Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 30

Little One, allow your paradigm to embrace the inclusion of either-and. Allow yourself to both support and be supported. Release your addiction to worry. Release your addiction to stress.

Trust in the abundance of the Universe. Its scope and breadth are without limit. No good comes from fear itself. Allow fear to light the way of your path and then go beyond the fear, for it points the way to bliss.

Teach what you know and more will be added to you. Use what you have been given and you will be blessed with even greater abundance. People will come to you because they are seeking what you have been given. Stay grounded in the spirit. Acknowledge your gifts. Value them. Share them. Abundance shall be yours as you share what you have been given.

Seek peace. Be love. Follow bliss. This is what will fill your heart with joy. The kingdom of God is neither meat nor drink; however, meat and drink are a part of the abundance of the realms. Embrace all that life has to offer you. Follow the song of bliss. The dolphins’ song sings in your heart also. Be present to the joy of being fully alive.

Gather your threads into your basket. Sort them, comb them, and then weave them into your life: what has gone before, what is, and what will be.

Stay present to yourself and receive our words to you. Great things will come to you if you but stay present to yourself. Avoid judgment and comparison for these separate you from your true self, which is your home.

Remember that Love is the answer to every question. Open your heart to the All That Is. This is the secret of life:

The open heart feels no pain.
The open heart feels only love.

This is the gift your father gave to you, Little One. It was his final message to you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.