Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 103 - Ease and Blessing

Little One, we would speak to you regarding your feelings and your judgment of these feelings. We would say to you: Look toward the light. Turn away from illusion and look toward love. We would challenge you to love yourself. Love and judgment cannot coexist. Judgment, as we have said many times, creates illusion. When you are deceived by illusion, Dear One, darkness obscures the light.

What has robbed you of your power? Are you different today than you were yesterday or will be tomorrow? No, we think not. What has changed is your belief about the power that you have over your experience.

We feel you struggling. It is true that you will be required to make changes in your life. It is untrue that these life changes will be painful or difficult to bear. It is your choice. Will you create blessing or chaos, harmony or conflict?

Manifest peace. Manifest grace. Manifest happiness. Manifest joy. Above all, Dear One, be love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 102 - Practical Application

Good morning, Little One. It is a pleasure to be with you on such an occasion as this. We recognize the fatigue in your body. This will pass as you attend to your needs.

Practical application of the teachings that you have received is critical. Do you recall our caution to you about taking these words out only occasionally to admire, then reassigning them to a dusty shelf? Knowledge without application is naught. This you have experienced: An open book will not change your life; however, an open heart will change the world. Think on these things.

Have we not granted your heart’s desire for both partnership and friendship? Have we not complemented your gifts with the gifts of others to provide perfect balance, harmony, and wholeness?

Little One, open to receive the gifts that are given to you. A gift must be fully received in order to give grace. Be kind. Would you be so greedy as to hoard all these many gifts for yourself, Dear One, and then feel victimized by the aloneness and martyrdom of so doing?

Be peace. Find the joy in all of your relationships.
LO: Why are the leaves green?
Little One, the leaves are green to remind all creatures that green, the color of the Heart ray, is also the color of life. For without love, there cannot be life.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 101 - Divine Essence

Little One, when we teach you we have many approaches that determine the daily lessons, as it were. First, we observe and attend to your soul’s longing, and we listen to the hunger of your heart in order to provide nourishment and sustenance for your spirit. Second, we answer any specific questions that you ask us. In this, Dear Heart, be sure that you truly desire to know, for your fear of knowing can block our transmission to you. Third, after we have observed, attended, nurtured, and answered, then, providing that you are receptive and vibrationally attuned, we will give you the daily lesson.

Know that we desire for you to know the Truth. For it is written, the Truth shall set you free. This is the Truth: God is love and anyone that dwells in love dwells in God and God in him. Question not your worthiness. Question nothing save this:

Is God worthy?
Is God’s image less worthy than His essence?

Beware of false humility that would separate you from your god-self, which would extinguish the flame of the Holy Spirit burning ever present in your heart. Stand tall. Stand straight. Stand true. The first task set before you on this adventure of spirit is to honor all that is you. For this is the root of self-esteem: to honor the Self and to open to receive from the abundance of your own heart.

Know this: Karma is perpetuated by self-judgment. The wrongdoing that you forgive is forgiven. This is your responsibility, and it is also your privilege. Immerse yourself in the wellspring of abiding love. Bask in the living light of spirit. Warm yourself by the fire of your heart. Know that you are blessed and beloved. Release your wariness and know the perfection of the moment. Your responsibility is to amplify the magnitude of the light, love, joy, and peace that you experience. Let this be your message: Grace abounds. You will share your strength with others in order to transform wounds and to bring blessings of grace from the heart of Christos. Little One, remember this Truth: We know you by heart. All is well.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 100 - Illusions of Scarcity

Little One, be with us now. Do you see that your confusion is based on attachment to the illusion of scarcity, to the illusion that there is not enough love and that the love that you most desire is unavailable to you? Yet we would say to you, Dear One, that you are love. How, then, can any love be withheld from you?
Let the love that you give and the love that you receive be without condition. Do not place conditions on the love others give to you. Open to receive this beauty, this precious gift of love. Release your attachment to how love manifests itself. Release judgment of the Lover, who is the Beloved.

Remember, Little One, if your heart is open, then you can experience only love. The pain that you are experiencing results from a denial of love and a rejection of the Beloved. Spurn not the gifts of the Universe. We will allow nothing to harm you. Trust, Little One. Trust us. Trust yourself. Trust love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Day 99 - Universal Exchange System

Little One,  experience the fullness of this moment. Allow the expansion of energy to fill every aspect of your being – physical and etheric. Breathe in blessing. Breathe out attachment. The moment of bliss is upon you. Give love. Receive love. This is the Universal exchange system. Unconditional love is its currency.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 97 - Love without Condition

Little One, be with us now. We know that all is well with you, but do you know this also? Do you feel the grace of the moment? You are experiencing much wonder as you watch the miraculous unfold. Do you feel the pulsing of the Love Force? Love, precious child, is the gift of the gods, the triumph of the angels, and the song of your soul.

Allow yourself to expand in order to feel the joy that comes from the profound knowledge that you are loved without condition. Let your joy be without condition also. For this is the will of the Beloved: that joy fill your being. Rejoice in the supreme assurance that, in every moment, you are beloved. Rest within the tender care of the Beloved’s embrace. Do you hear Him sweetly calling your name? Will you welcome Him?

We have heard your soul’s longing. We have felt your heart’s hunger. Allow yourself to be filled by the abundance of the Universe. The boards are off the windows now, Dear One. Explore the wonders of the new terrain and the new vistas, which are opened to you.

