Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 19

Little One, you have been so busy that we have had to stand in line for your attention. Sometimes that busy-ness is only inside your own head; yet, this makes it difficult for us to speak with you. Where are you now, Little One? I sense less joy in you. What has changed, Dear Heart, but that illusion has momentarily captured your attention? Do not be deceived; there is no reality beyond the Divine. All else is illusion. Separation is impossible.

You are excited about the possibilities that are opening up for you. Do you see now the power of intention to manifest your heart’s desire? Be clear about your intention. Be true to the call of your heart. Listen for its resonance. Open your Heartspace. There is much blessing in store for you and your family. I sense your hesitance to write these words. I hear the question “What if I am wrong?” in your mind. But the rightness or wrongness of these words has nothing to do with you. That is not in your control. You are writing the information that we send to you, and we send you Truth.

Last night when you felt ill, you had some serious symptoms. Yet we told you that it would be cleared away by morning, and it was, was it not? One reason for this experience was for you to learn to hear our voice without the instruments of the pen and paper. Do you know our voice now? Can you feel the energy in your body, in the vibration in your heart? Does it resonate with you? Do not forget your true nature, Little One. Your personality is always with you. Relax into it. Enjoy it. Above all, do not judge it. Do not mistake your personality for your True Self.

Be open. Fly free. Strive always to see the Truth. Release judgment. Take the boards off of the windows. Allow the Divine Light to penetrate every cell of your being. Become attuned to the limitless Universe. Be grace. Be healing. Stay true to your heart's desire. There is much that you do not understand. There is no need to question, for the understanding will dawn in time. Simply experience. Revel in every moment. Release attachment to understanding, to construct, and to illusion.

The pure magnificence of the Universe its magnitude and mystery is beyond human comprehension. The shift in paradigm must occur in order to allow the vision of the true nature of you. There is never a need to leave this space of grace. It is always here for you, for all. There is much more that will be shown to you. Be patient with yourself. Be clear about your intention. Know that you can manifest your heart’s desire. Peace, grace, prosperity, harmony, fulfillment, sunshine, success. It is all energy. It is all true. It is all you.

Be well, Little One. Be love. Be loved. Beloved.