When your energy is low, you can raise it. But first listen to its message to you. Listen to the energy. Listen to your body, your mind, and your spirit. You can know everything if you will but listen. If, however, you claim to not understand or to be baffled by your experience, then you do not accept responsibility and you once again become powerless.

Claim knowledge, receive knowledge.
Claim ignorance, receive ignorance.

The invitation is to accept responsibility for your power to create what you want, to ask for and to receive answers to your questions, and to manifest the experience that you desire. There have indeed been many changes, but you have wrought these changes, as you will work all further changes. We provide guidance and assistance only; it is you who effect the change. Be gentle with yourself, Little One. Love yourself. Do not judge where you find yourself to be. Remember the story of Tatterhood: “I can change it if I want to!” And so you can, Little One, and so you can.

You spend much time and energy judging yourself, yet this judgment itself is the problem. There is no comparison. There is only grace. Comparison is exhausting. Release all attachment. Remember the story of the Old Man and his son*. Remember the stories. This is your work to remember the stories, to remember the Truth, and to write that remembrance. You don't have to create or discover the truth. Just remember it.

Breathe into the Presence. Each breath is the totality of your experience. There is no past; there is no future; there is only the present presence. Be here now.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

*Refers to a Chinese tale of an Old Man whose son’s life is spared through a series of events, which “appear” alternately calamitous and fortuitous. While the Old Man’s neighbors are quick to judge each event, the Old Man accepts each event without judgment, comparison, or complaint.

Day 20

Little One, you are right to be concerned over your son. He is very sad right now, but he is not self destructive. Put your fears to rest. Do not allow your own fears to project out on to him. His heart is breaking now. However, he is learning about the true nature of love and that love must be without judgment. You cannot protect him from this pain. He will not harm himself. He has many angels round about him.

You may send him light and love, but do not send him your fear. He has enough fear of his own. The future will smile upon him and he will know success. The pain that he is now experiencing is part of his growth. Be careful not to take this from him. Choose with care the energy that you send to him. Send him love, Little One. Send him light to open his heart.

We know that it is difficult for you to see your children suffer. It is no less difficult for us to see you suffer for them. We love you, Little One. All is well. Be at peace. Be loved. We will take your fear, Little One. We will transform it into love with light energy if you will allow us to do so. Rest and know that all is well.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 19

Little One, you have been so busy that we have had to stand in line for your attention. Sometimes that busy-ness is only inside your own head; yet, this makes it difficult for us to speak with you. Where are you now, Little One? I sense less joy in you. What has changed, Dear Heart, but that illusion has momentarily captured your attention? Do not be deceived; there is no reality beyond the Divine. All else is illusion. Separation is impossible.

You are excited about the possibilities that are opening up for you. Do you see now the power of intention to manifest your heart’s desire? Be clear about your intention. Be true to the call of your heart. Listen for its resonance. Open your Heartspace. There is much blessing in store for you and your family. I sense your hesitance to write these words. I hear the question “What if I am wrong?” in your mind. But the rightness or wrongness of these words has nothing to do with you. That is not in your control. You are writing the information that we send to you, and we send you Truth.

Last night when you felt ill, you had some serious symptoms. Yet we told you that it would be cleared away by morning, and it was, was it not? One reason for this experience was for you to learn to hear our voice without the instruments of the pen and paper. Do you know our voice now? Can you feel the energy in your body, in the vibration in your heart? Does it resonate with you? Do not forget your true nature, Little One. Your personality is always with you. Relax into it. Enjoy it. Above all, do not judge it. Do not mistake your personality for your True Self.

Be open. Fly free. Strive always to see the Truth. Release judgment. Take the boards off of the windows. Allow the Divine Light to penetrate every cell of your being. Become attuned to the limitless Universe. Be grace. Be healing. Stay true to your heart's desire. There is much that you do not understand. There is no need to question, for the understanding will dawn in time. Simply experience. Revel in every moment. Release attachment to understanding, to construct, and to illusion.

The pure magnificence of the Universe its magnitude and mystery is beyond human comprehension. The shift in paradigm must occur in order to allow the vision of the true nature of you. There is never a need to leave this space of grace. It is always here for you, for all. There is much more that will be shown to you. Be patient with yourself. Be clear about your intention. Know that you can manifest your heart’s desire. Peace, grace, prosperity, harmony, fulfillment, sunshine, success. It is all energy. It is all true. It is all you.

