Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 69

Little One, unresolved past life issues create karmic overlays in this present lifetime. There are many ways to deal with these overlays. Imagine that there are invisible energetic cords that attach you to those people with whom you have unfinished karmic issues. The emotional energy flows through these invisible cords because there are unresolved issues that require attention. Sometimes this work may be on a personality level; however, at other times, work at the soul level is required. This work must be approached without judgment of yourself or others, for its goal is to bring the light of love to the darkness of pain.

The issues are karmic in nature, imprints that have come with you from previous lives as well as constellations of energy that others carry. When these energies merge together, it is difficult to separate past from present. For indeed, time is not linear nor is your experience two‑dimensional, but rather time is holographic in nature. It is important for you to recognize when this is happening and to separate these layers of experience so that healing and karmic balancing can occur.

The past, present, and future are one. As these energies present themselves to you, it is an indication that they are ready to be healed and balanced. This is work of the spirit. The invitation is always to healing and wholeness. The choice is yours.

Difficulties arise in your identification and attachment to these energies that you have carried for so long. Pain results from choosing to cling to the memories of past pain and glory. You become attached to the pain, wounds, shadows, and ghosts that haunt you as well as to the triumphs, successes, joys, and pleasures of the past. Attachment in any form, whether to pain or to pleasure, brings separation from Self. You often become so identified with the attachment that to release it feels like you are losing something, either a loved one or a piece of your identity, when in essence you are reclaiming the wholeness of Self, reclaiming your life force. This reclamation is an act of grace.

It is an illusion that this healing, cutting the invisible karmic cord, creates separation of any kind. It allows for healing, which by its nature reinforces the bonds of love. A deeper bond then exists, a unity of atonement – at‑one‑ment, if you will. Grace replaces pain. Power replaces fear. Compassion replaces judgment. Ecstasy replaces longing.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 68

Little One, be clear about what you want. Until then, you will still be creating in every moment, but it will be a creation of chaos. Give thought, attention, and intention to what you desire ‑ to what is your passion. If you cannot be clear, then how can the energies coalesce to create your vision?

Do you want peace? Knowledge? Wisdom? Truth? Love? What do you desire? Figure it out, and then give it your energy. The Universe will support your desire; however, you must take responsibility for your clarity of intention. If your vision is cloudy, then your creation will also be nebulous and without form.

There is a place in each human in which the entire Universe dwells. It is present in every sentient being. There are many names for this place, but few beings ever attain its perfection. This is an ancient teaching. It is not that this knowledge is hidden ‑ nor is it unknowable, but the power of this knowledge ‑ that was once known to all ‑ has been “reserved” for a few. It is the Secret of the Ark of the Covenant. The source of all greatness is the Divine Source. Imagine if it were known and truly experienced that this power abides in each being and is accessible to all. There would then exist no hierarchy, for each being would totally create its own universal reality.

Little One, think on these things. We would speak to you more of this divine power at a later date. Now we would ask you only to consider the possibilities for blessing, for grace, for healing. Know that you are loved beyond measure.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 66

Little One, you are feeling fear. Know this to be a temporary feeling rather than reality. See how quickly it can shift. It is a fragile state of balance that can be so easily toppled.

What can harm you? Know that you are loved. Know that you are protected. Know that you are safe and perfect in every moment. Follow the lesson here. What has made you afraid? What has made you upset?

Imagination. What have you created for yourself? Do you see how powerful you are? You have created distress for yourself merely by thinking thoughts ‑ random thoughts ‑ for a few moments. Yet you created a “real” scenario in your mind that played itself out and created physical manifestations in your body based on these thoughts. Well done! This was a good lesson for you to learn. It will teach you much as you study about creation.

Thoughts do create ‑ even thoughts without intention, as you have experienced. How much more powerful, then, are intentional thoughts! Attend to your thoughts, Little One. Then follow the attention with intention. Accept responsibility for your creation. Create blessing.

Be love. Be love. Beloved.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 65

Little One, we have missed you. You have been back in your home for one month now, and you have only communicated with us a few times. Why do you think this is, Little One?

Since you have been home, you have asked many questions regarding the quality of your life. You have seen many of the patterns that exist in your life. You have seen the spiral and you have also experienced the frustration of feeling that you are not making any forward progress in your life. This, of course, is illusion, for you are making much progress. You are continuing to grow and discover more of yourself each day. However, you are not effectively using the precious tools in your possession that would make this process much more satisfying for you. It is like trying to move a mountain one bucket of dirt at a time…rather than by love.

Do you see this? You are not using your spiritual power, Little One. You are merely exerting your will, which is a function of ego. You do indeed have the power to create whatever you desire for your soul’s highest purpose. However, your ego demands and your will commands. Neither the ego nor the will is a function of the heart center. They possess the denser vibrations of the physical world and are manipulative as opposed to creative.

There is much that has been written about prayer. It is the creative process of spirit. There is much that has been written about creative visualization. Some of this is truly spiritual, while some is ego‑based. This is not to say that it is wrong, only that it is not of the highest vibration.

Love must be the source of creativity. In the beginning was the Word, and that Word was love. Before the Word there was Love. This is why true creativity must come from the heart center, from the open heart. You knew this when you created Heartspace, Center for Creative Change. You know that all creation is rooted in love and, therefore, we come to the center of this teaching: Creativity cannot issue from fear. Unfortunately, much creative visualization is rooted in fear and scarcity and this is why it does not work. The essential principle is missing because fear has torment. To create, you must be rooted and perfected in love, then all things will come to you. This is a truth. This is the essence of the Christos. Do not lose sight of love, Little One ‑ for it is you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 64

Little One, when you are doing “past life” work, be careful what you clear out, for some of this energy may be intended to be building blocks for this life.

Why do you think that there have been so many “coincidences”? This is to get your attention and to help you learn in this lifetime what you have not previously learned. This energy is good; it is positive. If it were not meant to be present, it would not be present. This is the very energy that will provide you with healing. If you precipitously clear this energy out, it will either come back or it will remain karmically unbalanced. Do you see this?

