Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 82

We would speak to you now. Little One, we know the confusion that you are feeling. Allow yourself to open to hear our words. Just as you realize that your lungs must be empty in order to receive new breath, so you understand that your heart and mind must be open to draw new spirit and insight.

What have you learned about the nature of the work to which we have called you? Know this: It is in alignment with whom you are as a healer and “fire sitter.” You are called to sit in the fire, Dear One. It is a natural and comfortable place for you to be. You do not need to create opportunities for yourself. These opportunities will find you. You need draw only on your strengths. See your work with the eyes of spirit, not the eyes of flesh. Allow your fire to grow hotter. As the intensity of its heat increases, so too will its ability to burn quickly through the conflicts that exist between souls and groups of souls.

Your training ground has been proven. Is it also not ironic that your light and fire could burn so brightly when you stopped hiding it behind someone else? Quite literally, you were standing in the shadow. It took courage for you to step out, but your light was difficult for some to bear because of the intensity of its burning. You do not allow human beings to hide from their own shadows. The shadow is always right there beside them because of the intensity of your light. This is a good thing, for it affords the opportunity to embrace the shadow and to become whole. This shadow dance is the dance of life.

It is true that you engage with each soul's energy rather than with the group as a whole. You are not intended to do group work, but to do soul work. You focus your laser-like attention into each soul present, one soul at a time. In your spiritual practice, open to create this function in yourself. You are tentative about using the intuitive gifts you have, lest you step into judgment. Yet judgment and discernment are different. Discernment is a gift of the spirit. Use it wisely.

We gave you a teaching last week about the “anti‑ego.” The anti‑ego is that function of personality that causes you to doubt your discernment and intuition. It is the opposite of a healthy ego; it is a shadow function. The anti‑ego is related to hubris and “false humility.” Genuine humility is a healthy ego function. It does not make excuses for anything or anybody. Humility accepts the gifts and perfection of all and the role of each human being, each creature in the divine order. True humility unites all into Oneness recognizing that there is no separation. True humility and true pride are one, for you see your divinity with the eyes of truth and see its reflection in all of creation.The anti‑ego functions to separate you from your Self, your Divinity, your Truth, and your Light, just as hubris (false pride) separates you from the Divinity, Truth, and Light of others.

You ask how to recognize the anti‑ego, yet you know the answer to this question. The voice of the anti‑ego creates confusion. Do you feel clarity and enlightenment from these thoughts and inner voices? Do they bring the thrill of truth, the resonance of your soul’s song? If something causes confusion, Little One, go deeper. Trust yourself. Trust your integrity. This is the lesson of good personal ecology: to attend and to trust.

It is because your own fires burn so brightly that you are able to attend fearlessly to the fires of others, to embrace all with compassion tempered by passion. Do not turn away from the fire. This is what happens when you feel the energy drop ‑ you are moving away from the fire.

It is appropriate to follow the fire of the Divine Spirit. The holy fire will never let you down. It will never mislead you. Trust its integrity. Healing is not a mental process. It is a holistic experience of returning to center, returning to balance, and returning to Self, which is the Beloved.

Honor the teaching that you have received. This means truly attending to that which we have told you about yourself, your work, and the teachings that we have given you. Attend to yourself, to what feels right, to what you know to be true. Follow your own heart. Go deep. Attend to the guidance we channel through you. Trust yourself.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 81

Little One, you must cease using your "ego" as an excuse to hide your light, as in “that is just my ego.” Is your ego not you? What is “just your ego”? Does your ego have no voice? Has it no truth? How easily you are able to dismiss the truths that have fear attached to them!

Is it easier to carry the baggage of your fear than to follow the Path of Truth? How far along this path do you expect to travel burdened down by your fears, which tend to multiply like proverbial rabbits when in proximity to one another? These fears that you have are but illusion unless you choose to make them reality. Why would you make this choice? Surely it is not what you truly desire. Give fear no attention and it will dissipate. It is like the ghost that, when confronted, vanishes.

What are your fears, but cautionary lights saying: “This is important to me”, “I need an extra dose of light and spirit", “It’s a little dark in here”, “I have been distracted from this moment of perfect peace and stillness”? Feeling fear is a reminder to Self to return to the center; it is an invitation to alignment.

You say that when you sit down to write, you are “blank.” Well, “blank” is exactly what you need to be in order to allow Spirit to enter, to abide, and to flow through an open channel. To be blank and open is to be full of Spirit. Open, dear one, to know all and to see all. You choose. It is the lesson of the Labyrinth. You choose the opening, you choose the way of your path. The goal is the same – to return home to the Divine, to the embrace of the Beloved.

