Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 31

Little One, your true nature is Love so expansive that it fills the Universe. The filters that you have acquired in your life, that shape and are shaped by your experience of the world, allow you to see only a small portion of the Universe. Hence, you come to believe that this is the only portion that exists. Your windows become very small and the glass dirty. Often there are boards on the windows that prevent you from experiencing life in its all its majesty.

The invitation from the Universe is to take the boards off the windows and to let the light of love and abundance flood your existence. The boards that you have erected prevent you from experiencing the Light that is already present for you. Yet, this Light is the source of authentic abundance. If you will consider that the true nature of the Life Force is Love, then you will begin to see that abundance, in whatever form it may take, is a pure manifestation of Love. Does love flow unchecked in your life?

Judgment is incompatible with love. If love is flowing freely without judgment in your life, then people will experience its grace and be blessed. However, if your “love” contains judgment, then the experience of love is blocked. The soul cannot recognize “conditional” love. In fact, no such thing can exist.

The same is true for you, Little One. If abundance is energy, how is this energy manifesting in your life? Are you experiencing its free flow or is the flow of the universal Love Force blocked by self judgment? How well are you able to receive love and nurture from others? How well are you able to receive loving attention from yourself?

It is true that the Universe works on an exchange system. You reap what you sow. However – and this is important – there is more to husbanding and stewardship than sowing and reaping. What is hindering the Love Force in your life? Where is this energy blocked?

Remember, Little One: Blessing is the Universal Law. Love is its principle. Openheartedness is your natural state of being; it is a reflection of your god-likeness – your divine essence. Opening your heart takes the boards off the windows. It allows clear communication to flow directly from the God Source. When you are in alignment, you experience the totality of the Universe within you. Openheartedness acknowledges the perfection of the All That Is and allows for unlimited grace and healing.

Opening your heart center creates an energetic shift in the cultural and planetary paradigms – a profound shift to god-likeness and healing. Do not underestimate the immensity and magnitude of this power.

Love created the world.
It is Love that will heal it.

Be love, Little One. Be loved.