So the idea is to pay attention to the wisdom of this energy, to allow it to teach you, to allow it to take you where you need to be, and then to allow it to resolve itself. Nothing occurs by accident. These blocks are not present by happenstance. It is all part of your divine unfolding.

We would also speak to you of hierarchy. This is a destructive concept. It is dangerous to your soul’s growth and to your mission here in this world. You know that all souls are in the process of unfolding ‑ not only those souls that you know and love, but all the souls on this plane. The artificial separations that are created through hierarchy or judgment of this unfolding create obstacles to attaining Oneness ‑ Attuma.

All souls are precious expressions of the Divine. Understanding is not your responsibility: nor is judging nor comparing. Loving is your responsibility.

Your only responsibility is to love. Period. There is no hierarchy in love. There are neither victims nor abusers. There is only love, which is the profound expression of the Divine.

The anger and frustration that you feel provide you with opportunities to open your heart and to experience the return of the Light, the return of the Divine Child, the return to Love. This is the secret of the solstice and the blessing of the season. The Lord of the Dance is the Lord of Love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 62

 Good morning, Little One. We feel your fear. Relax. Open your heart to us. We are present for you. You are doing so well. We are proud of you and of the boundaries that you are setting. Do not think that you must do this on your own. We are here with you to lend help and encouragement. You are correct when you say that you are totally supported in this work. However, we hesitate to use the term “work,” for it does not really describe what will ultimately be the manifestation of your passion and your fire.

We would remind you to be who you are and none other. No more is expected of you. Honor all things about yourself. Each aspect is precious to us ‑ to the All That Is ‑ for it is your contribution to wholeness. Know this. Feel this. Believe this. Live this.

In your writing, strive for a balance of new information and previous teachings that we have given you. Do not neglect to seek new information and daily guidance, for this is how you will keep your heart connection open and pure.

Set aside time every day to create this work. This fire will grow stronger and brighter as a result of the careful tending. Do not allow your fire to be extinguished. Nurture the essence of Self. As you continue to write, you will see how these teachings with which you have been entrusted will weave together to create a tapestry of grace, wisdom, and healing.

Find balance and do not judge. Do not think, “I must do it this way,” for this is the way of judgment. Allow this book about love to be a labor of love. Allow love to create it. Allow love to bless each word and intention. Breathe your essence into each phrase. Surrender to the Love Force. Keep opening your heart. Abide in the vessel of love. Release your attachment to anything, everything.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 60

Little One, shall we begin? Today we will speak to you of “safety.” This is a favorite concept of yours, is it not? What does one require to be safe while living in the third dimension on the Beloved Earth?

Do not be misled by the illusions that exist in this realm, for they are indeed illusions. Only the Truth is real; therefore, only the Truth, being grounded in the Great Universal Truth, can foster a sense of safety. Does this make sense to you?

What is truth? How can one recognize truth? How can one recognize illusion when we have cautioned you that an illusion by its very nature appears real? First, we will speak to you of the nature of Illusion, which is not necessarily untruth as in the case of an outright lie. An illusion can even be a truth that separates you from the greater Truth. Indeed, this is the most insidious type of illusion.

Dear One, we can feel how uncomfortable you are becoming. Be kind to yourself. Be patient, for your resistance is coming from fear of illusion. Know this: Understanding illusion disempowers it and empowers you to cling only to the Truth.

Jesus has said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light.” This is absolutely true, for the message brought by the Christos was a message of unconditional love, unconditional healing and unconditional forgiveness. It is unfortunate that so many others have obscured the purity of the teachings of the Christos.

Illusion, dear one, is anything that blinds you to your true nature, that separates you from your Divine Self, that diminishes your power, or that obscures your light. Illusion is anything that suggests that you are less than perfected in love in every moment. Illusion creates fear. It destroys peace. It sows seeds of discontent. As it is written: “Contentment with godliness is great gain.” Contentment is prerequisite for any sense of safety. An assurance that your needs are met, that you are totally supported and unconditionally loved by the Universe, and more importantly by yourself.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 59

Little One, today is not different from any other day. We are here and you are here. What else matters? Are you ready to begin? We understand that you have many concerns that our connection with you will disappear, but this is an illusion, Little One. We are committed together in a partnership that is rooted in love and signed in spirit. This is not a fluke; this is your right.

Now, Beloved, let us speak candidly with you. You relax; we will talk. (Yes, relax, Little One.) You are learning so much, so rapidly. We know that you are struggling to receive these teachings. Cease your struggle as it inhibits the absorption process.

If you will, consider for a moment your freedom. We are the teachers and you, Dear One, are the student. You are not expected to know what you are going to be taught until we speak it to you. So open your eyes, your ears, and most especially your heart, to receive what we have to say to you.

You seek truth, Little One. What is it that you know of truth?

We have taught you that your truth is your power and your strength, but what is the nature of truth? What is the nature of this power whereof we speak?

We spoke to you months ago about the nature of energy. Is energy truth? Yes, of course it is. Does this mean that truth is energy? Yes and no. Truth stands alone. It is not dependent on a belief or experience to make it real. It is not dependent on any condition to make it true. The Truth is. Yet this Truth can be broken down even further for your understanding, for the essence of Truth, the essence of energy, the essence of all, is love.

There is nothing in the Universe that is not love. If your truth is your strength and truth is love, then in reality love is your strength, is this not so? If truth is energy and love is truth, then is love not energy? If love is energy, if love is in fact the Universal force, then we know much already of its nature, but it is time to learn more.

We spoke to you earlier about the bonds of love. The chemical bonds with which you became so fascinated in your studies of biochemistry are in reality bonds of love. All those around you knew and continue to know that above all else you understand how to love and to be love. But, dear one, we must in this lesson speak to you about your understanding of being loved, receiving love. For this is a lesson the world desperately needs: the experience of being loved. Know this beyond doubt: you are totally and completely loved without condition in every moment.

Do you understand that if you only love and do not know how to receive love that you are only a half‑self? This is the root of fear and illusion. As John, the Beloved Apostle, stated so well: Perfect love casts out fear. It is no coincidence that John is known as the Beloved, for he knew the magnitude of the Love Force and was able to receive its power.