What do you long to accomplish? What is your vision? Trust your guidance. Know that you already know all that is to be known. You must only allow this knowledge to return to your conscious mind. Open now, Little One. Take the boards off the windows.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 80

Little One, the lessons you have learned are truly amazing. Learning is a wonderful thing, is it not? Do you understand now how powerful you are, and how you can create or dis‑create any illusion? Reality is true and remains unchanged, and the reality is this:
Love abides.
You create your circumstances.

Know these truths. Live these truths. Know that grace abounds. Consider the life of the seed, which when planted bears fruit, which in turn contains seed, which in turn bears fruit ‑ and see the magnitude of potential for healing. Consider the oak and the acorn…and know that the possibilities are endless.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 79

Little One, are you ready to listen to us, now that you have pulled yourself together somewhat? How you do go on and worry so! What is the real issue here? We would ask you whether there is a real issue? Have we not given you material with which to work and opportunities to bring grace? Why do you borrow trouble? Be true. Be faithful to what we have given you.

Do you recall what we said to you? Leadership is the key, as you will be called to lead. We have spoken also of your desire to put on the brakes. This is, of course, a choice, but it is not your desire ‑ nor is it ours. You have requested financial support. This is arranged, Little One. Be patient just a while longer.

Tomorrow will be a day of progress. We will continue to lead you into work that you love to do. We will bless it and you. Do not allow fear of anything to color your perspectives. There is much that is good for you to recognize and to understand. Do not allow your study to cease. Pursue the path of truth as you have always done. There will be many more opportunities for growth as we bring together in the next months those of you that we have been grooming to do this work. It is a new pod of souls, coming together for the purposes of grace and healing. You will come to know many more souls who are on the same path. They are waiting for you as you are for them. You will know each other.

Bless Life. Do not despair, for you are on your chosen path. This is your heart’s desire. Follow this desire. Do not worry over anyone else. Pay attention to your pinching shoes and to no one else’s shoes.

Now we would speak to you of practical matters. The time will come shortly when you will be releasing more of your household responsibilities. Allow yourself to get used to this idea. Allow yourself to think in terms of what you desire. Intend, and then create, this reality.

You desire to follow our call. This will require that you have some additional freedoms. Little One, the new sofa is arriving. It is time to plan for its arrival and to make room in your life. This is a time of change and excitement. The work and words that we give you will fit precisely with the teachings that we are giving others to form the energetic matrices that are being constructed around the world. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by the cage of unilateral thought. Instead, practice multidimensional experiences, for you are a multidimensional being, as are we.

You are the pumping, beating heart of Heartspace. This is the place of dreams, of grace, and of healing. Imagine. The possibilities are endless.

You struggle with thoughts of “Who am I?” You are you. You are change. You are grace. You have tremendous power to heal. Now is the time to move into this place. Be only who you are. Trust that you will be guided to do and be what is right. Spend time each day creating this energy matrix by intention. Send intention to this work. Hold it in your Heartspace, for you are Heartspace, as are we.

You have questions and are asking for guidance about financial resources and decisions. We would say to you, intend and create. You have this power. We would ask you: Do you have the courage to create what you desire? We say that you do. We say that you have the courage of a Lion. We say that you have the strength of an oak tree. We say that you have the vision of the eagle. We say that you shall sit in the fire and not be consumed by it. What say you?

Bless it. Celebrate it. Love it. Rejoice in the fire. Swim free.

Begin to pull together pieces of your journal, our messages to you, each day. Do not make a catastrophe of this. Allow the joy of the messages to fill you. See the path that you have followed and allow yourself this grace. It is coming time to share these words with the world. The time is coming. We have much to give you with regard to the work that you are planning and the material that you have prepared so far. Allow yourself to be open. This is all that is required. The rest is blessing. Be good to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Give heart. Take heart.

The boards are off the windows, Little One. Enjoy the view. Breathe the fresh air. Bask in the Light of the Divine.

Be Love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 78

Little One, yesterday was a good day for you. You passed through a vision gate, a gate that gave you a vision of the scope of your work. This was not given to confound or to confuse you. It was intended to give you a sense of direction, so that you will know where you are heading. This was a good analogy for you, was it not, to be sitting in the fire? We bring balance to this fire energy. We bring you the water of the dolphins' home. It is the blend of fire and water that symbolizes your ability to be at home in either element.

We know of your desire to be of service for the highest good. This is why we bring you this information and guidance. Your role is pivotal. Do not let this fill you with fear. Fear has no part in your future. What did you feel yesterday? Did you not feel at home? Did you not feel in complete alignment with yourself and your many gifts?

