Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 18

Little One, why are you resisting this opportunity for grace? Do you not feel our love and our concern for you? Do you understand that it is self-judgment that causes the most pain and that is the most destructive of all human behaviors?

How can you release judgment, but by opening your heart to love? Love is the only force in the Universe that is powerful enough to dispel judgment and dissolve fear. Relax in the assurance that love is abundant. Take heart. Give heart.

The lesson here is to be good to yourself and to take responsibility for every moment of your experience. Own your own power, Little One. Experience the wonder of the Universe and know that this wonder is you in your fullness. It is possible to experience this fullness with every breath that you take:

Breathe in Infinite Love.
Breathe out Judgment.

Judgment separates you from the Love Force by it setting up interference so that you no longer vibrate at your own energy signature. When this occurs, you lose sense of your connection to All That Is. You feel alone. You forget that you are abundant and you begin to believe that there is not enough. Your world becomes small and limited, rather than universal and limitless.

Open your heart to receive the Love Force. Be present to yourself. When you release all judgment of yourself, then you will cease judging others also. Be filled with love, Little One. This is your natural frequency. This is your energy signature. Abundance is yours when you are open to receive it. Take the boards off the windows. Be peace, Little One. We are one. Where does that leave you, but perfect?

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.