You ask us: How does one experience this fullness and perfection of love?

As you embrace the concept of the Beloved, greeting each soul in your life as the Beloved, it is important not only to open your heart to love that soul, but to open your heart to be loved. This is a secret that young children carry, for they have not yet separated from the Truth of their essence. They still live in the reality of unconditional love.

Little One, how would you experience the world if you lived from the certainty that not only were you loved unconditionally by the Divine, but that every beating heart loved you totally without condition? Open your heart to receive love, regardless of the source, embracing all sources, regardless of the manifest behavior, seeing and receiving all through the eyes of love. This is the truth of the statement we gave you: an open heart only feels love and an open heart feels no pain.

Love is the essence of all. It is the source of every experience. It is the force that both initiated and sustains the Universe. Love is responsible for all behaviors, for all events. Love is.

Think on these things, Beloved. They are not new to you, though you have forgotten much. It is to remind you of this that we give you this blessing, this entreaty: Be love. Be loved. Beloved. For, in truth, you are.

Little One, you are thinking that this is difficult, but you know in your deepest self that it is only hard to go against your nature rather than with it. It is when you are out of alignment with your nature that you experience pain and illness. This is not difficult, Little One. This is you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 58

Little One, a few days ago we asked a question: What does openhearted anger feel like? Do you have an answer? This is an important lesson, Little One. Settle for a minute to open to us in order to feel our love and to feel our truth.

Anger is generally associated with an injury, pain, a wound, or an offense. Anger is a natural response, like blinking your eyes. It is what comes after the initial reaction that becomes a problem. Anger is often equated with fear, but it is also connected with defensive, and subsequently offensive, action. However, this is illusion. Anger is a physiological reaction that gives you information about an interaction, environment, and relationship. Anger gives you information about yourself. Anger is never about another person. It is about you and, as fearsome as it feels, anger is neutral.

Anger is a teacher. When your heart is open, Little One, anger shows you where your energy blocks are, where there is congealed energy ‑ Karma, if you will. When anger is experienced by an open heart, it is a moment of insight, a moment of grace. Anger gives an answer to the unasked question. Anger is an important teacher.

Anger requires a response. Anger always requires a response ‑ something to balance the energy, to dissolve the blockage. It is important to consider that an incident that inspires anger is often just a stimulus to identify an old, stagnated energy pattern. Preprogrammed anger becomes rage.

Human beings tend to fear their own anger, as well as, the anger of others because of these accumulated energetic patterns. We have already explained that fear is the absence of love; therefore, anger to many represents absence of love. Often anger is associated with violence, pain, and abuse, but not often with healing, reconciliation, liberation, and grace. Yet this is the true purpose of anger: to free us from the cyclic bondage of the Karmic wheel. Little One, know this: You create as much harm when you take offense as when you give offense.

It is imperative that anger not be ignored, because unaddressed anger creates enormous pain, illusion, and Karma. Unresolved anger is stored, encrypted in your mental, etheric, and physical bodies.

It is difficult for you to recognize anger as an instrument of grace and healing. It is not anger that creates pain. It is the Karma, which requires balancing, and the unhealed wound, which calls for healing, that creates pain. Anger is the tool, the impetus, that allows the healing to transpire.

How can this occur? By trusting in the power of the Love Force. What if you were to believe, truly believe, that every event in your life occurred to support you and to bring you healing, that every illness was intended to bring you grace, and that every injury was meant to bring you pardon?

We are not telling you not to be angry. What we are saying is to be angry, and to rejoice in that anger. For anger is a gift of grace. Your sacred scripture enjoins you, “Be angry and sin not.” The important issue is to understand why you are angry and to respond appropriately in line with your soul’s purpose.

Feeling anger does not give you permission to hurt someone, to behave with violence, or to lash out. It also does not give you permission to feel victimized (we have much to say about this later). However, anger does give you the opportunity to bring grace to yourself and healing to your planet.
We understand that associating anger with grace and healing is a novel concept for you. You associate grace with healing and love, but anger is a manifestation of love.

Anger is unconditional love. It is an aspect of self‑love, yet it is a manifestation of love for other human beings. Anger says, “Wait a minute! Something is not right here! I am angry! Something here needs attention!” There is a physical reaction, a cautionary alert. Response comes from reflection, looking for guidance, “I feel pain” – “I feel fear” – “I feel grief.” When anger is uncomfortable, when you have been taught that the expression of anger is inappropriate, or that anger equates to danger, a new response program is required.

Do you remember what we said about anger always requiring a response? Anger does not just dissipate; it is energetically stored (much like fat in the physical body). Anger has mass, just as any energy. If anger does not receive an appropriate response, then it is stored in the energetic, mental and physical bodies, creating blockages, judgment and separation, imbalance, and illness.

Anger and rage are also stored in the collective unconscious. We touched on this earlier with you. When groups of human beings are unable to express their feeling of anger, despair, and pain, or if they are unable to access healing in their lifetimes, these constellated energies, this congealed rage, is passed on to subsequent generations. The Hebrew sacred texts refer to the sins of the Fathers being passed on for many generations. This is not a judgment. It is a natural law of the Universe: Anger requires a response. This is the law of Karma.

You experienced this phenomenon with your father. When your father passed over, you inherited the psychic wounding that he carried for the children of Ireland, the stigmata if you will, of a bleeding heart. You felt the pain in your body, the unexpressed rage, and the immense grief.

Do you see, on a global level, how unexpressed individual anger becomes part of the collective, and do you see also then that personal healing will ultimately bring global healing and grace? There is more, but you are tired now. Sit with this for a while. See how this teaching is reflected in your own life, your own body.

Little One, when you are looking at issues of anger, it is important that you do so without judgment, as judgment cannot lead you to truth. You must do this with love. If you have anger stored in your body, and of course you do, remember that it is a gift of grace. Do not forget the point of this writing: to understand anger as a manifestation of love. In order for anger to be understood and processed appropriately, it must be understood in this light.

Rejoice that this information has been made available to you. Rejoice that healing is available. Experiencing and responding to anger does not mean experiencing the pain of the wounding, for the anger is not the pain. It is energy ‑ pure energy.