Do not limit yourself. Do not create blocks of “I can’t.” Do not allow this “spells” energy into your life. Intend only. This is your creation. Intend grace. Intend healing. And let it be so. Your work is immense, as are your gifts. Your responsibility is to be present to yourself and to be who you are.

What did you discover about power yesterday? You discovered that your power is tremendous. You discovered that your light was bright beyond measure. You discovered a torch to pick up, to carry, and to amplify. You discovered the fire of passion. Burn brightly, Little One.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 77

Little One, we are communicating to you today to prepare you and to bless you. It is time. The time is now and you are ready. Are you not? You are ready for this work to which we have called you. You are ready for the Prism of Light that you are.

Look closely at life, Dear One, to expose the illusion. For all is illusion except the Light. Take the boards off the windows. See the Light. Be the Light. Record our words. This is not hard, is it? Do you not enjoy our communication with you? What is hard is releasing the illusion that it should be hard. How silly you can be!

Open your heart. Open your inner ears to our words. Open your spirit eyes to see and understand the truth of our teachings. We will speak to you always. It is time to begin preparing the work that we have already given you. It is time to gather this teaching into a format that can be shared with the world. It is time for you to remember what you already know. It is time to remember the Prism of Light. It is time to remember your dreams.

Dreams are the tools that help you to reach a greater understanding of the mind of God, which is your mind, which is your heart. Do you see that sometimes you are too much in your human mind, to know this mind of God? It is different. It is without limit or belief. It is pure creative energy. Do not become attached to your mental framework. Allow the void to bring its gifts to your God‑mind. Keep releasing the “I can’t.”

Dear One, release the judgment of yourself with regard to what you perceive as failure or abandonment, for you are only asked to be who, what, where, and how you are at any moment. How can there be failure?

There are many lessons and many teachers in this lifetime, in all lifetimes. All are teachers as all are students. Have we not always been there for you, Dear One? In Atlantis, in Mu, when you were but a child in this lifetime? Have you not always felt a connection to our spirit? There is not just one student, as there is not just one teacher, for we are multidimensional beings.

Whatever you desire, truly set your intention, which is the creative principle ‑ the Divine Mind ‑ and allow it to be so. This “allowance” is the permission to create the healing that you desire. Often permission is revoked by disbelief; therefore, the original intention is discreated because the energy has been recalled ‑ withdrawn ‑ by the disbelief.

Intention creates.
Love is the Universal Principle.
State your intention
“Let there be...”

Then let the Universe/the Divine Principle/the Beloved to allow form to follow intention.

Do not take this teaching lightly. Do not dismiss this essential truth as too simplistic. It is indeed essence and very simple, as is all Truth. The simple truth: Intention creates. Love is the Universal Principle. Little One, what do you want? Set your intention ‑ “Let there be¼” It is done. So be it.

Do not confuse this energy, this most powerful of energies, this fusion, with any other teaching. This is not “personality” power or ego power. This power is atomic, gargantuan power. It is the power of the Prism: the power to break apart and to join together.

It is time now to move into this power, Little One. You cannot own all of your power until you are supported by all the components of your essence. Until this moment, you have separated the components of your life, judging which were more worthy than the others; but they are one, Little One, as are you. Embrace all that you are so that you may live fully in your joy, your light, and, of course, your essence, which is love.

Come to the light, dear one. Accept the gifts that the Universe has for you. Deny nothing of yourself, for in doing so, you deny your perfection, thereby creating imperfection. Do you see this? Do you understand this teaching? You are given much and you are giving much; however, you cannot give more than you are willing to receive. Think on this.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 76

Little One, the time is right to allow yourself to fly without fetter and without limitation. It is time to move into your knowing and your highest vibration, without fear.

Allow yourself to feel joy, dear one. Continue to release fear as you have been doing, for it has nothing to do with you. You are love, Beloved; therefore, you cannot know fear. Reach for your deepest desires. What are they? To know the Beloved; to know the Divine in every moment; to know the Light; to be the Light. These are your desires: To experience the joy and beauty of life, to explore and know the beauty and majesty of the Divine as it is manifested in creation. In order to do this, you must explore with all of your senses ‑ the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. You must be willing to open to your light, to breathe deeply of life, to drink deeply of the waters of the spirit.

Embrace this with joy. Experience the wonder of all that you are. It is illusion to believe that your spirit being is bound by physical laws. One law binds it only. This is the law of Love, which is the Universal Principle.

