Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 7

Meditation is the next step for you, Little One. You still have fear over allowing yourself to completely enter the Labyrinth. You are afraid that you will lose the golden thread, but you need not be afraid, for you are the thread just as you are the Labyrinth.

Follow this awareness. Observe your resistance, but do not judge it. Embrace yourself and compassionately witness the child’s fear through a woman’s wisdom. Your ego seeks control. This is the ego’s job. Commend its thoroughness. Be kind, but be persistent. Follow your desire. Pursue the Beloved; he is waiting for you. All is waiting for you.

Today, I would discuss with you the multidimensionality that you will experience as your awareness of yourself as a child of the Universe increases. We have given you a glimpse of these other realities with regard to your prior earth lives and the collective energies of this planet, but there is more. Your ego argues that these mysteries are impossible to know, but this is illusion, Little One. Know this: Fear is the only obstacle to knowledge. You may know all things; however, your fear of knowing is greater than your desire to know. Release fear. Resist illusion. Resist complacency. Hunger to know and to be known.
Be still. Be present. Be love. Be loved. Beloved.