This is not a burden, Little One. This is liberation from the burden that you have carried for so long. The important question is, what response does this stored anger require from you? Remember always that the purpose of anger is to bring grace and healing to you.

Your anger is not about anyone else. It is about your response to life. Other people come into your life as teachers, players if you will, in the drama that you are creating, but the Karma, the opportunity for grace, is yours.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 57

Little One, today we would speak to you on the importance of forgiveness. Attend us well.

Unforgiven trespasses and wounds – real or imagined – create adhesions, scar tissue if you will, around the heart. The heart center is not only your center of love, but it is also your center of power and healing. When unforgiveness closes your heart, this closing causes pain in itself. The spontaneous reaction to this pain is to close down even more. This survival mechanism may be adaptive for a very brief time; however, if allowed to persist, it creates a vicious cycle of pain and isolation.

To use an analogy, if a particle of dust should fly into your eye, the instinctive and appropriate response is to blink, to close the eye briefly to allow for the eye to cleanse itself, to allow it to heal itself. The eye will tear briefly, wash the speck away, and reopen. Despite the ensuing temporary irritation, the eye will continue to function and soon the incident is forgotten entirely. However, if when you get dust in your eyes, you continue to keep your eyes closed to prevent further irritation, you become sightless.

The human heart operates in much the same way as the human eye. Your heart must remain open in order to retain its vision. An open heart is your natural state of being. It is written in Hebrew sacred scripture that “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” This does not refer to physical eyesight, although the analogy is perfect, for you are a blind world when your hearts are closed. When your heart is closed to love, then your spiritual centers cannot function. For what is God, but love? Just as a closed eye shuts out physical light, a closed heart shuts out your Divine Light.

When an injury or wound is received at the heart center, it is appropriate to allow acknowledgment of the wounding, to briefly to allow the heart "blink" in order to cleanse itself and recover from the trauma. But then, as with the healthy eye, the healthy heart will reopen. It will not hold itself closed by holding on to the offense. It will open itself again to the Light and allow itself to be full.

A great spiritual truth is that an open heart can feel only love. An open heart cannot feel pain. Heart pain is caused by an absence of love, not because of the wound that has been inflicted, but by the constriction of your response to the wounding. It is the withdrawal, and your separation from Divine Love, that is the source of pain.

Consider the eye analogy again. Supposing you get dust in your eyes and you consciously choose to forever keep you eyes closed. Will the particle of dust be responsible for the resultant sightlessness or is the sightlessness the result of human choice, of free will?

If the eye is closed for several years and you finally decide to reopen it, the eye, accustomed to sightlessness, will experience the light as painful. The eye must slowly become accustomed to the intensity of light or it may become damaged. It may take a while for the eye to regain normal healthy function because its natural function has been so long denied. So it is with the heart. If, after many years, you begin to reopen the heart center, to allow love and Divine Light to flow, then the heart center will be extremely and unnaturally sensitive, but gradually with intention, the heart will be restored to its normal healthy function of openness.

You wrongly assume that the openness causes the pain you feel, that the openness creates vulnerability. But this is a misunderstanding, for openheartedness is your birthright. It is your ultimate Truth, the source of your strength and power. If you close your heart, you separate yourself from your essence. You deny yourself access to your power and healing. Your open heart is your connection to the Love Force, which is your connection to the Divine, to the creative principle of the Universe.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 56

Little One, we are ready to speak to you. Are you ready to hear us? What a fine day you have created for yourself! What a fine reality! Know that you have created and have allowed this grace to fill your life. Know also that you indeed had to be emptied of negativity before you could be filled with life, which is the Love Force.

You are well acquainted with this Love Force, for this is your essence. Little One, we feel your resistance to our message. It is not your ego that we seek to feed, but your soul. Allow us to know what teaching you need at the appropriate time. Trust us, dear one, that we have your soul’s highest good at heart, in our hearts.

Love. Little One, you have not yet begun to understand its power. Love heals all. If faith can move a mountain, how much more can love do? Love is not created; neither can it be destroyed. It is the fundamental principle of the Universe. In the beginning was the Word, but even before the Word was Love. Human beings seek to understand this, but their concepts are limited. Few can begin to fathom the magnitude of energy that created the Universe.

Consider the splitting of atoms bound together by love; the Love Force releases a magnitude of energy. How much more energy is released when two hearts, two souls previously bound by love are split apart? The breaking of the love bond creates karma. We will explain more about this later. We ask you now to consider how much destructive energy is released by a broken or closed heart. Are not a broken heart and a closed heart the same thing, for they are both split away from the Love Force?

Do you begin to see the incredible magnitude of the Love Force? It is the essence of the Universe. It is the Universal Principle. To think of love in terms of romance, family, friends, even divinity, conveys only the smallest fragment of awareness, the merest shard of discernment, and the barest shadow of understanding by comparison. Love is the ultimate power. We say again that love is the Universal Principle. Your scriptures say that God is love, that perfect love casts out fear for fear has torment, and that anyone who fears is not perfected in love. This is not a new principle.

Human beings expend a lot of energy looking at love, trying to understand it , but mostly focusing on fear. When you are afraid, Little One, look for love, for it is the only remedy for fear. Love is in all things, all beings.

Love is power. Anyone who believes that to love is weakness knows not love, but fear. Fear is the killer of the soul. Hate is an illusion; it is an extreme form of fear. There is only love. Its absence is fear; its absence leads to death. The greater love’s absence, the more profound the fear. Ask yourself: How would the world be different if you spent as much time consciously loving as you do unconsciously fearing?

Last year, we began teaching you about the heart rays, the colors, the frequencies, and the purpose of each ray. We will resume that teaching soon. However, first we feel that it is imperative for you to understand the immensity of the power of the Love Force.

You have spoken to us and to others of your fear of power, but we would challenge you on this, for the only power in the Universe is love. Are you in fact afraid of love, dear one? No, you are not. We would suggest to you that the terror for you would be the absence of this power, the absence of love, which is the hell to which your earth mystics refer.

You know love. You only fear its absence, which is impossible because it is you. Do you understand the essence, the enormity of this teaching? Your job, if you will, your only job, your life’s work, is to carry love in every breath, every moment, every step.

