Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 22

Relax, Little One, for we are here with you. Do you not feel our presence with you, daily teaching you and holding you in our care? Remember that illusion by its very nature is deceiving. Learn to recognize its deception. Do not judge it. Merely acknowledge its presence and it will dissipate. You are not bound by illusion just because another accepts it as real. What has that to do with you? Allow yourself to see through the veil of illusion to the truth of you.

You have questions about the health of your physical body and I have a question for you, Little One. Have you communicated with your body? Have you asked your body what it needs? Its symptoms are feebly trying to speak to you. Are you listening?

You need not go outside of yourself for better seeing or hearing. Listen deeply; your body is speaking. Your body is hungry for light. What will bring light and lightness to your body? Your body is thirsty for water and food that is drenched with light – with prana. Seek balance. Listen to the wisdom of your body – not to change it – but to honor it as a sacred vehicle for you. It is your chariot. Caring for your physical vessel does not have to be arduous; this is an illusion. Allow your life to be filled with the laughter of the Universe. Hear the joy. Embrace it. Allow it to embrace you. All is well.

Be peace. Be love. Beloved.