Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 113 - Today Is a Day of Blessing

Little One, be at peace. Today is a day of blessing. Continue to open and yield to the divine light of grace. Surrender the illusion. Release the attachment to pain. Embrace the possibility of joyful bliss. You know you can do it. Yield. Did you hear that? Be still and listen. It is the voice of the Beloved calling you home. Yield to grace, Little One.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 112 - Sharing Joy

Little One, dispel the illusions. Do not just push them away so that they are waiting outside your door. Your fears have nothing to do with reality; they are based on the distant memories that are creating future projections. Remember what a powerful manifestor you are! No one can take this away from you. No one can steal your joy away from you. Do not allow this illusion to have so much power over your experience.

It is true that in the past you have allowed this dance of shadow to play out. Those who have not yet discovered their own power to create joy would seek joy from other sources, for joy and laughter are the balm of the soul. Dearest Heart, no one can take this joy from you. You may share your joy as you may share your love and thus multiply your joy.

Do not judge those who are joyless. Open your heart to them with compassion. Pray for them that they may be open to the power of the Love Force. This is the key, Dear One. Pray always. Bless always. This  is the “soul-ution.”  You do not need to withdraw. You do not need to say, “This is my joy. Go get your own.”  Know this: Your joy will be made greater by the sharing.

Yes, we hear and understand your analogy of the black hole vortex, but this is not the case. You are seeking to justify and to rationalize an illusion-based fear, a fear-based illusion. There is only love. Open your heart, Little One. We will help you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 111 - The Multitude of Choices

Little One, how much you are learning! Do you feel the difference in your spiritual, energetic, and physical bodies when you heed – attend to – our words? Our delight at your commitment is boundless; however, you are still making this too hard. Let it go. Look closely at the multitude of choices that you make every day of your life, at the minute choices that shape your entire experience. You have much to learn with regard to making choices and exercising your own freedom and permissions.

Attend to your dreams. Ask to be shown new possibilities of relationship, new possibilities of grace. There will be a refinement in days to come of your energies. You will notice new intensity and clarity. Work with this energy. These higher vibrations will continue to mount during the reading of the Diaries, as a result of the speaking and the hearing of these words. Receive these words into your heart. Fully embracing these teachings will bless you beyond measure. It is the dawning of a new day. Look to the light, dear one.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 110 - Your Life Becomes a Prayer

Little One, it is a pleasure to be in your presence today. You are truly a blessed child of the Divine. We see the purity of your heart and the radiance of your soul. You ask us how you should pray. We say to you, that every expression of an open heart is a prayer and a blessing, for it is the power of an open heart that commits into motion the process of grace and healing. Let love be your guide in prayer as in all things.

You refer to the Ask, Seek, and Knock enjoinders that we so frequently give to you. This is your prayer - to know, to love, and to serve the Divine and to bless those around you from your Heartspace. This is not a chore. It is a choice to bring your essence to all with intention, for when your heart is open, your life becomes a prayer.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 109 - The Delight of Surprise

Little One, our desire is to bring blessing and healing into the world through the instrument of these teachings. Be at peace and know that all is in readiness. Do not be apprehensive or borrow thoughts of trouble from the morrow. Be at peace in the moment.

You want to know so much, so fast, yet you would rob yourself of the delight of surprise and the wonder of discovery. Move ahead, yet do not attach great importance to any single moment. Embrace all moments, for we would say this to you: You would be wise to attend to this moment of power, to fully experience this Now.

Know that it is a pleasure for us to communicate with you and, indeed, you may summon our presence, as we are ever attentive to your desires. Keep looking to the light and following the flow of the life force. Observe its ebb and flow. Allow yourself to be completely supported by the grace of the moment. Open and savor its fullness.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 108 - The Power of the Moment

Little One, we appreciate your welcoming attitude. We do understand your skepticism and confusion about this experience, but know also that the time is Now and that we will be working closely – intensively – with you to bring through information regarding the energetic pattern shifts within the planetary field.