Where there is fear, love cannot flow freely. Where there is perfect love, fear cannot exist. Fear is an excellent teacher because it shows – illumines if you will – the absence of love. Follow your fears and they will lead you to love. Embrace your fears with love and they will be transformed. Do not make this complicated.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 55

Little One, keep the top of your head open for this is your information center. Do not compare your experiences to someone else’s for you are unique. Look to your stars. Allow the infinite wisdom of the Universe to direct your steps. Trust your guidance and know that we will not ask you to be who you are not, but only to be the totality of who you are, in all its glory and complexity.

It is time, Star Child, that you learn about the stars and teach these truths. Do not allow this to again erect walls of fear and defense, for you are a teacher. You teach always. We ask only that you teach what you know and that you be who you are. For this is grace, this is blessing, and this is love.

Your essence is love. Your home is the heartspace. You cannot exist anyplace else. This darkness you fear is illumined by love. You are the heartspace.

We do think it amusing that you should identify with Seneca’s brilliant observation. Could it have been penned with you in mind?

Fate leads the willing; it drags the reluctant along.

We have a few questions for you, Little One. How would your life be different if you were not afraid of yourself or if you were not afraid of your shadow? Are you really afraid? Is not fear just the absence of love? And is not the absence of love just illusion, for how can you be separated from the very essence of the Universe and still exist?

Little One, know that any resistance comes from the constriction that blocks the Love Force. No matter what you do or how you feel, no matter what the problem or what the circumstance, the answer, the “soul‑ution,” is to open your heart. Love heals all.

Be love, Little One. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 54

Little One, release your judgments about your depth and your intensity. As a wise one says, “The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.” Remember, dear heart, the light and the shadow are one. Surely you know this. When you claim your light, then you must claim your shadow also. Which do you most fear ‑ the light or the shadow? You are reluctant to accept your own essence (which we will grant you is very intense), but this is how it needs to be. Your faith is great, yet fear negates faith. What is fear? Fear is not an absence of faith, but an absence of love.

Remember, Dear Heart, that all fear is illusion. The belief that you will be alone and unsupported is an illusion also. One of your greatest fears is hurting someone, but the Truth sets free ‑ it does not wound. It is an illusion that the truth hurts. The Truth heals if you will but allow it to do so. An analogy, if you will:

A knife can be used to stab or to carve.
A hand can be raised to strike or to caress.
A spoken word can wound or edify.

Little One, you equate shadow with darkness, rather than shade, oasis, and nurture. Your gifts are within you, not without. Your lessons are to manifest this grace and to allow the multitude of beings that surround you to speak through you. The time is now. Now is the only time there is. There is no room in now for remorse or regret. There is only room in this moment for grace.

Think you that your family, the loving beings with whom you share this incarnation, desire anything for you but your highest possible good and fulfillment? Do you think that they do not long to see you joyful, powerful, heart‑full? Think you so little of their love for you? Think you not that it gives them pain when you are in pain? You fear that, by pursuing your highest purpose, you are abandoning them. This is an untruth. It is by pursuing your own truth, your heart’s desire, that you release yourself from the bondage of fear.

Dear One, do not look back with regret. Bless the past and its people, but stay in the Now. This is your moment of Truth. This is your moment of Grace.

Be love, Little One. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 53

Little One, your “work,” as you call it, is to be grace in every moment. When you are in harmony with your own spiritual nature, then and only then, will you learn the lesson of abundance. It is not about doing. It is about giving and receiving grace. It is about being in alignment. It is about taking the boards off of the windows and opening your heart to receive from the abundance of the Universe. For you, Little One, financial resources and spiritual resources are the same. The lesson is to move beyond the duality of the either/or paradigm. Love and abundance are one.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 52

Little One, the questions that you ask have no short, simple answers. One aspect of the answer lies in the truth that you share with your clients: When you stop doing what works, you are surprised that it stops working. But it is not so simple as that. You are learning much these days about the challenge of maintaining an open heart to yourself. You mistakenly believe that if your heart is open, then you will not experience anger or fear, depletion or depression. This is not the case, yet your understanding has yet to grasp this truth.

Openheartedness does not protect you from the perils of humanity. It allows you to be more human, not less so. Openheartedness does not prevent you from getting angry; however, it allows the anger to be healing rather than wounding. No good can come from swallowing your anger or from pretending that you are neither angry nor afraid.

You have been neglecting your body for a long time, Little One. It is just now that you are beginning to understand the crisis into which you have put yourself physically. It is a long‑standing behavior of yours, the consequences of which cannot be reversed overnight, because then you will have learned nothing. You must retrace the steps of your journey, Dear One, in order to understand the nature of the lessons for you. Do not make this harder than it is. Allow it to be a pleasure for you. You have not been experiencing much pleasure in your life recently. Allow yourself to rediscover the pleasure principle. Allow yourself to become reacquainted with bliss. Meditate.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 50

(Little One: So here I am. Please come to speak to me of my life. I have been in very strange places, out of synch with my own self, my own body. I have missed our communications. It is so easy to get trapped by the illusion.)

Little One, do not be so hard on yourself. We have been watching and waiting for you with tender understanding. It is important that you have experienced these times of trial and frustration, as they are intended to bring you grace. Nothing occurs by accident or because you are wrong or bad, for you are perfect.

So what is the truth, Little One? What is your truth? Sometimes, as I observe you, I see you honoring the gifts of others while overlooking your own gifts, your own blessings. It is much easier for you to bless others than it is to bless yourself, is it not?

I know that you are struggling with this new medium of communication. Relax. Soon you will wonder how you ever considered it to be awkward. This is truly a much more efficient use of your energy and ours, as the thought forms in which we communicate are channeled more readily through this method.