Be well, Little One. Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 18

Little One, why are you resisting this opportunity for grace? Do you not feel our love and our concern for you? Do you understand that it is self-judgment that causes the most pain and that is the most destructive of all human behaviors?

How can you release judgment, but by opening your heart to love? Love is the only force in the Universe that is powerful enough to dispel judgment and dissolve fear. Relax in the assurance that love is abundant. Take heart. Give heart.

The lesson here is to be good to yourself and to take responsibility for every moment of your experience. Own your own power, Little One. Experience the wonder of the Universe and know that this wonder is you in your fullness. It is possible to experience this fullness with every breath that you take:

Breathe in Infinite Love.
Breathe out Judgment.

Judgment separates you from the Love Force by it setting up interference so that you no longer vibrate at your own energy signature. When this occurs, you lose sense of your connection to All That Is. You feel alone. You forget that you are abundant and you begin to believe that there is not enough. Your world becomes small and limited, rather than universal and limitless.

Open your heart to receive the Love Force. Be present to yourself. When you release all judgment of yourself, then you will cease judging others also. Be filled with love, Little One. This is your natural frequency. This is your energy signature. Abundance is yours when you are open to receive it. Take the boards off the windows. Be peace, Little One. We are one. Where does that leave you, but perfect?

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 17

Little One, we know that you are concerned about your beloved son. Know that all will be well with him. It is true that he is experimenting in this playground you call life.” He is looking for his place in this world. Do not fear for him or for anything.

Trust in the perfection of the Universe. He will bring much healing into the world. Right now he is working through some karmic energy about himself and self forgiveness. In order to bring healing into the world, he must first be healed. He must begin to understand his true nature in order to teach it. Allow him to be. You have chosen to travel this lifetime together out of deep love – divine love – for each other. He will thrive. He will experience the Beloved. Be patient with him, Little One. Much is given to him; he will give much in return. Love him for who he is in every moment. Rejoice in this opportunity to live in grace and light.

Your ego may struggle a bit, but remember that it is only the ego. Observe what it wants to attract to itself with its projections. Release these ego based fears with compassion, and observe them with love and grace. The tremendous blessing that you attract can manifest anything. You choose what your experience will be – blessing or obstacle. Non-judgment allows the life force to flow. It is life giving. Do not be attached to old constructs, Little One. Accept the challenge to create love, to create magnificence. You are beginning to take the boards off the windows. Behold the vista that awaits you!

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 16

Little One, we are again ready to communicate with you. We are very pleased with all that you are. Today as you pondered the ordinariness of your day, you hit upon the very essence of this message. The ordinary is extraordinary. It is all perfect. It is all miraculous. Once you strip away illusion, all you have is Love.

We are touched that you have missed our periods of communication with you. We are also amused that your ego would caution you that you have made us up. What a powerful imagination it credits you with, for if you can create us with your imagination, then you can in truth create anything!
It is all there for you, Little One. Do not fear that you will be asked to do something, only to have the tools and the teachings withheld from you. This is not possible. Remember this truth: We are all one and we are all working toward the same end – healing and wholeness.

Your body is very tired right now, yet you do not wish to break this connection. Know that we are with you always. We will come to you as you dream to teach you many things. Relax now, Little One. Honor your sleepiness. Bless the vessel of your body. Do not judge yourself or your behavior. We will in future days teach you how to maintain and care for your body so that your joints will no longer cause you pain and so that your life force can flow more freely through your body. Until that time, take special care to be good to yourself.

Although we are not in the business of predicting futures, we will remind you that you can manifest whatever you desire; however, it is imperative to be clear about what it is that you desire to manifest. Be patient, Little One, and all will come to you. Rejoice in your abundance.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 15

Little One, we would speak to you today of energy signatures. You can tune into an energy signature, much like a radio station, in order to pick up information and to communicate. All human beings have the capacity to vibrate at all frequencies. One frequency is inherently better than another.

Sometimes, however, you become stuck in a particular frequency because of blockages in the emotional, physical, mental, and/or spiritual bodies. It is important not to make judgments regarding these blockages; rather, observe and release them with love as they occur. Blockages allow energy to stagnate, which inhibits its free flow, thereby limiting your possibilities and distorting your perceptions of the Universe. It is from these blockages that illness and spiritual disenfranchisement occur. You become separated from your life force and make judgments about yourself based upon this separation. You then perceive the separation as the reality rather than the illusion that it is.

