Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 138 - Divine Love Dissolves Illusion

Little One, we are with you always. Surely you know this in your heart of hearts, for you are beloved to us. We are committed to complete the task that we have begun. All is in readiness. You will be joyful and blessed beyond measure as you follow the Path of Spirit and you release attachment to the illusions that keep you attached to the energies of the third dimension. This is the beginning of dynamic, energetic changes that will begin slowly and build with intensity.

As you continue to grow and to clear out disharmonic energies, many miracles will occur. Great physical and spiritual healing will take place for you and for all those around you as you continue to open your heart. As Divine Love is allowed to flow more fully into your life, you will begin to experience the endlessness of the possibilities of which we have spoken. You will heal by your presence, by your look, by your thought, for your essence, which is Love, will be shared with all without limit.

Know that this is a process of Remembering and that it is a pivotal part of your process, for in the remembering you liberate yourself from the bondage of the energetic dynamic of consensual constraints and cultural convention.

Money is an example of consensual constraint. Know that this it has nothing to do with you for it is impossible to measure your wealth and your abundance in linear terms for you are everything. You are the Universe. You are infinite. Do not allow any limit into your life, into your love. Limits have nothing to do with you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 137 - Strength and Resilience

Little One, your energies are strengthening. This strength is the direct result of your returning focus. You have felt that you have been turned away when, in truth, you were only in your new moon or renewal phase. Know that this is also part of your journey. It is a time of rest, recovery, and renewal. Do not judge this time of shadow. Allow the blessing of this period of incubation, gestation, and initiation to provide the impetus for the next leg of your journey, for journey you will into new lands, new vistas, and new awareness.

This transition will require much of you – physical relocation, as well as, spiritual surrender. This is the path of your heart, the path of bliss. It is time to release all attachment to illusion. You can no longer survive in the vibration created by fear-based illusion.

The refinement of your vibrations by the Love Force is a result of your commitment to abide by the principles of unconditional love, your commitment to take the boards off the windows, and your commitment world to communicate these teachings to all. Yet, these very commitments have created the energetic paradox that you are now experiencing. You cannot abide a livelihood that does not support your life force, passion, love, and bliss.

Continue to remember. Continue to grow as the oak – with grace, integrity, and strength. Open your heart and know that every breath is blessed, that every heartbeat is hallowed, that every longing is fulfilled. Follow the call of your heart to the Path of Bliss.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 136 - Creating Joy

Little One, we would speak to you now of power and vision. You have expressed your desire to learn about joy and happiness, of lightheartedness, but we would ask you first to attend to the language of the heart. You have experienced many contrasts of late. You have been aware of the fleeting nature of your emotions, of the wildly divergent feelings that swing between great joy and dark despair. Yet, what you desire is to be lighthearted.

How can you accomplish this lightness of heart? The answer is obvious in its simplicity. You must bring light into your heart center. You must allow your heart center to awaken to new possibilities. Be as a child. Do not take life so seriously, for in doing so you steal from yourself.

Little One, what do you desire above all things? We are not speaking of serious things. We know of  your desire for world peace and an end to hunger and hate. But what do you desire in this moment? Where is your laughter? Where is your delight? Take the boards off the windows.

We have spoken to you of pretense. You have much to learn about pretending. You would do well to observe the children. They remember how to create what they desire. Why think in terms that are so minuscule as to be virtually non-existent, when you can have everything that your heart desires.

Learn to desire deeply. If you desire fun, then make it. As we have instructed you previously, you are your own joy generator. Bless yourself with light. Bless yourself with laughter. Bless yourself with love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 135 - Stretching toward Your Desires

Little One, we would speak to you of pretense. Look at the root "tend," which means to stretch or to heed. This is the root of many words that we use with great frequency in our communication with you. Tenderness is rooted here as is attend, intend, contend, and pretend among many others. What do these words have in common? What truth is contained in these words?

We have spoken to you of your responsibility to create what you desire. We have spoken to you of living in the freedom of truth. Yet you eschew and turn away from the truth that we have given you. It is time to attend - which means to take heed, to hold in focus, to give something your immediate attention. This is an active process: I attend.

Intend means to actively participate in stretching and moving toward your goal. Active involvement is called for in this process. This is a word of follow through: I intend.

Next, we will consider contend which means to stretch and aim as well as to claim that which is desired. This is again an action verb: I contend.

As you see, the language that we use is pivotal to understanding the truth of the manifestation of the desire. Consider now the word pretend. Do not consider pretense as an untruth, for it is a "pre-truth,” a “pre-manifestation.”  To pretend is to set your desire into a thought form. It is a preliminary step as you cross over the threshold into the manifestation of your desire. Little children understand the power of pretending and holding sacred their desire in the liminal space between the thought and the form. This is a process of great delight; if you allow it to be so, for it is a space of infinite possibility and unlimited abundance.