You have passed through a gateway. Feel the wonder and the magnitude of the energetic shifts. The road has been paved for your journey. The guides and helpers are waiting to assist your progress. Know that you do not travel alone and how abundantly you are loved. We will not betray you. We will not abandon you. These are our words to you. Know the truth.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 96 - Shifting Focus

Little One, we would speak to you now. Know that all is well. You are impatient with yourself, Dear One, yet we would ask you to be patient with this impatience. Breathe deeply. Do you feel the peace that this creates in your body as well as your soul? This peace is yours in every moment. Choose to be in this moment, Little One. Choose this moment of truth. Let us examine what is true in this moment: That all is well and perfectly aligned. The present moment is the measure of perfection. It is the IS.

Do not kick against the pricks, for you will only exhaust yourself. The pricks are being prick-like. What has changed, but your relationship to them?  When you are angry, Little One, what has changed? When you are afraid, when you are lonely, when you are discontent, when you experience anything but grace, you have but lost your focus. This is not a catastrophe. Simply shift your focus slightly. Look for the fullness of the glass. Savor the precious water of Spirit that fills you. Are you half-empty or half-full, Little One? We would say that you are neither. We would say that you are in perfect balance. Experience the emptiness. Experience the fullness. Know peace.

The greatest gifts of these teachings to many are the sheer availability and presence of personal guidance, daily assistance, and healing grace, as well as the remembrance and assurance that you are never alone. As others read our communications to you, they will be encouraged and enheartened to open to the sweet spirit residing in their own hearts. So you see, Little One, that writing from your heart is a gift to all.

Trust in the truth of the moment. We feel more openness in you today. Examine the energy shifts that occur for you and observe the judgments that you attach to the feeling that you label as shadow.

We judge you not. We gently remind you to turn toward the light. Your feelings are true, Little One. Though they are fleeting, they are true, for the feelings give you immediate, very pertinent information about the direction of your focus. Are you looking toward the light or the shadow? Are you experiencing fullness or emptiness? Are you experiencing the moment of truth or of illusion? The choice is yours. Know the truth of these words. Be here now.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 95 - Your Heart's Desire

Little One, you have been very busy and we are pleased with your efforts. We would caution you, however, not to dismiss so easily the time that we spend together in communion and meditation. Much is happening for you, Little One. New doors are opening and new people are entering your life. Why do you see this as bad or painful? Look to the Light and know that for every ending there will be a beautiful new beginning. It is true that there will be endings for you. In your deepest heart you know and experience the rightness of this. So be it, Little One. So let it be. 

Dear One, do not attract pain and conflict to yourself. Intend love. Intend grace. Intend peace. These are your entitlements. You must be willing to be clear and honest, about your needs and desires. The possibilities are endless if you allow for these possibilities.

What do you desire to create? Do you see that the life that you have created for yourself is too small and that its confines are too tightly enclosed? Allow yourself to expand and grow. Remember the teaching that we have given you in times past: If it is right for you, then it is right for everyone else.

Be at peace and trust the integrity of the growth process. Open your heart to your intuition and to your deep inner wisdom. Open to both give and receive love. Release your attachment to the approval and the opinions of others. Yield to grace.

Do not judge yourself. Maintain your focus on yourself. You may have your heart’s desire. You have been afraid to desire; release this fear. Desire deeply, for it is the will of the Universe to fulfill your heart’s desire. Let your desire issue from an open heart. Do not form attachments to illusion. Receive your father’s gift to you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 94 - Choosing Joy

Little One, we would speak to you to remind you of your light and to remind you of the power that you wield to shape your experience and to fashion your reality. Relax into this time of communication. We have assured you repeatedly that all is well. Do you begin to understand the grace of this?

It is a beautiful day today. What is preventing you from fully enjoying the experience of the day? Who can rob you of your joy? Do you not see that this is impossible?

You have tremendous power, Little One. Do you realize that you are your own joy creator – a joy generator, if you will? You are the creator of your experience in every moment. You choose what to think, what to experience, what to embrace, and what to reject. Examine closely your choices. If your experience does not suit you, then choose differently - not at some other time- but now, in this moment.

For you, Little One, there is an issue of time. How is your time occupied? Who requires your attention? Choose wisely and responsibly lest resentments form that rob your life of its joy and beauty. When you feel victimized by resentment, yet you generate this as well. Open your heart to the abundance of the Universe.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Preface to The Little One Diaries, Volume Two: Great Fullness of Heart

Dear Friends,

It is with immense joy and great delight that I present you with this second volume in The Little One Diaries Series. This past year, since the release of Volume One, has been a challenging, exhilarating, and heart-full adventure of Spirit. It has been a year of paradox, in which unspeakable joy and profound grief, blazing triumph and stark tragedy, infinite delight and deep despair partnered one another in the dance of light and shadow.  Yet in every circumstance, in every moment, the message remains clear:  Grace abounds!

I am grateful for the opportunity to once again share these teachings with you. I offer these words to you, not as absolute truth, but rather to share with you the grace of my journey and to bless you as you travel your own path of Truth. I have come to understand that direct spiritual guidance is continually available to each of us, moment by moment, and that we are never alone, despite whatever illusion may currently be playing. As ever, the goal of this volume is to encourage you to establish your own direct communication channel, to trust the guidance that you receive, and to open your heart to the still, small voice calling to you.

I am ever in your debt for the great gift of your presence on this journey.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Susan Gallaher
January, 2001
Luxor, Egypt