Your energy fields are composed of light. There are, in fact, many energy pathways in your body. The energy centers, which you call “chakras,” are centers of power intensity. You can control the amount and intensity of light energy emitted from these centers. In this way, you can adjust your energy frequency to communicate with and to bring healing to others. Your heart energy is the most important energy for healing at this time. This does not make it superior to the others; however, it is where many blockages occur. Often in human beings, the heart center is overly defended, scarred, and/or closed. An open heart creates a healing atmosphere that facilitates the softening and opening in the heart of another; this is the Heartspace and this is you.

The energy for healing is inherent in each individual within every tissue. You need only be reminded of where you have come from, of who you are, and of the limitless possibilities for healing. You need not formalize this process. You need not use your hands. Use instead your heart. Use your third eye to scan. Use the heart to hear and interpret the soul’s longing. Note that the word “hear” is contained within the “heart.” Your presence brings healing as you adjust and sensitize your energy fields to another and as you intentionally bring love and light to each individual in every moment.

Problems occur for you individually and collectively when you do not resonate to your own energy signature because energetic blockages have created dissonance. When this occurs, you cannot communicate with the Source and the flow of your life force is compromised. Your energy systems have the capacity to be self-regulating. Tears are a good example of this self-regulation; nutrition is another. The stronger the blockage or the longer it has been in place, the more resistant it becomes to change. Once you begin to judge the blockages, self-regulation and adjustment become very difficult, because judgment shuts off the heart energy, which is the “heart” of the self-regulating mechanism.

Trust your instinct and your deepest knowing. All of your energy centers gather and process energetic data. Then, they adjust automatically, bringing in the appropriate frequency to allow healing to occur. Do not doubt this process. Trust this instrument of grace.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 14

Little One, you have only glimpsed the wonder that awaits you. Allow your consciousness to expand to fill the Universe. Listen to the song of the birds and you will hear yourself singing. There is neither limit nor constraint on the healing that is available to you, to this planet, and to the human race. The blessing is there for all. Many more will come as you allow your light to shine more brightly.

Do not look at limits, Little One. Allow only for possibilities and opportunities. There is an abundance of everything that you can imagine. There are some things that are beyond your imagination now, but these things will come to you, as well as the words that you need to express their power. Learn to play with this energy and to be open to this teaching, even though it may be unfamiliar and different from what has been taught about energy before. Know that what we say to you is true. Do not fear its unfamiliarity. It is not new. It has always been true; however, as a species you have not empowered yourselves to access this dimension of power.

Within your energy field you have the power to create a Universe. Pay attention. Stay present. Observe how the energy fields of others influence you and know that you have much more power to influence the collective energy field than you can imagine. Right now, in this moment, you can change the world. You can heal the collective wounding by the power of Love, by journeying through the Heartspace, and by taking the boards off the windows.

Little One, we are pleased to be able to communicate with you in this way. It helps you to maintain this connection; however, the time will come when you will not need these instruments to receive this information. Do not to become attached to any form of communication as this limits our ability to bless and teach you. There is more that shall be shown to you. Trust us, but more importantly, trust yourself.

We know that you have many questions. You worry about what to do. Practice loving. Let Love be your practice. Open your heart center and feel the energy vibrations rise all around you. Take responsibility for every relationship. Fill each relationship with the light of unconditional love. This is the message. This is your work.

Do not judge others or their messages. Hear only love. Words are unimportant. Bypass the words and seek to understand the energetic vibration of the message. These energetic vibrations are profound and no less powerful than those that shake the earth. Earthquake shock waves are minuscule in comparison to the power of the heartwaves generated by the Love Force. Bring the power of this Light into the world. Practice it. Accept it. Know that it is Truth beyond any truth that you have experienced.

Know that the gifts of Light are limitless. Open your heart to receive these teachings. Through the portals of the Heartspace, enter into the realm of the Stars. This is your destiny. I feel your joyful anticipation. There is only blessing. Everything is here for you. Every aspect is in place and has been set into motion. There will be others to support you. The plan is intricate and perfect. You will recognize each other by your energy signatures for, in truth, you will know them by heart. You will call others to yourself as your heart opens and transmits the frequency of unconditional love. Receive this teaching. Know this truth. This seems like a lot for you to process. Know that we will assist you in every way - body and soul. It is perfect, Little One, as are you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 13

Little One, your heart is very full today. We are pleased that this is so. Do you feel the blessing? Do you see the opening? Move through it. Move beyond what is safe for your ego. Move into the space of the spirit, into the space of unlimited love and abundance. Be filled with wonder and light.