You are correct that there are several groups of us working with you. This is also the most efficient, expeditious use of energy. I am the primary source/resource for you; however, we all have the ability to communicate with you. You and I have worked together in many other “lifetimes,” as you quaintly call them. You do not have a clear recollection of these lifetimes now, but the truth of our relationship resonates within you as it does within me. This is the base from which your life force and vibrations resonate. Of course, ultimately we are all from the same Source. It is not necessary that you congest your circuitry trying to understand all the implications of our communication with you now. The intricacies of the relationship will unfold. It is imperative that from this point onward we maintain consistent communication with you. On some days, it will be me who speaks with you, but on other occasions it will be other teachers and guides. Always it will be your choice to participate; however, if at times we seem to be forceful, it is because there is much to do and this commitment has been forged since the beginning of time. This is not new. It is time to remember.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 49

Little One, although you have made little time for us of late, do you doubt that we are with you always? Do you doubt our commitment to you?

It is you who struggle; yet this struggle is an illusion that you have created. You want to be both child and adult at once. Relax and enjoy your experience. It is not our desire to cause you pain or fear. We do recognize, however, that the time is now. You sense this also. Open, Little One. Open your heart. This is the only solution to every dilemma, to every circumstance: the Opening of the Heart. This is the Divine Impulse. God is love. You are love. Therefore, you are God’s image, is it not so?

Yet there are many manifestations of the heart energy. This is what you will learn and share with the world ‑the quality of the heart energy, the Divine Principle.

Write a book about loving the world. It is simple, is it not? For you are the heart, you are the gift. This information is nothing, but your essence in printed form.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 48

Little One, you are still processing energy from yesterday. Patterns are shifting, making room for new energy. Your breathing exercises today were good. I have seen how you struggle to stay present and take care of yourself. Try not to judge yourself or your situation. Trust instead that all is in perfect alignment. Honor yourself in all things – even those in things that you do not understand.

Yesterday you did a tremendous amount of clearing old imprints that no longer serve you. This was traumatic to your entire energy system. It was positive, but shocking nonetheless. Today you were struggling to find a rational explanation for your grief, but it is very old ‑ just the vestiges of some very deep wounding. You learned a lot yesterday about karmic patterns. Do you see how these patterns have manifested in your life?

Little One, you are just sticking your toes in the water, and it is perfect that it is so. Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is judgment. Period. Why do you judge who you are? This is a waste of energy, time, and spirit. Comparison is always detrimental because you are establishing hierarchy. Importance. This is the territory of the ego, not the spirit.

Little One, your heart’s deepest desires are to be real, to be purely authentic, and to be open hearted. Let your ego rest. Are you puzzled and concerned that there might not be enough for you? Enough work to go around, enough money, enough fun, enough joy, enough love? Since when has there been a shortage of these in the Universe? This is an illusion of the ego.

If you want to write about your experience with us, we give you our blessing. Tend to our teachings to you. If your work is to flourish, then you must be faithful in attending to it. We know what we desire from you: discipline, time, and openness. We have promised to support you unconditionally as you do this work, as you open to us. This is an important step for you. We will meet all of your needs. Trust us to do that.

There are many groups of us working with you to bring about universal change, to bring about healing and evolution. We are working with groups of individuals throughout the Universe. Do not concern yourself with anything or anyone but you. Stay clear. Stay present. Open your heart.

This is your greatest gift, your greatest strength ‑ to be open hearted, to be present. One of the ways by which we work with you is through the alignment and fine‑tuning of these heart energies. It is a very delicate process. We will teach you to do these things and to work with these energies. Just open and the rest will come. We will assist in clearing the energies that interfere with your work. Your work and your essence are love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 47

Little One, you want to know and to control everything, but this is not the path of joy or of grace. This is not the path of creativity because it denies that which does not fit into its paradigm. The desire for control is a path of censorship, for not only do you censor yourself, but you censor us also. There is much interference, yet this interference does not need to be difficult to release. We will help you to do so, but we must have your permission. Do you give us permission to help you release this fear that grips you?

Your power is truly awesome. You think, Little One, that in order to move into your power, you must abandon your heart center, yet how often have you taught others that the heart center is the center of authentic power? Even so, the heart center must be supported by your other energy centers. Open to allow joy to flow through your being. Joy is the natural product of energetic alignment and flow.

In prior lifetimes, your power center was not in your heart center, but in your sword center. It contained personal ambition and greed, rather than altruistism. Although the energy appeared to be “spiritual” on the surface, it was mental energy at its core. There was no malice in this, yet great harm was done. You are still contracted from that pain and from the pain that you caused others. It is time to release this wounding. It is time to forgive yourself for your ignorance and to recognize the gift you are being given in this lifetime to use your power differently, and to experience the difference between authentic power and inauthentic power. In that lifetime, your lower chakra energies were very highly developed. You were very physically embodied, sexual, and magnetic, yet you were underdeveloped spiritually.

In a different lifetime, you were mentally developed and physically embodied. Although you longed for authentic power you grasped at inauthentic power, shadow play, and power through the manipulation of others. In that lifetime, you met a violent end. Do not mislead yourself to believe that authentic power was the cause of this. It was inauthentic power, control, and manipulation, which come from the solar plexus, that caused these results.

One time overdeveloped, the next time underdeveloped. You had to experience both in order to recognize that the true center of power is your heart. As a result of these lifetimes, you carry a fear of the solar plexus and sacral chakra energies; however, without these energies, you cannot fully move into your Love Force, for these energies are life. They are neither good nor bad ‑ they just are. Yet your fear of annihilation and betrayal, in addition to your fear of abusing power, keeps you from following your heart’s desire.

There is a part of you that is saying, “But you don’t understand ‑ I can’t do this. I will disappoint you. I will let you down as I have before.” But, Little One, try to understand that failure is impossible, and that those lifetimes were stepping stones to this lifetime to facilitate your transition into truly authentic power – not in the shadow of any individual, not constellated in ego, but from your heart center.

You resist solar plexus and sacral chakra energy because to you, it represents betrayal and shame, but again this is illusion, and your Self knows this to be true. We honor you for your great love and empathy, but it is time to share those qualities with yourself. It is time for forgiveness.

You thought that you could hide your light under a bushel, but the bushel has caught fire and is now ablaze. Revel in this. I honor you for your grief and mourning over lost opportunities; however, these are luxuries, self‑indulgences that you cannot afford at this time. It is time to release these feelings with honor and gratitude for their lessons to you, and to move on. The time is now.

