Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 141 - Look to the Light

Little One, there is much for you to understand with regard to your life, with regard to the velocity with which you move, ever gracefully through places of terror and grace. There have been difficult days for you, Little One, more so because you had grown used to companionship, yet have we not enjoined you to not become attached to the source of your blessing?

Little One, how is it that the quality of your life is so fragile, that your peace of mind can be shattered by bumps in the night? How fragile is your existence, Little One? How brittle is your experience? We would ask you now: What is life? What is love? What is truth? What is reality? Has any of this changed? What has changed in these last weeks, Little One, but your relationship to the illusion that you have created in your life? Take the boards off the windows, Little One. Remember the truth and look to the light.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 140 - Resistance and Healing

Little One, we would speak to you now. We know that you are struggling. We feel your struggles. You are struggling even now with this communication, for even though you are desirous of this communion, you fight our words to you. We would ask you, Dear Heart, to relax into this time together, for there is much that we would say to you. That you are feeling sleepy even as we begin this communication is a measure of resistance on your part. We will be as brief as possible.

First, Dear One, it is time for you to give us permission to work with you again in your dreamtime as well as in your conscious moments. We say that you must renew this permission because, in the recent days of trauma and drama, you have revoked these permissions previously given. We are not scolding or reprimanding, but merely acknowledging your level of acute distress. However, we cannot assist you without your consent and permission, and it is our desire above all else to assist you in this time of pain.

This brings us to the next item of instruction. It relates to the  behaviors of constriction, contraction, and withdrawal that do not serve you. When you are experiencing pain, it is appropriate to pull away from the source of the pain; this is beneficial, a survival mechanism that has served you very well as a species. However, when you experience pain on a personal level, especially emotional pain, you curl up into a little ball, completely severing all human and spiritual relations. You curl up, cave in upon yourself, and allow the illusion of and attachment to pain to define your reality.

Little One, this behavior does not serve you (or anyone else for that matter). When you experience pain, it is time to receive healing and grace. It is time to open your heart, not to close it. It is time to draw extra grace from the endlessly abundant supply, which the Universe has for you.

Know that all pain is imagined pain and that love is the only reality. Open your heart, Dear One, when pain overwhelms you. Allow "I desire to open my heart" to be your mantra, for it is the solution to every problem, the answer to every question, and the fulfillment of every desire. 

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 138 - Divine Love Dissolves Illusion

Little One, we are with you always. Surely you know this in your heart of hearts, for you are beloved to us. We are committed to complete the task that we have begun. All is in readiness. You will be joyful and blessed beyond measure as you follow the Path of Spirit and you release attachment to the illusions that keep you attached to the energies of the third dimension. This is the beginning of dynamic, energetic changes that will begin slowly and build with intensity.

As you continue to grow and to clear out disharmonic energies, many miracles will occur. Great physical and spiritual healing will take place for you and for all those around you as you continue to open your heart. As Divine Love is allowed to flow more fully into your life, you will begin to experience the endlessness of the possibilities of which we have spoken. You will heal by your presence, by your look, by your thought, for your essence, which is Love, will be shared with all without limit.

Know that this is a process of Remembering and that it is a pivotal part of your process, for in the remembering you liberate yourself from the bondage of the energetic dynamic of consensual constraints and cultural convention.

Money is an example of consensual constraint. Know that this it has nothing to do with you for it is impossible to measure your wealth and your abundance in linear terms for you are everything. You are the Universe. You are infinite. Do not allow any limit into your life, into your love. Limits have nothing to do with you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 137 - Strength and Resilience

Little One, your energies are strengthening. This strength is the direct result of your returning focus. You have felt that you have been turned away when, in truth, you were only in your new moon or renewal phase. Know that this is also part of your journey. It is a time of rest, recovery, and renewal. Do not judge this time of shadow. Allow the blessing of this period of incubation, gestation, and initiation to provide the impetus for the next leg of your journey, for journey you will into new lands, new vistas, and new awareness.

This transition will require much of you – physical relocation, as well as, spiritual surrender. This is the path of your heart, the path of bliss. It is time to release all attachment to illusion. You can no longer survive in the vibration created by fear-based illusion.

The refinement of your vibrations by the Love Force is a result of your commitment to abide by the principles of unconditional love, your commitment to take the boards off the windows, and your commitment world to communicate these teachings to all. Yet, these very commitments have created the energetic paradox that you are now experiencing. You cannot abide a livelihood that does not support your life force, passion, love, and bliss.