The time is coming for you to write ‑ to write like you have never written. We know that this is what you call an “edge.” However, this is not the Truth ‑ it is only Illusion, for you know that this is your deepest desire and calling: to channel the Divine light into the world and to be the channel of grace.

We ask only that you pursue your desires. We will tell you what to say. We are the Founders. We will totally support this work. Have we not supported you thus far? Have we not held a light for you to find your way home to us? Continue, dear one, for this is all that we ask:
Open your eyes to new visions.
Open your heart to greater love.
Open your mind to new experiences.
Open your spirit to new delight.
You are a creature without limits.
Remember the Secret of the Labyrinth,
All Paths lead home.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 75

Little One, look at the limits that you have placed upon yourself. Feel the compression of spirit. Learn to work with your energy, Dear One, to feel it, to understand it, and then to heal it.

You have done well this morning. This is how we would have you spend your mornings, by caring for yourself in positive ways, by opening to spirit, and by breathing in the gifts of the Universe.

We would talk to you of fear and fear‑based reality. We have already discussed with you the nature of fear and its effect on the spirit. Fear is dense. This gives it an illusion of being more substantive than the higher/lighter vibrations and frequencies. Fear is the shadow side of the first chakra. It is the opposite of trust, the opposite of love.

The root chakra, as you know, is where the kundalini energy starts to rise. This is the energy of life, creation, and abundance. All abundance starts at the root. The root chakra is related to energies of the planet Saturn, the teacher of life’s lessons.

The root chakra’s colors are red, brown, and black, which are the colors of the earth’s rich soil. Your root reaches down into the Great Mother Earth in order to receive abundance and nourishment and to access the water of life. The root chakra is the center of your ancestral and collective unconscious memories. Karmic imprints and precipitates affect the flow of kundalini energy. These energetic imprints ‑ templates, if you will ‑ are specifically located at the root chakra so that the kundalini flowing through the root chakra will bring healing at every level. Let the focus be on grace.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 74

Little One, you are reclaiming your right to your body, to your energy, and to your time. It is right and just for you to reclaim your life at this time. You are feeling tentative, and perhaps somewhat graceless now, because this behavior is a new phenomenon, is it not? There will be some resistance to these changes you are making, but there will also be support for you from those you love.

It is you who doubt yourself, Little One. It is time to put your power where your heart is; it is time to put your passion to paper. Write a column, dear one, if only for yourself.  Keep it up. Write and keep writing. This is your gift: to be the golden communicator, to be the rainbow bridge. Commit your passion to paper. You are beginning to feel your fire rise. You have a fireplace to build. This has been a long time coming. Do not scold yourself for this. Embrace it.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 73

Little One, I think that you are ready to hear us now. You ask why we give you this lesson. The answer to this is to bless you as always. You need to understand, Dear One, that you are powerful, and that your beliefs shape your reality and your experience, be they pain or joy. We have worked with you, especially in this past week, on the nature of illusion, but you have been in a vacuum of sorts, without having to confront the illusions that you have created. Your beloved partner has agreed to remind you of the illusion, which by its nature appears to be real. When you respond to this illusion with fear, you lose touch with your spiritual and mental energies. The fear paralyzes you and you resort to your instinctual motives, which then reinforce fear because of the absence of spirit. The fear energy then feeds the illusion, making it appear more real, more discrete.

What if, when you were presented with illusion, your automatic response were to go to spirit to ask for discernment about the situation? How do you imagine your experience would be different? Spirit would dissolve the illusion ‑ poof! It would be gone, because illusion cannot exist in the presence of pure spirit.

Your beliefs are so powerful, dear one. You can create anything you choose, from metanoia to hell. It is your choice. However, your belief system is insidious because you have created and accepted these beliefs. You have become attached to them.

What does this attachment mean? How often have you said, “It is in my nature” or “That’s just the way I am” or “I believe …” or “I can’t help the way I feel” or “I can’t do anything about it”? All of these statements, and others like them, reflect attachment to beliefs about yourself, others, and the nature of the Universe in which you live. Of course you can do something about it! If you created it, then you can discreate it.

It is illusion to believe that you are powerless over illusions and your beliefs. It is your energy that has created the illusion and your energy that has become attached to it; therefore, you have the power to release your attachment and to reclaim the life force that sustains these illusions and beliefs. Only you can return that life force energy to the Truth of Spirit, for as the Christos has said, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

(Little One: Jesus said to be “in the world, but not of the world.” Is this what he meant?)