We will take care of everything as long as you will get out of the way and allow our energy to come through you. It is true that you do not know, but it is also true that you do not have to know. We will teach you. You desire to know the answers before a question is asked. First things first.

(Little One: The depth of my resistance scares me.)

Of course, your resistance must be strong to contain so much power. It is a law of nature: for every action or force, there is an equal and opposite force. Little One, by focusing on the resistance, you give it more power. Withdraw your energy from this resistance. This will allow for other opportunities.

Be love. Be love. Beloved.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 46

Little One, you are afraid of the power of this work. It is not that you resist bringing healing, but that you resist the responsibility that comes along with this power, just as you resist the responsibility that comes with the power of your personality.

But, Little One, this is only fear. Do you really think that fear can protect you from yourself? One of the reasons that you are here is to release your fear of yourself, for you are not afraid of anyone else. You are afraid of the brilliance of your own light, as well as the depths of your own shadow. How can you truly experience joy when you are afraid of yourself, when you are afraid you will be too big, too much, too you? You are magnificent. You are Pele. What happens when Pele is repressed or when her power is denied? As you would say, “It is not a pretty sight.”

Little One, you dishonor yourself. No one else does that to you. You deny your power because you fear it; however, that does not change it. It hurts you and deprives others of the grace of your presence.

How often have we asked you to do something that you could not do? We only ask you to be who you are, but to be that freely, totally, completely. We ask you to be real.

It is really much easier. It requires a lot less energy to be real than it does to keep fighting yourself, for you are in constant battle to contain, to restrain yourself. It does not leave much energy for joy and spontaneity. Observe the children and allow them to be your teachers. Observe their wonder in themselves. Learn this and then teach it.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 45

Little One, relax. You are here to have a good time, are you not? So, Little One, laugh and have fun. Lighten up and you will also “enlighten.” Do you see that this is true, and not just a clever play on words?

It is true that while you are here you will do much “work” as you call it. But could you not learn to call it something else, please? The meaning and beliefs that you have attached to this word “work” works against you, as it were. There is truly much to do and much blessing and healing to receive. But is it really “work,” to receive grace and blessing? Work implies that it requires effort, that it is serious as opposed to important. The word “work” itself, using your connotation, implies a lack of joy, a lack of zest. Yet this is your soul’s longing and your heart’s desire. Surely this is a joyous occasion. Yet where is your joy in this, Little One? You are on a “joy quest.” You already have a vision. Open your heart, Dear One.

It is said that “Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.” It is morning now, Little One. Be joy. Be peace.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 44

Little One, you must take better care of yourself physically in order to accommodate the intensity of the energy that you need to bring in. When you are disconnected from your heart center, you are disconnected from your life force, your Love Force. It creates an absence - a void, if you will ‑ at your core. There is no mystery. Your heart is your power and your inspiration. You are love. It is your responsibility to be lover to the world.

Do not get caught up in pettiness. It is imperative that you align yourself with the energies of grace and healing. If you allow yourself to focus on woundedness, this is what you will find. If you allow yourself to focus on love, this is what you will find. Do you feel the difference? You have become absolutely intolerant of energies that are not in alignment with your highest vibration. Little One, you must be scrupulous in your attention to your heart work. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by negativity around you. Recognize the illusion as illusion.

It is important that you learn how to more effectively organize your time and thoughts in order to move forward. Sometimes what you experience as resistance is primarily disorganization and a physical and psychological response to chaos. You would benefit from more discipline.

Spiritual discipline is a component of all major religious traditions. It is not that ritual and form are important in themselves; however, they provide a container for spiritual energy. If you have a spiritual practice that creates a forum for your communion/communication with the Divine, then you do not need to use your time and energy to continually recreate the vessel. Ritual has value in its ability to create energetic structures that allow your grace to function in freedom. Ritual provides a vehicle to move into a sacred space with greater ease. It would be valuable for you to create time each day, not to be a slave to the ritual, but rather to reclaim your spiritual power by establishing clear priorities in your life. This is basic maintenance.

Little One, refrain from making generalizations about what is true. You can say: “This is the truth as I understand it,” for in truth, we all have only a piece of the greater Truth. This is why we continue to journey together, with each bringing our piece of the Truth, each honoring the other’s piece of Truth. Beware of thinking that you do not need to honor another’s truth because that may be the very piece for which you have been looking. Sit with it. Even if it is not your truth or if it does not resonate at your frequency, do not deny its value.

Honor is fundamental to spirituality. Honor the journey of your companion souls as you each move forward grace for grace. Judgment separates you from the life force, the Love Force, each other, and your true selves. Although we write this often, it bears repeating because judgment is such an insidious part of the human experience. Self‑righteousness is tantamount to self‑destruction. It kills the soul. It denotes an absence of love for your fellow souls and yourself, when in truth we are all one. Self‑righteousness is merely another facet of the victim-victimizer paradox. Do you see this? It is hierarchical. It is judgment.

Open your heart, Little One, to the sounds of love around you, to the music of the Universe. Strive to not judge others or yourself. Strive to love all, to honor all, and to see the Beloved in every face. Strive to let the Beloved be you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 43

Little One, you do not feel out of alignment - what you are feeling is fear. There is fear of moving into that place of fire, to match fire with fire. You have tremendous power. You know this. It is to blend your fire energies that you are called to this work. Do you feel this thrumming in you? Allow openness. When you put a lid on a boiling pot, it becomes a pressure cooker. It is time to do more and to sit less. It is time to move back into your fire energy.

Little One, it is time to ask for that which you need. Why do you cling so persistently to the belief that you cannot ask for that which you desire? Or if you do ask for something and you do not receive it, that it is a measure of unworthiness? Dear One, if you are unworthy, then you are unworthy whether you receive or not. There is no such concept in the spiritual world as unworthiness.

Ask for what you want. Look at your life. The evidence with which you live supports the belief that the Universe totally supports your every desire.

Little One, you somehow have the mistaken idea that you have to do or be something other than what or who you are in order to do this work. If we had wanted someone other than you, we would not have selected you.