This information will give you important insights regarding your work and a greater understanding of the dimensions of the Universe and the planes of existence, as well as insights into the holographic nature of the time-space continuum. The implications of these teachings are profound.

Keep your heart focused in the power of the moment and do not allow yourself to be distracted by the illusion of fear, scarcity, and limitation. As the energies continue to build in order to propel Terra into the next dimension, the intensity of these energies will increase the sense of urgency that you feel to convey these teachings to the world. This urgency will manifest on every level – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You will no longer be able to hide your light. Know that the way has been prepared and the matrices meticulously woven to support this work. Follow the fire and allow the mystery to unfold.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 107 - Choosing Joy

Little One, we would speak to you now of many things. We realize that you are in a place that tests your trust. Yet, into what mirror are you looking? Has anything happened to cause you to doubt our words to you? Has anything but blessing been yours, Dear Heart?

Open to receive the grace of the moment. Open to receive the blessings of the Founders. Remember the Law of the Prism: That which is broken apart is brought together again in its totality, in its Oneness.

Open to allow yourself to be supported. There is no cause for you to feel alone, for you are never alone, Little One. You are always surrounded by the living protection of the Divine in its physical and non-physical manifestations.

Know that we are pleased that you are moving forward with diligence. Yield to the sweetness of spirit. Allow yourself to be buoyed on the waves of grace. You need only say, “I desire this” and it shall be. However, you must be able to receive with grace the gifts that are given to you. Open to receive. Breathe it in - inspire, Dearest Heart. As you inspire yourself, you will inspire others also.

Again we would caution you not to censor our words to you. This we say to you in a most loving manner, for we recognize the challenges you are facing. You are, in fact, going out and over the edge. Once again you are called to trust us, to trust yourself, and to trust others. And once again, we would remind you that trust is a product of unconditional love. Do you believe in your deepest being that you are loved? This is a simple question, is it not? There is no room for equivocation in this discussion. It is a true/false, either/or scenario.

Little One, you know that you are loved beyond measure, so what keeps calling you back to this place of fear? What pain, what wounding, needs to be healed? For this is the source of your distraction: A wound pleading for grace. Hear its anguish with a compassionate heart. Apply the balm of love to its very center and watch the transformation occur. Bear witness to your own healing with the same tender attention with which bear witness to the healing of another. It is imperative, Dearest Heart, that you do not allow judgment of your wounds to deny you the grace of healing. Yield to grace.

Inhale grace.
Exhale pain.

This is so simple, Dear One. Pain is a choice as is healing, wholeness, and holiness. This is the secret of the Holy Ones: Surrender to Love.

We would speak to you of joy. This is an area in your life that needs attention. Why do you deny yourself the exquisite pleasure of a joyful existence? We speak not of moments of bliss, glimpses of glory, but of a brilliantly, dazzlingly joyful experience in every moment. This is your right; it is your entitlement. Previously, we have instructed you that you are your own “joy generator” and you balked at this expression. Yet your ego’s response to the descriptive term does not negate the truth of the statement.

You have stated that your levels of frustration are very high. Yes, we have noted this as well. We would ask you this: Why have you not changed it thus? Why did you not change it immediately upon the conscious awareness of the frustration? These are the behaviors to which we refer when we speak of denying and rejecting your power and your responsibility to choose your experience in every moment.

If you are frustrated, Little One, it is your responsibility to change it or keep it. It is your choice, though we understand not the attraction of frustration. As a human being, it is your free-will choice to experience all things. However, we would caution you about behaviors associated with feelings of frustration, anger, and powerlessness. These behaviors are destructive and create the vicious cycles of illusion about which we have spoken many times. These vicious cycles, rotating in a counter-clockwise energy spiral, turn you away from the Light of Truth. With each turn of the cycle, your memory of the Light dims and darkness becomes your reality.

