Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 119 - Colors of the Prism

Little One, I am delighted to have this occasion to communicate with you regarding your work, your life, and your blessing. You are learning much with regard to the Prism energy. It is my desire that you understand well the principles – the laws, if you will – of the prism, for there are many aspects to these teachings that relate to the accelerating vibrations of the planet, to the shift into the higher dimensions of consciousness, and to the healing that is currently taking place on Terra and in your heart, as well.

This Prism energy is very simple with one regard. It represents the use and manifestation of the Light force of the Divine Principle, for God is Light and God is Love. The law of the Prism is a metaphor, if you will, for understanding the energy of the Divine Principle and its role in the physical world.

The vibrations of the colors of the prism have tremendous power over the human experience - health, well being, emotion, and cognitive function. Observe the colors around you. What do you experience? We know of your great affection, affinity, and admiration for the color green. This is so, because it resonates to your own energy signature.

Know that color corresponds to sound, to light, to emotion, to all states of physical beingness. We also desire to teach you of the way in which colors relate to each other in the purest forms - vibrations - in the light of the prism. There is much power waiting to be released through the prismatic principles of fusion, integration, and healing.

Keep looking to the Light. Allow the light to shine brilliantly through the Prism that is you, for you are a bringer of grace.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 118 - Self Care

Little One, we are happy that you are here with us today. Know that there is much to do, and that all is in good order. We would speak to you of several things. First—as you work on the Applications Manual—think about how best to apply these teachings to your own life. Do this gently with an open heart.

 Ask yourself questions, for questions are the vehicle of communication that create change and allow the quickening energies to move more freely. Question with courage and boldness. Embrace whatever answers you may receive. Do not doubt. Keep moving. This will provide you with optimal results. Make a list of questions. Keep a running list, then record the answers by the questions.

This leads us to the second point: Remembering. Remembrance is essential to forward progress – not for ego attachment, but for spiritual integration. Again we would say this: Ask questions and keep going in for information. Accept what you receive as true.

Little One, you have called this process of remembering a “data dump."  This is a good understanding of the concept. We would suggest that you do not let your ego create energetic blockages to this process and that you speak from the place of openness and truth.

Another point that we would address with you indeed relates to self-care and attending to your physical needs. These teachings have not changed and will not change. What do you need to do in order to experience more fully the measure of spirit that you desire?

 Meditate. Pray. Drink water. Eat lightly, but well. Breathe. Move.

Do not allow yourself to become overly fatigued. You will recall that we recently asked you to move ahead quickly with this project and to adequately care for yourself. You have been working hard to do just that; however, you are learning still. This is as it should be. Pay attention both to what works and to what does not.

You seem frustrated that this is so, but this is necessary for a the energies are intensify and you must be refined as well. Make time each day to breathe and to remember the truth of your beingness. Attend to these simple enjoinders and you will be amazed at the results.

Clean your closets.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 117 - Removing Obstacles

Little One, good morning to you also. You have been very busy, and it pleases us that you are following your heart energy. This is wise, for it is the path to all that you desire.

Let us speak for a moment of energy blockages to the manifestation of your desire. We have assured you repeatedly that nothing is withheld; yet, you are not receiving all that you desire. When this occurs, you doubt yourself, your worthiness, and us; however, but you do not look directly at the cause of the blockage. If you have a splinter, Little One, do not berate yourself or the circumstance. Remove the splinter. This is not difficult.

Last night, you remembered a block to manifestation that is based upon the fear of not receiving, yet this is a self-fulfilling prophecy, is it not? For this fear creates itself in the physical form, which is the denial of your entitlement.

What dispels fear, Little One? When you confront a block, simply ask yourself, “Am I loved in this moment?”  And experience this love - this bliss - in your heart. Know and bless this truth: You are totally loved and supported in every heartbeat, in every breath, in every moment. Surrender your fears to Love, dear child. This is Life in its fullest.

 Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 116 - Growing Pains

Little One,  we are aware of what you perceive as difficulty, and we perceive as perfection. Now you are experiencing the “painful growing.” Allow yourself once again to feel the pleasure of the expansion, the stretch and the grace of growing. Pain results from attachment to an existing condition. If you allow yourself to focus on the grace of the expansion and the pleasure of the moment, then you will in fact find pleasure. If you focus on the pain, if you focus on the reluctance and resistance to movement, then this is what you will experience. Choose your companions wisely. Fear is a poor companion on the journey of grace. Choose instead the companions of love, joy, and merriment. For laughter is the sound of an open heart. Keep opening your heart.