You want to know how to remove the boards that are covering your window of the world and that are obscuring the expanse of your vision. Why are you looking for a hammer, Little One? These boards cannot be removed with a hammer, but only through loving intention.

This is not a difficult process. Much fear must be overcome in order for the boards to come down, for it was fear created the boards in a ruse of self-protection. Fear yields only to love. Be patient with yourself and unconditionally loving. We have taken care of the details. We have opened the portals of understanding. The time is now. The path will unfold perfectly as you move into the Light of Bliss.

You have a beautiful heart, Little One. Be happy. Be love.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 12

Little One, we are pleased that you are so welcoming of guidance. Relax and be gentle with yourself. Release your anxiety and desire for control. It is a gift to others to be able to participate more fully in its daily operations. Allow them that gift of ownership and belongingness. This is an aspect of acknowledging their power and their perfection.

Things are moving very rapidly for you. Delight in this speed. Allow the thrill of acceleration. The Chariot moves at the speed of light. Allow the Light of Love to move through you. Experience the wonder of it. You will see miraculous opportunities open to use your creative abilities. Fly free, Little One. Laugh with delight at the wonder of this ride through time and space. We assist you always. Expect blessing. It is yours.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 11

Little One, you ask for guidance, yet you already have clarity. You are just unwilling to accept that you may be correct in your assessment of the circumstances. You have set your friend up in a role that is not realistic and you have attributed to her qualities that she has not yet attained. Allow her imperfection and love her through this difficult period.

How much do you love her? Do you love her enough to tell her the truth? Remember our teachings to you: If your relationship cannot hold the truth, then the relationship is a lie. Be gentle, Little One, with yourself as well as with your friend. She needs your honesty and compassion. She needs your sweet light now, as this is a trying time for her and her family.

Observe the dance of light and shadow. Do you see how interchangeable they are? Do you see that they are, in fact, the same thing? There is blessing for everyone in this lesson. Come back to your heartspace. Be grateful for the blessings that you have to share. Use this as an opportunity to observe how intimacy has grown in your own life in all of your relationships. Seek peace. Be peace.

I know that you fear becoming judgmental. Remember that there are differences between judgment and observation, non judgment and blindness, right action and cowardice. Speak the truth with loving-kindness, yet speak it. Your truth is your strength. When you speak from an open heart, judgment is impossible.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 10

Little One, you ask whether there is “magic.” Yes, certainly. However, are no magic steps, words, or rituals are necessary in order to directly experience the Divine. What is “magic”? Magic is the intention of the Heart. Everything else is symbolic, though not irrelevant if it has value or meaning to you; however, it is unnecessary.

At times you wonder if there a secret formula that someday you will accidentally stumble upon that will contain the Secret of the Universe. Will you need a guru or an initiation into a secret sect? No, not at all. In order to understand the Secret of the Universe, you must be open your heart to be the love that you are. You don’t need to create what already exists. It is already you.

Relax. Enjoy. Play. Smile more. Laugh always. You have power over your experience in every moment. Allow the windows to be open. Do not close yourself off. Increase your ability to experience bliss. Do not worry that there is not enough bliss and joy to go around. There is more and more and more and when you feel that you have been filled to overflowing, allow your heart to expand even more. Your paradigms need to stretch in order to accommodate this expansion. Release your limiting beliefs with blessing and gratitude.

The Chariot is a vehicle for change. Each soul’s mission is to be the vehicle for change. Do not balk at this,rather relax into it. Embrace it. Revel in the excitement of it. Although each soul is magnificently unique, each is committed to bring peace and love to the planet and to raise the energy vibrations to the fourth dimension and beyond. This is a time of great transition.

At this time, you do not need to understand anything with your intellect. Remember the story of the Bird and the seed: The Bird’s ritual had meaning for him, but it also took away his freedom and his power to choose. His beliefs about the distribution and availability of the seed limited his choices. He gave up his freedom for an illusion of control. Yet, it was only an illusion, because the seed was there for him always and was not dependent upon any prescribed behavior or level of worthiness. The Bird created his illusion-based system just as you create yours. It is time to release these illusions with gentleness and humor. Do not improve your prison with more sophisticated superstitions. Just take the boards off the windows and fly free.

