Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 6

Little One, so much concern over a little weather? You can arrive home safely no matter what the conditions. Do not allow fear to victimize you or hold you captive. Do you want to travel home? If you do, then go. If you want to stay, then stay. Whatever you do, be clear about your intention.

What is a little precipitation to you? The elements do not control you. Do not give up your power to the weather. Ask the wind and snow, the earth elements, to grant you safe passage and to bless your journey home. Honor them. Respect them, but know that they are not to be feared. Ask for their support. This is an opportunity to forge a relationship with these forces and for you to become powerful allies. The devas will protect you. Do not give your personal power away by refusing to accept responsibility for creating a safe, pleasant journey for yourself. You are in charge of your journey, Little One. Receive the blessing that the Universe has for you.

What have you learned on this trip? You are more related to your body. You have learned to be more mindful. You have learned to give thanks for lessons and opportunities. You have learned about non judgment. You have learned that the Universe manifests its beauty in miraculously diverse ways. None is better or more beautiful than the other. The salt marshes of New Jersey are as lovely as the mountains of Santa Fe. Allow yourself to experience all that the Universe has for you without judgment or comparison.

There is much tension in your body. Ask yourself this question: Have you ever conquered a fear without confronting it? We are with you, Little One. You may go in peace. Follow your heart always, for this is the path to peace. Know that you cannot fail.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.