Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 23

Little One, cease your struggle and relax into your deep knowing. What has changed? Not the most minute essence of who you are. The veils of illusions shift in the breeze of time and space. These illusions create a sense of shadow. Do not be deceived by illusion; merely observe it. Observe its dance, but do not become involved in it. This is seduction and, although it provides something upon which your ego can attach, it is emptiness.

Stewardship and responsibility are real and must come from openheartedness without judgment of what is good or bad. Embrace what is. Manifest change. If you want something, take responsibility to create it for the highest good of all.

Keep sight of your true self. The light and the shadow are one. You still struggle with self judgment and self repression, and then you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by futility. Release all judgment. Replace it with love, creativity, passion, and boldness. Boldness is the piece that has been missing for you. It requires attention and cultivation. Remind yourself that you are ever bold for, in truth, you are everything.

Often you rely on others to define and give shape to who you are. Do you see how erroneous this is? For others also are trapped in their own illusions as well as being deceived by the illusion that you have created to protect yourself. This creates a double veil of illusion by which you judge yourself and others. When this occurs, it is possible to see but a flicker of light through these veils.

Who benefits from judgment? Who benefits from scrutiny? Which is hardier: a tree in the forest that is allowed to grow without constraints, living harmoniously within its natural environment or a tree that is fussed over, scrutinized, sprayed, pruned, and forced to blossom and bear fruit out of season?

Reach for the Light, Little One. Be love. Be loved. Beloved.