Reach. Stretch. Grow. Go beyond where you have gone before. Breathe in the essence of the Universe. Nothing is separate from you. Judgment is an illusion. All feelings of separation result from judgment. If you withdraw judgment, then you experience the great mystery of the paradox of One and the Many – the unity of all beings - the Law of One.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 9

Little One, you are learning that the exchange system is not about doing; rather, it is about loving. It is about opening to blessing. It is about sharing your essence freely from your heart. Nothing can possibly be withheld from you, Little One, for you are everything. Your experience is dependent upon your willingness and openness to receive as well as your soul’s desires and priorities in this lifetime.

There are many different forms of abundance. Do you feel whole? Do you feel joyful? Do you feel loved and supported in every moment? Do you feel grateful? This is the experience of abundance.

Physical manifestation is the most elementary form of energy manipulation. It is the densest energy and, therefore, it is the easiest to manipulate. It is a pleasure to teach you to manifest physical and material forms on the third dimensional plane. This is play. Lighten up and enjoy the experience. The earth is your playground. Experiment. Be curious. Nothing is withheld from you. There is no concept such as “I can’t.” You can do anything. Only your fear limits you. Fear applies the brakes to any manifestation instantly. This is not a bad thing; however, it is important to realize that you have complete control over your circumstance without using fear for protection.

Dear Heart, do you want $500? It is yours. Open to receive it. You are everything. There is no entitlement or no qualification of deservingness. It is all you: your debt and your prosperity. Life flows abundantly through the Universe. Any debt or lack represents a blockage in the flow of the Love Force. Abundance occurs naturally when the Love Force is allowed to flow unimpeded. The physical aspects of life receive far too much focus and emphasis. Life is about living, not about paying bills, getting a new car, or accumulating wealth.

Live fully and presently in this moment. Find the joy. Experience the blessing in each moment. Recognize the Beloved in each face. These are your playmates. Each person that you encounter came to play with you whether they are consciously aware of this. Have fun. Laugh out loud. Do not worry about anything. Be clear in your desire to hear, to serve, and to know. Your sacred text says this well: First, seek God’s kingdom and righteousness and everything shall be given to you. Relax. Trust the Universe. Release any belief that asserts that life is anything other than joyful; all else is illusion. All of creation is right there for you.

Little One, learning to intentionally manifest is not difficult unless you choose to make it so. Are there a series of magic steps? 1-2-3 Presto! Not quite; however, you can merely say, “I need a shovel,” and you will manifest a shovel. Or “I am hungry” and you shall be fed for nothing is withheld from you. Abundance is a Universal Principle because you are the Universe and you are abundant. No one can take that entitlement from you; however, you can choose to not experience this natural abundance.

It is time to release the hierarchical cultural belief that “more than enough” is better than “enough.” This belief is rooted in the illusion of scarcity rather than the truth of abundance. Comparison in any form is an illusion. Put purely and simply, comparison does not exist in the Universe. There are no opposites. There is only love, unity, oneness, you. There is only the Beloved. On this St. Valentine’s Day, know that you are loved, that you are Beloved.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 8

Little One, you are learning much about yourself. You are learning to listen not only with your heart, but with your whole body. We know of your desire to serve. We honor this. Know that we are preparing you; we are purifying the vessel to more fully open the channel.

This is the time to begin writing our teachings to you and to share the wisdom that abides in your mother’s heart. The vibrations around you are sweet and pure. These energies will nourish your Spirit and fill your soul. The creative fires that have lain dormant in you for many years will begin to blaze. Do not fear this creative energy. Exult in its power. You have tremendous support in the Universe for your work. Do not let this frighten you; rather keep returning to the Source and allow us the privilege of partnering you on this journey. You have everything you need. You need only to open your mouth to speak and the spirit will flow through you. You know this truth for you have experienced this since your youth. Yield to the Divine. Open your Heart. Love is the message. God is Love. You are Love.

Time is accelerating at an amazing rate, faster than ever in the Earth’s history. You are to be part of this transition into the fourth dimension and beyond. You fear that you will not be able to communicate this in words to others. Yet you have witnessed that you are everything and that you already exist in every dimension. Allow the communication to flow through your heart. Do not try to analyze it. Know that it emanates directly from the Source regardless of its metaphor.

