Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 17

Little One, we know that you are concerned about your beloved son. Know that all will be well with him. It is true that he is experimenting in this playground you call life.” He is looking for his place in this world. Do not fear for him or for anything.

Trust in the perfection of the Universe. He will bring much healing into the world. Right now he is working through some karmic energy about himself and self forgiveness. In order to bring healing into the world, he must first be healed. He must begin to understand his true nature in order to teach it. Allow him to be. You have chosen to travel this lifetime together out of deep love – divine love – for each other. He will thrive. He will experience the Beloved. Be patient with him, Little One. Much is given to him; he will give much in return. Love him for who he is in every moment. Rejoice in this opportunity to live in grace and light.

Your ego may struggle a bit, but remember that it is only the ego. Observe what it wants to attract to itself with its projections. Release these ego based fears with compassion, and observe them with love and grace. The tremendous blessing that you attract can manifest anything. You choose what your experience will be – blessing or obstacle. Non-judgment allows the life force to flow. It is life giving. Do not be attached to old constructs, Little One. Accept the challenge to create love, to create magnificence. You are beginning to take the boards off the windows. Behold the vista that awaits you!

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.