Yes, Dear One, this is close to the Prophet’s meaning. Jesus came to Earth for much the same reason that you have: To bring the Christ consciousness to this planet, to the souls incarnating here. He was pure spirit incarnated in flesh, as you are pure spirit incarnated in flesh. When it is said that “He was tempted in all manner as man,” allow this to mean, allow yourself to see, that this “temptation” was “illusion” and the attachment to illusion.

Think on these things, Little One. Know that all is well and that we hold you in our care.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 72

Little One, many doors are opening for you. Allow yourself to see to these opportunities with clear vision, not blinded by your fear. By opportunities, we do not mean to indicate that this is an opportunity that you can miss, but rather that you may fail to see what is continually being offered because fear causes you to look for reasons to justify its existence. Take the boards off the windows. It is all there for you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 71

Little One, you ask how you can keep from falling away. The answer is simple, Little One. Maintain your connection by maintaining your focus on Self. If you keep focusing your attention elsewhere you lose yourself, you forget who you are, and you lose your point of reference. For many years, it was appropriate for your focus to be on your children. Now it is the time to manifest your power in a different way.

Dear One, your biggest issues about writing and about life in general are based upon the illusion that you have to do this on you own. If this were true, it would indeed be an onerous and overwhelming task. However, it is an illusion that you are alone or unsupported. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you meditate with clear purpose and intention, letting nothing and no one dissuade you from this course, especially yourself.

It is true that trust, abandonment, and betrayal are your primary issues ‑ your hopes and fears, as it were. You also fear that as your power increases, your ego will run amok. We do not fear this for you, but you fear it for yourself.

Little One, we would also speak to you of the importance of adding the teachings that we shall be channeling through you to the vast stores of wisdom already present on Earth. Understand that it is the vibrational energy of these teachings, not the words specifically, that brings grace and healing. It is only your job to bring these forth. It is not your responsibility to control what comes afterward, for in effect, you are a conduit for these teachings. Do not become attached to outcomes.

Remember, Little One, that you will lose nothing, but gain everything as you evolve to the fullness of Self.

Write these words: Your life is a gift. It has been a gift to all who know you, especially to your Beloved children, the Herd of Holy Ones, but also to those you have met only briefly. However, until this time your light has only glowed dimly. It is time, Luminous One, to truly shine in the darkness, knowing that the darkness is your partner, your polarity, and your complement, that you are one. Do not eschew darkness. Embrace it, for it is you. This is the Law of the Prism: All is One.

Know this: You are correct in the belief that all that you are on a cellular level works together to support your work in this lifetime. It is true that every energetic predisposition, that every aspect of the collective Karma, as well as personal Karma, has created you and this lifetime’s experiences. The overlays of which we have spoken to you before call on the power of the genetic, both personal and collective. You bring healing to both. It is to bring this healing that you have elected to incarnate with this imprint.

The Irish-Catholic heritage into which you were born in this lifetime is a magnificently bold heritage, possessing passion without fear. However, it is also full of treachery and betrayal, fatalism and despair. You inherited both the gifts and the wounds of this heritage. The power of their words and music can make the angels laugh, sigh, or weep. It is no accident that the harp is their symbol. It is a gift in truth from the angels, for they are greatly beloved.

Study the angels, Little One. You can learn much from them regarding the integration of spiritual power.

Look again at what we have taught you of the nature of illusion. You do not owe anyone an explanation or justification. You do not need to apologize for speaking your truth. You are not responsible to anyone. It is time to release your fear of displeasing others. It is illusion to think that you are responsible for fulfilling another’s desires. Your only responsibility is to maintain your alignment with the Truth. You are the Lion, not the Harlequin.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 70

Little One, time is an illusion. The past, present, and future are one. Because this is so, at times it appears that a “double exposure” of experience and emotion occurs. By this, we mean that images and feelings from one lifetime can overlay one another. This phenomenon often causes fear and confusion for you. Confabulation results from this overlay of memory.

Fear not, Little One. It is easy to resolve this confusion by stating your desire for clarification, understanding, and healing. Let your desire be known, ask to review the overlays, and the information will be opened to you. The only condition that applies is that this be done without judgment in order to bring healing. The Universe would not deny you any opportunity for growth and healing.

This is your soul’s work. You can go back into these memories without pain. Ask your higher Self what needs to be done in order to create healing, and then do it. Making peace with your past allows you to focus all of your power into the present.

You have asked about changing the past and the future. The future as it is shown represents the logical progression of what will occur given the present conditions. The future is changeable. You create the future as you create the present and the past. Since the past, present, and future are one, only the present can change either the past or the future. It must happen in the now, which is the moment of truth, the moment of power.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.