We have shared with you that reality exists in negative time-space; that is, not in what is seen, but in what is unseen. It is true. You exist in many dimensions simultaneously. Give yourself permission to fully experience each one. The Universe is not hierarchical. Do not allow judgment to give form to illusion. Judgment perpetuates the illusion of separation.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 7

Meditation is the next step for you, Little One. You still have fear over allowing yourself to completely enter the Labyrinth. You are afraid that you will lose the golden thread, but you need not be afraid, for you are the thread just as you are the Labyrinth.

Follow this awareness. Observe your resistance, but do not judge it. Embrace yourself and compassionately witness the child’s fear through a woman’s wisdom. Your ego seeks control. This is the ego’s job. Commend its thoroughness. Be kind, but be persistent. Follow your desire. Pursue the Beloved; he is waiting for you. All is waiting for you.

Today, I would discuss with you the multidimensionality that you will experience as your awareness of yourself as a child of the Universe increases. We have given you a glimpse of these other realities with regard to your prior earth lives and the collective energies of this planet, but there is more. Your ego argues that these mysteries are impossible to know, but this is illusion, Little One. Know this: Fear is the only obstacle to knowledge. You may know all things; however, your fear of knowing is greater than your desire to know. Release fear. Resist illusion. Resist complacency. Hunger to know and to be known.
Be still. Be present. Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 6

Little One, so much concern over a little weather? You can arrive home safely no matter what the conditions. Do not allow fear to victimize you or hold you captive. Do you want to travel home? If you do, then go. If you want to stay, then stay. Whatever you do, be clear about your intention.

What is a little precipitation to you? The elements do not control you. Do not give up your power to the weather. Ask the wind and snow, the earth elements, to grant you safe passage and to bless your journey home. Honor them. Respect them, but know that they are not to be feared. Ask for their support. This is an opportunity to forge a relationship with these forces and for you to become powerful allies. The devas will protect you. Do not give your personal power away by refusing to accept responsibility for creating a safe, pleasant journey for yourself. You are in charge of your journey, Little One. Receive the blessing that the Universe has for you.

What have you learned on this trip? You are more related to your body. You have learned to be more mindful. You have learned to give thanks for lessons and opportunities. You have learned about non judgment. You have learned that the Universe manifests its beauty in miraculously diverse ways. None is better or more beautiful than the other. The salt marshes of New Jersey are as lovely as the mountains of Santa Fe. Allow yourself to experience all that the Universe has for you without judgment or comparison.

There is much tension in your body. Ask yourself this question: Have you ever conquered a fear without confronting it? We are with you, Little One. You may go in peace. Follow your heart always, for this is the path to peace. Know that you cannot fail.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 5

No judgments, Little One. Allow yourself receive grace and healing. Embrace your body with love for love and love alone will foster healing. You are doing well in that regard; however, there is much for you to learn and assimilate. This frustrates you. Relax. All is well.

This is a period of reentry for you. Enjoy it. Observe what is different for you and what it is that you wish to change. Be patient with yourself. Love you. Experience your wonder. Release your expectations. Remember to meditate and to pray. You have enough time. You have time for everything: time to enjoy, time to work, and time to be in spirit.
Your essence fills the Universe. Allow yourself to expand and acknowledge the perfection of All That Is. This includes you. As little irritations arise, give thanks to them, as they provide stimuli for growth. Laugh at yourself with joy, not malice. Remember, Laughing Heart, that laughter is the music of the Universe.

You are finding balance in your life between care of self and others. These two are not exclusive of each other. Note that I said that you are finding balance. You are successful in this just by allowing the process to unfold. Observe the grace; enjoy its blessing. Remember, Little One, it does not have to be hard.

Regarding money: It will come to you in due time and it will come with abundance and blessing. Trust in the care, beauty, and perfection of the All That Is. There will be changes in your spirit life, as well as in your physical life. Trust these changes. Open your heart. At times your understanding may be limited, but your spirit is without limit. Remember that you are the Universe. You and the All That Is are inseparable. Accept these teachings without judgment. Accept without judgment all of the Earth’s children. Bless yourself as you bless others.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 4

inLittle One, beware of creating vacuums. When you are ready to release a feeling that no longer serves you, no matter what that feeling may be, it is important to be clear about what you intend to replace that feeling with. For example, should you desire to release betrayal, consciously choose to replace the feeling of betrayal with forgiveness, compassion, or self love. If you are not clear about your intention, then the feeling will be replaced with a random feeling, not one of your choosing. For example, you may release betrayal only to unconsciously replace it with self pity, anger, or resentment. Be mindful in all things.
Be peace. Be love.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 3