We would speak to you briefly of the Path that you have chosen, the Path of the Heart, the Path of the Prism. This is a path of brilliance, a path of devotion, a path of peace. Seek this peace, Little One. Release and bless the past pain. A new day is dawning. Look to this day for grace.

You wear now at your heart center the prism of power that your beloved son gave to you. Know and remember that this is your power: your ability to love. Love is extended to all without distinction. Can you not allow yourself to be included in its embrace? This is the day. Joy is its measure.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 115 - Opening to Receive Love

Little One, today you have indeed passed through a gateway. Although the actual physical process was symbolic, your intention was set long ago. Look to your notes with regard to the process of heart opening. How do you open, but by love? This is not hard, for already you love deeply, truly, profoundly God's children, but we would speak to you now of receiving, for this is truly your question. This is truly your desire at this time: To learn to fully receive the blessings that the Universe has for you and to fully receive your entitlement as its child. Think, Little One, if you do not allow yourself to receive unconditional love unconditionally, then how can you expect to receive anything else?

Look to what blocks this love. Look to the fears of being loved that constrain and constrict you. Open your mind as well as your heart to understand and experience the nature of unconditional love, for we would say to you that all the blockages that you are experiencing, precious child, are due to the conditions to which you cling and to the belief that certain conditions that must be in place in order for you to receive grace.

Know that no conditions exist to make you worthy. The blockages are insignificant once you truly reflect on uncondition. Explore this. Play with this. Revel in the unconditional, then the blocks will disappear. Little One, if you can give love unconditionally, why then do you not choose to receive without condition also?

Think on this: Be love, and be loved as well, Beloved One.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 114 - Remembrance

Little One, you are indeed learning many lessons. These are lessons of grace. Allow yourself to truly open to receive these gifts from a place of truth and gratitude, for they are given to you with great joy. Much blessing is coming to you. Can you feel how the energies are coming into alignment for you as you begin to apply these teachings to your life and work? Nothing will be withheld from you, Dear One. Know these truths.

We would speak briefly of the issue of time. Attend us if you will. Time, as we have explained previously, is not linear; it is a hologram. There is no separation - All is One. We speak of this with regard to your past lifetimes, as you call them. Know that these are true, that these are real, and that these are you. You bring the culmination of all these energies with you to this moment of Truth, to this Nowness.

Dearest One, we applaud your desires to understand all. This is good, for these energies will support your work and these understandings will be among those that you will later communicate through these writings to others. However, in order to teach, you must first know and truly understand. Know that we support you in all things. Keep opening your heart and allowing the Love Force to forge the vessel in which your are held. Embrace truth.

Ask for wisdom with the knowledge and supreme confidence that nothing will be withheld from you. Trust the rightness of your remembrance and your knowing about the information that you shall receive. These exercises will allow you to truly know and understand yourself and each other as deeper, fuller, holier manifestations of the Beloved energy.

Do you see this? Do you understand the grace to be received in this adventure in Spirit? Do not think that because you enjoy it, because you are delighted, that this is not work. Know that delight is precisely the measure of correct alignment and right action. Allow “de light” to be your guide (it is clever, is it not?).

Regarding Remembrance: Open your heart, as this is an important teaching. Know that the objective in this case is not to become attached to other lifetimes, past or future, but to integrate the gifts of grace into one prism of Self. This fusion will allow healing, align the karmic wheel, and bring the planetary, personal, and collective energies into harmonic balance. The pieces will fit together as Light is brought to Shadow. Allow the Love Force to guide you. Know. Trust. Remember.

We would say something specific about the concept of “story.”  The “story” provides context. There is teaching that “story” is irrelevant. This we would say is ultimately true, for the ultimate goal is at-one-ment. To this we say, Amen. However, “story” is an important teaching tool, as a vehicle for healing and as a gift of grace. We say to you: Remember the Stories for they are you. Do not become attached and say, “This is my story. This is who I am,” for that is but a shadow of truth. You, Little One, are Everything.

Open to all possibilities. Trust. More will be given to you as you attend to these teachings. We would say again how very pleased we are with your passion for the Beloved. Know that this love is returned to you one-hundred fold. Be light. Delight.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.