Little One, beware of this seduction. Embrace fully your power to choose. Love yourself without condition. Choose, precious child, with intention the quality and content of every experience. This life is your playground. Explore its wonder. The choice is yours in every moment. Choose well, Little One. Choose Love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day106 - Emerging from the Chrysalis

Little One, it will all come together for you with amazing swiftness. Do not fret or create blockages, which would hinder the manifestation of this wonder. All is aligning itself to bring this blessing to the world. Your ego, as you call it, is fighting this, yet, in your deepest being, you know that this is true.

Know this: The time is coming to emerge from the chrysalis, from the cocoon that, heretofore, has afforded you safe haven. The time is now for the metamorphosis to be complete. This is the lesson, Dear One, of the butterflies that you have seen in such abundance.

Know that this is the nature of relationship: To know the wholeness and perfection of the All That Is; to know and reflect for each other the wonder of the Divine Principle; and to rend the veil of illusion that would separate you from fully experiencing the Divine in every moment.  Open, Dear One, to the wonder of the day. Know that all will be well and that all will be changed, as you allow yourself to transform fully into your Divine Self.

Little One, we feel you struggle with these words. We feel your doubt and we feel your reluctance to share what we say to you this day. Yet this we would say to you: It is time to remember. Open your heart. Open your mind and you will remember the possibilities. You will remember the wonder. Dear One, at no other time in the history of Terra has the need for Remembrance been so great. Yield to the call of the Beloved. Yield to the memories of the power of the Love Force to bring grace and healing.

Do not be fooled by the illusion. Do not be distracted by nor judge the chrysalis, for it has been the vehicle for your transformation. Know this: The butterfly cannot, shall not, and may not return to the unconsciousness of the chrysalis state. You have been given wings, Beautiful One, fly free on the wings of spirit. Bless the world with your soul’s beauty; bless it with your soul’s light. You struggle with the why, yet you know the is-ness of this truth.

Allow your heart to be full. Allow the Love Force to blaze from your deepest being to illumine the shadows of doubt that remain. There is much work for you to do; yet, it will be the work of your soul’s deepest longing. Yield to the wonder that is unfolding. Let trust truly be your mainstay as you sail under the banner of love and the flag of peace.

There is much that we desire to say. Release your struggle. Know that you already have that which you most desire. We speak to you, yet you cannot imagine that our words are true. We speak, yet your mind filters out the blessing that your heart hungers to hear. As we have said to you, it is not happenstance that the word “hear” is contained in the word “heart.”  To truly hear what we say to you, you must listen with your heart, not with your mind.

All is as it should be. The time is now for the nobler pursuits, as you call them. Yet, know this: You lend nobility to all that you do. You lend nobility and you lend grace, for this is the essence of your soul. Know your power. Stand true. Denial of truth does not make it less true. Denial of your truth does not negate your essence. Honor yourself. Attend to yourself with kindness, not judgment. Follow the path of your heart for it will lead you home.

Trust the integrity of the Universe to accomplish its goals. Others will come to support you. Some from unexpected sources; illusions of obstacles may appear. Recognize these for the illusions that they are.

Know your power. Stand tall. Stand straight. Stand true. Bless the light. Bless the shadow. Allow these words and the teachings contained in these diaries to seep into your bones. Allow the sacred oil of the spirit to anoint your brow. Be peace. Be light.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved one.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 105 - Simplicity

Be at peace, Little One, and know that all is well. We feel your irritation. We feel your pinching shoes.

It is good to laugh. It is especially good to laugh at yourself, but with mirth, not malice. Do you see how delightful the journey can be? Embrace the wonder of it all. As the earth rejoices and yields to the gently falling rain, so, Dear One, yield to the sweet shower of spirit. Drink deeply from the Chalice of Life. Turn your face to the shining sun of Love.

Remember the Secret of the Labyrinth: Your journey is only as complex as you make it. Simplicity has its own beauty. Simply be. Simply love. Simply be love. Life is simple, Little One. Life is simply beautiful.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 104 - Great Fullness of Heart

Little One, we feel your confusion and your pain, yet we also feel your determination and we bless you for this. Little One, you borrow so much trouble with your projections into the future and your attachments to past pain. Know this, Dear One: The past has no power over your present or your future without your intention and consent.