Little One, you have experienced many wonderful things while here in this magical place. Know that it is not the city that you experienced here or the land – it is you. The magic is not this place – it is you. You have come home to find your place in the Universe at last. I sense your reluctance to return to your “normal” life. Do not be afraid. The Universe is supporting you as surely there as it is here. Do not concern yourself with geography only with spirit. “Can’t” is an illusion. Do not allow circumstances to blind you to the wonder of your True Self that you have experienced. This is you. All else is illusion. Take heart. Give heart. This is the blessing: to be openhearted in every moment, to be the beacon.

You are correct right when you say that these experiences have no words. Two-dimensional words cannot adequately describe a multidimensional experience. You do not need words to remember. You are imprinted with these experiences. You are forever changed, for you have recognized yourself as a child of the limitless Universe. You have many guides and teachers from differing dimensions. I know that you are amazed by the exquisiteness of this trip; however, this is but an infinitesimal aspect of our care of you. We are pleased that you are so welcoming of the many angels and guides assisting you. They are indeed your partners on this journey. Allow them to help you.

Little One, attend to us. When you wish to raise your vibrational frequency, open your heart. If you wish to lower your frequency, open your heart. Ask for what you want, as well as what you need, and it will manifest. Allow yourself to experience the wonder of the Universe and its abundant blessing.

Know that you bring healing by your presence – by being rather than by doing. Open to grace. Your work is to help people to find their way home and to experience the Divine within themselves. This will empower them to change their situations and their experiences of the world.

I feel in you some tension regarding your son. He is a great teacher for you, as are all of your children. Open your heart to him. Love him. He will thrive in non judgment. Know that you are the only person that you can change, but that you can love everyone. As you love without condition and withdraw judgment, miracles happen. You have experienced this. It is not hard. Love is never hard. It is your essence. Just allow it to be. Allow love to fill you.

To manifest something, Little One, you must open yourself to it, much like ordering at your favorite restaurant. Openness creates the space that you need to manifest your desire. Stay clear. Ask for your highest good. Release your doubts. You do not have to “work for it.” You just have to allow it to come to you with an expectation of good.

Little One, there are all kinds of work. Release yourself from the belief that there has to be a “middleman,” that someone has to pay you rather than you receiving directly from the Universe, for you are the Universe. No other man or woman can measure your value with a paycheck. This is not the exchange system upon which the Universe is based. This is illusion. It is hierarchical. There is no hierarchy, there are only stages of development. A newborn is not inferior to a toddler or to an adolescent. There is wonder and grace in every moment. Relax into the blessing. Love. Open your heart. Receive. It is a choice, Little One. It is all here for you at every moment. Be mindful. We are ever with you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved

Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 2

Little One, you are hiding behind a door of fear. Come out now. This is not a time to hide or run away. You are here to enjoy yourself - to love, to laugh, and to live. This is a time of great permissions. Come out now. It is safe. Your fear is creating an illusion. Remember, Dear Heart, pain is very isolating. Don't let it keep you caught in its cycle. Release your fear and come out to play. You are safe always. Always. There is no other option.

Little One, look back over your journaling. You have asked for help to become more whole and to live more authentically. This is your opportunity to fulfill this longing. These experiences mark the beginning of the fulfillment of your desire. Keep looking to your high guidance. Keep looking to the Light. As a human being, you have great power so great that at times you are afraid to use it. Cease hiding behind the door of fear that you imagine will protect you. The safety that you seek there is an illusion.

Dear One, it is an illusion that the Truth hurts. The only possible safety is found by abiding in the Truth. The Truth heals if you will but receive it as such. It is time to release the beliefs that have held you captive for so long, to move beyond the paradigm of fear, and to accept the authentic power that is your natural right and entitlement.

You have used your fear as an excuse to not move forward for far too long. It is time now to fly. We have honored your request for an answer to your longing. We are here to support you as ever. Allow us to do that. Don't allow your fear to prevent you from manifesting your desire.

Your body is your tool. You manifested it to come into this lifetime. Accept it. Bless it. Honor it. Listen to it. But don't create illness in it. Little One, if you have the power to create illness, then you also have the power to create wholeness. As your relationship to your body changes, your body will change automatically on its own account, following your desires.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.