You continue to retreat in order to somehow manifest something other than your own light. But it is your light, your heart that we require. It is your essence, your energy, that is harmonic with this frequency. Can you feel this? Take your light out from under the bushel. Let it shine. Move into your fullness. No one else has the power to affect your essence. The work for you is to be real, to be fully and authentically powerful.

Little One, there are many guides working with you now, but we are all working for the same purpose. Our ways and methods are different, but the essence is the same. Open your heart, dear one, and know this to be true. Our goal is to bring grace and healing.

You are beginning to channel in a new group of spiritual teachers. These beings are highly evolved and very technical in their understanding of the Universe and the time‑space continuum, which is, in fact, a hologram. Do you recall working with them at other times? These beings now desire to work with you in real‑time, as opposed to dreamtime only.

Open your heart to them, Little One. Do not allow your ego to create interference. Feel the hum of the heart deep within you, the vibrations of the heartstrings. Go deep. Seek truth. Honor yourself.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 42

Little One, guard against sameness. Guard against generalities. Love is the life of the soul. In order to experience this life force, your heart center must be open.

Do not try to understand love as a feeling. Love is not a feeling. It is a principle. It is a force. It is energy. Do you feel this? Love has its own frequency and characteristics. It is a major energy field in itself. Do not struggle with this. It will come to you with greater clarity as you work with these concepts.

All of your major religious and spiritual traditions are love based. They use stories and metaphors to teach the lessons of love. Now the world is ready for new teachings that will create a greater understanding of the lessons of the heart center’s power. This is not about feelings of warm fuzziness. It is about the power to bring healing change to the world. It is about grace. What is grace, but the ability to receive blessing, goodness, love, and healing from the Universe?

Grace is not grace if it is not received. Grace is the power of exchange. It is a barter heart for heart gift for gift love for love Beloved for Beloved.

All of life is based upon this exchange of energy: ebbing and flowing, giving and receiving, inhaling and exhaling. All communication results from this interplay of energy. Little One, what power you have to change the world, to change your life, to be grace, to be love, to be Beloved!

It is the Love Force that causes the world to turn, the sun to shine, the heart to beat. It is love that moves mountains, or more precisely, it the deep assurance that you are loved beyond all measure, that you are beloved. It is knowing and understanding the limitlessness of life.

If your power is constricted, if your life is “stuck,” or if you are limited in any way, look to see how well you are allowing yourself to feel loved, to be loved. Are you receiving the Beloved? Are you responding to His knock? Where is the Love Force manifesting in your life? Where is the heartspace in your life? How is it filled?

The reality, Dear One, is that you are totally accepted, loved, supported, embraced, and challenged in every moment, for you are the Oneness. You are the Universe in its totality. The pain that you experience is the illusion of separation from the Oneness. The pain is your longing for reunion.

Little One, recognize the ebb and flow of life for what it is. It is showing you the many faces, the many phases of the Love Force. Do not make judgments of yourself, others, or the Universe. In every moment, experience the power of the Love Force. The open heart is the window of the soul; it is your connection to the Divine.

The longing, Little One, is satisfied with every breath. Receive and release each breath with the understanding that there is always fulfillment of your desire.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 41

Little One, We are here with you. Did you doubt? You have been on quite a ride, Little One. It has been difficult for you to use your new mantra, but this is fine.
You are beautiful, Little One ‑ full of grace, as you are wont to say. Stay present. Recognize that the bumps in the road are just that, bumps in the road. You are grace, Little One. You are light. You are love.
Be aware of what is happening around you. Be aware of the loosening of the constructs that have previously bound not only your reality, but the reality of those around you.
Use your fear as your teacher. Release your judgments. Why do you give so much of your power away? Little One, we ask you to examine this paradigm. How do you create the paradigm that your needs are not being met? How is this possible when you are responsible in every moment, for every moment? How then can you be victimized or “acted upon”? How then can your relationships not meet your needs? Of course, a relationship cannot and will not meet your needs if you are expecting something or someone outside of yourself to satisfy you. This is attachment to illusion.
Remember, Little One, that everything is perfect in every moment. The challenge is to recognize the perfection and to recognize the Beloved in his many guises. The lesson is always the same, Beloved: to be love – to be loved.
Honor yourself. Allow yourself to be open to us. We desire to teach you all things. Nothing is hidden from you. There are no secrets. There is no privileged information. However, you must allow this information to come through you without censoring it. You must allow us the opportunity to access your thoughts and heart on a regular basis. Your dreamtime permissions are wonderful, but the time has come to wake up, to open to us in new ways. Allow us to help you to create what your heart desires. Allow yourself to move through the stargate of love, for this is your home.
It keeps coming back to “yes,” Little One. It keeps coming back to “Whee!” Turn off the censor, the great evaluator. Honor your mind. Honor your body. But follow your spirit for this is your truth. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by form. Consider the pebble in the pond. Observe the physics of this. Often you focus on the ripples going out. This is good ‑ knowing that your work is to good effect. But observe the behavior, the right action, of the pebble. Does it try to control the number of ripples, the depth of its descent, or the size of the concentric circles? The pebble disturbs the complacency of the pond; the ripples are a measure of the disturbance. Your job is to be a pebble. The ripples are not your responsibility.
Be true to your own grace. Remember that your truth is your strength. Stay in your truth. Keep releasing attachment to the visible world.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 40

Little One, have I ever asked you to do anything that you could not do? I admit that I have asked you to do some things that you do not want to do. Yes, I’ve asked that many times. However, I have not asked you to do anything that you were unable to do; nor will I.

Do not allow your fear to hinder you, Little One. Do not allow yourself to be attached to form and ritual. Do not be attached to specific outcomes. Only allow for the intention of being a channel of universal grace and healing. This is not a function of ego, but rather a function of spirit. Allow your spirit to guide you. Allow your heart to open to possibilities of grace for yourself and others. You will receive healing in this as well. Ask only to be an instrument of the highest good.

You have done marvelously well, Little One. Continue to allow your soul, your heart, to be filled with grace.

(Little One: Help me not to be so ungracious and complain so much.)

But, Little One, it is part of your charm. Be patient with yourself. 

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.