Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 21

Little One, you are very quick to judge yourself when you feel a shift in your energy. If you are perfect, Little One, then are you not always perfect? Withdraw from the illusion. Take a step back to regain your perspective. Is a day only a “good” day when you have “accomplished” something, have “good” feelings, and are physically at peak performance? Is this how you will measure yourself – by the quality of the illusion that you have produced each day? Your value – your perfection – is not based upon illusion. It is based upon the True Self that you are. Little One, cease trying to improve your prison; rather, choose to be free.

Consider the possibility that you are being invited to accept yourself in every moment – peak and non-peak alike – to embrace the ebb as well as the flow and to be present fully in every moment. When your energy is low, you can raise it. But first listen to its message to you. Listen to the energy. Listen to your body, your mind, and your spirit. You can know everything if you will but listen. If, however, you claim to not understand or to be baffled by your experience, then you do not accept responsibility and you once again become powerless.

Claim knowledge, receive knowledge.
Claim ignorance, receive ignorance.

The invitation is to accept responsibility for your power to create what you want, to ask for and to receive answers to your questions, and to manifest the experience that you desire. There have indeed been many changes, but you have wrought these changes, as you will work all further changes. We provide guidance and assistance only; it is you who effect the change. Be gentle with yourself, Little One. Love yourself. Do not judge where you find yourself to be. Remember the story of Tatterhood: “I can change it if I want to!” And so you can, Little One, and so you can.

You spend much time and energy judging yourself, yet this judgment itself is the problem. There is no comparison. There is only grace. Comparison is exhausting. Release all attachment. Remember the story of the Old Man and his son*. Remember the stories. This is your work to remember the stories, to remember the Truth, and to write that remembrance. You don't have to create or discover the truth. Just remember it.

Breathe into the Presence. Each breath is the totality of your experience. There is no past; there is no future; there is only the present presence. Be here now.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

*Refers to a Chinese tale of an Old Man whose son’s life is spared through a series of events, which “appear” alternately calamitous and fortuitous. While the Old Man’s neighbors are quick to judge each event, the Old Man accepts each event without judgment, comparison, or complaint.