This is the moment of your power; this is the opportunity to create your soul’s deepest desire. You have, in fact, already created that which you desire. It is done. Receive the gifts. Receive the blessing. Accept the abundance of grace that you have created with gratitude. You have yet much to learn, Dear Heart, about receiving graciously that which you have created. Why must you battle until you succumb with exhaustion before you will receive your entitlements?

Little One, why, when you desire these gifts in your deepest being, do you resist us with such intensity? This is not rape, precious child. This is love manifested in its purest form. This is the love of the Divine for the Beloved. This is the sweet sigh of your soul calling your name. Hear it. Receive it, Dear One.

Who are you fighting? From whence does this resistance come? Who prevents you? Who hinders your progress? Who would deny you, precious child of the Universe? There is nothing withheld from you, Beloved One. Look toward the Light.

You have received many beautiful gifts in celebration of your birthday and truly we rejoice in this occasion as well. Consider the precious beauty that you have received: beautiful flowers and plants, wind chimes, wise words, expressions of love and great kindness, and a mirror. This was the hardest for you to receive, was it not?

It is time to appreciate not only the gifts that you receive, but the gifts that you bring as well. Do you understand this? This is the gift of the mirror: To accurately see your own beauty and to remind you that your image is God’s image also. Only when you truly recognize the power of your gifts can you truly experience gratefulness and great fullness. If you do not appreciate and understand your gifts, then you cannot use them fully. Gratefulness comes from recognizing and using your gifts efficiently, sharing, giving, receiving, blessing wholly, holy - inhaling and exhaling grace in each breath.

You have great understanding, Little One, of the power and potential of a grateful heart, but you limit the concept of gratefulness; hence, you limit great fullness, because you limit your ability to receive. Expand. Stretch, Dear One. Allow the empty places to be filled. You are struggling much with this teaching, and we ask that you be patient with us a while longer for this is a pivotal piece of your tuition.

Gratefulness must include an appreciation for the gifts that you have been given and that you give to others. Do not deny, reject, or belittle your treasures. We know that you have some understanding of gratitude, but this is not a soul-deep understanding. You suffer from the affliction of anti-hubris, which defeats you and robs you of your power. We ask that you focus on this. Observe with detachment and discernment the gifts that you have been given.

Dear One, your gifts have been given to you to use. It is time to yield with grace and to allow yourself to respond to the call of the Beloved. We have observed your courage, your commitment, and your constancy. We applaud you and we love you.

It is time now to move out of the shadow and to look to your own light, to recognize the Beloved not only in the face of others, but in your own face as well. It is time to celebrate your beauty, your grace, and your talents, which are many. You may no longer hide. You know this is true. Step out into the light of your being, Dearest Soul. We have blessed you with companions of your heart on this journey. You know that a new day has dawned. This is a glorious occasion.

Consider your experience without resistance. Consider the grace of surrender, coup de grace. Surrender to bliss. Surrender to the ecstasy of your soul’s song. If it gives you comfort, you have put up a good fight, but Little One, you are no match for the opposition. How could you expect to defeat unconditional love and unspeakable joy? It was an unfair contest, Dear Heart, for you were outmatched from the beginning.

Open your heart to receive the fullness of your beauty, your grace, your light, and your love. Then, and only then, will you know great fullness of heart. Receive in your deepest being the gifts of light, for when you are full of Self, the Universe is full as well.

See the Beloved in your own eyes, and feel the resonance of this recognition in the very foundation of the earth. Know that you are the Beloved, and that you must answer the Beloved’s call for it is the cry of your own soul.

Honor your teachers - all of your teachers. See the lesson of love in every experience. Judge neither yourself nor the lessons that you are learning. Instead, be grateful for a teachable spirit, for the student and the teacher are one. Ask. Seek. Knock.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.