Continue to remember. Continue to grow as the oak – with grace, integrity, and strength. Open your heart and know that every breath is blessed, that every heartbeat is hallowed, that every longing is fulfilled. Follow the call of your heart to the Path of Bliss.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 136 - Creating Joy

Little One, we would speak to you now of power and vision. You have expressed your desire to learn about joy and happiness, of lightheartedness, but we would ask you first to attend to the language of the heart. You have experienced many contrasts of late. You have been aware of the fleeting nature of your emotions, of the wildly divergent feelings that swing between great joy and dark despair. Yet, what you desire is to be lighthearted.

How can you accomplish this lightness of heart? The answer is obvious in its simplicity. You must bring light into your heart center. You must allow your heart center to awaken to new possibilities. Be as a child. Do not take life so seriously, for in doing so you steal from yourself.

Little One, what do you desire above all things? We are not speaking of serious things. We know of  your desire for world peace and an end to hunger and hate. But what do you desire in this moment? Where is your laughter? Where is your delight? Take the boards off the windows.

We have spoken to you of pretense. You have much to learn about pretending. You would do well to observe the children. They remember how to create what they desire. Why think in terms that are so minuscule as to be virtually non-existent, when you can have everything that your heart desires.

Learn to desire deeply. If you desire fun, then make it. As we have instructed you previously, you are your own joy generator. Bless yourself with light. Bless yourself with laughter. Bless yourself with love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 135 - Stretching toward Your Desires

Little One, we would speak to you of pretense. Look at the root "tend," which means to stretch or to heed. This is the root of many words that we use with great frequency in our communication with you. Tenderness is rooted here as is attend, intend, contend, and pretend among many others. What do these words have in common? What truth is contained in these words?

We have spoken to you of your responsibility to create what you desire. We have spoken to you of living in the freedom of truth. Yet you eschew and turn away from the truth that we have given you. It is time to attend - which means to take heed, to hold in focus, to give something your immediate attention. This is an active process: I attend.

Intend means to actively participate in stretching and moving toward your goal. Active involvement is called for in this process. This is a word of follow through: I intend.

Next, we will consider contend which means to stretch and aim as well as to claim that which is desired. This is again an action verb: I contend.

As you see, the language that we use is pivotal to understanding the truth of the manifestation of the desire. Consider now the word pretend. Do not consider pretense as an untruth, for it is a "pre-truth,” a “pre-manifestation.”  To pretend is to set your desire into a thought form. It is a preliminary step as you cross over the threshold into the manifestation of your desire. Little children understand the power of pretending and holding sacred their desire in the liminal space between the thought and the form. This is a process of great delight; if you allow it to be so, for it is a space of infinite possibility and unlimited abundance.

Do you see that pretending is the step that occurs before the manifestation is complete? To pretend is to incubate and nurture your desire and in so doing you honor yourself. Little One, it is time to take the boards off the windows. Look to the light and really see what is there.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 134 - Sacred Remembrance

Little One, we would speak to you now of this rollercoaster of emotion that you describe feeling. We would remind you, Dear One, that a rollercoaster is your favorite ride, is this not so? We would also suggest to you two things:

First, you choose your experience in every moment. It is your choice to enjoy the ride to or clutch and scream for the duration of the adventure. The car is moving very swiftly, flying over the rails at an amazing speed, turning you and your experience of the world upside down and sideways. Know this: It is the nature of a rollercoaster to do this. Do not judge its peaks and dips, twists and turns, for it was designed to give intensity and excitement to the trip.

The second point that we world make is that this ride is purely volitional - that is to say that you choose (that word again!) to ride the ride. In essence, you designed the course and vehicle (your chariot) as the mechanism to move you forward. You are in charge of the journey. Take responsibility for it. You alone are responsible for the quality of your experiences.
We would also speak to you of Remembrance. We would say to you: Do not resist, but yield to the grace that this remembrance bring to you. The time has come to allow the grace, the strength, the understanding, and the wisdom of those experiences to merge into your conscious awareness and to become the tools that you will use to restructure and redesign your life into a harmonic convergence of energies that will support the manifestation of these teachings.

Do not struggle to remember for this inhibits the process. Instead open to love. Open your heart to healing and you will know the wonder of all. Do not fear that remembrance will bring pain or longing. Know that the sacred remembrance will bring wholeness, healing (holiness), and integration. Know that this is the path of Spirit, that this the path of Grace.
Commit yourself totally to this work, to this path of Bliss. Follow the call of the Beloved. Follow your longing for it will lead to bliss. When you begin to move forward, this will set into motion the energies that will prepare the way for your journey, because you resonate with the holiness of the All That Is.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.