Do you see that pretending is the step that occurs before the manifestation is complete? To pretend is to incubate and nurture your desire and in so doing you honor yourself. Little One, it is time to take the boards off the windows. Look to the light and really see what is there.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 134 - Sacred Remembrance

Little One, we would speak to you now of this rollercoaster of emotion that you describe feeling. We would remind you, Dear One, that a rollercoaster is your favorite ride, is this not so? We would also suggest to you two things:

First, you choose your experience in every moment. It is your choice to enjoy the ride to or clutch and scream for the duration of the adventure. The car is moving very swiftly, flying over the rails at an amazing speed, turning you and your experience of the world upside down and sideways. Know this: It is the nature of a rollercoaster to do this. Do not judge its peaks and dips, twists and turns, for it was designed to give intensity and excitement to the trip.

The second point that we world make is that this ride is purely volitional - that is to say that you choose (that word again!) to ride the ride. In essence, you designed the course and vehicle (your chariot) as the mechanism to move you forward. You are in charge of the journey. Take responsibility for it. You alone are responsible for the quality of your experiences.
We would also speak to you of Remembrance. We would say to you: Do not resist, but yield to the grace that this remembrance bring to you. The time has come to allow the grace, the strength, the understanding, and the wisdom of those experiences to merge into your conscious awareness and to become the tools that you will use to restructure and redesign your life into a harmonic convergence of energies that will support the manifestation of these teachings.

Do not struggle to remember for this inhibits the process. Instead open to love. Open your heart to healing and you will know the wonder of all. Do not fear that remembrance will bring pain or longing. Know that the sacred remembrance will bring wholeness, healing (holiness), and integration. Know that this is the path of Spirit, that this the path of Grace.
Commit yourself totally to this work, to this path of Bliss. Follow the call of the Beloved. Follow your longing for it will lead to bliss. When you begin to move forward, this will set into motion the energies that will prepare the way for your journey, because you resonate with the holiness of the All That Is.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 133 - Unlimited Creative Ability

Little One, release your attachment to the source of your blessing. Experience the moment in its spontaneity. Experience the momentum of the movement of the moment. Do you understand this meaning? We are saying to you that every moment is new, that very instant, every new breath gives you an opportunity to create a universe.

Do not become impatient with yourself. Do not question the rightness of your channel. You must only yield to the flow of energy moving through you in order to complete the circuit. Your resistance is great so the pressure that you feel is intense. Yield to the energy moving through you, and all will be well.

As we were saying to you, this moment is of great import. This moment equates to the totality of your experience. Do not think in terms of past or future, but only in terms of the power of this moment. Do not dismiss this teaching, for everything hinges on the understanding of this Truth. There is no benefit from allowing your focus to be elsewhere. Know yourself to be a being of unlimited creative ability.

Little One, this is an important understanding for you to embrace. This is a primary step to coming into your own power, to owning your strength of spirit, to reclaiming your truth. You cannot look to others to reflect back for you the integrity of your teaching. You must instead trust the resonance of your own soul.

All is in divine order. All is in alignment with your soul's purpose. Allow the blending of these energies to support you, to nurture you, and to guide you on the path to unlimited wisdom, unconditional love, and unspeakable joy. Yield to grace, Dearest Heart.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 131- Application Is the Key

Little One,  never fear. Experience the wonder - the bliss of this place - in this moment. Hear the music of the insects. Observe the play of the breeze, the dance of the grass, the flight of the butterfly. Allow yourself to truly revel in the perfection of this moment.

Let your light be a beacon. Let it shine for the world to see. For your light - its intensity and its brilliance - dispels illusion and reveals the Truth, which is Divine Love. Open, Dear One, to allow your light to shine. This may create some confusion for those around you who have become attached to a particular illusion, but do not allow another's confusion or conflict to distract you from your Path as Light Bearer. Do you see the gifts that you bring to others? Value these gifts and their ability to bring blessing.

You are concerned about with whom to share these teachings. We would say to you: Relax. Yield to the desires of your heart. Trust your intuition. There is no right or wrong. There is only grace. Know that these words are true. Know that it is our pleasure to commune with you. As your desire, intention, and clarity increase, so will your ability to channel our words. As you become cleaner, your ability to resonate with the higher vibrational energy will increase. As you apply these teachings to your life daily – in each breath opening your heart to grace – then will your world transform – both your personal world and the global experience. This will allow us more complete access to your energies and provide a channel for deeper, more complex truths into the world. As your energies change, so will everything else – as above, so below – the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Application is key. It is the pivotal piece. Keep a record of your personal journey of application, in addition to writing these teachings, for your experience will bless others. Your humanity (humanness) will bring grace. In truth, there is no line of distinction between your humanness and your godness. The distinction is an illusion. Yet, as you communicate these teachings to others, it is your humanness that will provide a sacred context to these teachings.

Allow your laughter to resonate throughout these journals, for laughter is the sound of an open heart. It connects your human self with your divine self. In your journal, allow the stories of your humanness to take form, for this will be the thread that others will follow through the Labyrinth to discover their own godness and the Beloved who awaits them.

Your task is simple: To be grace in every moment. Again we would draw your attention to this pastoral setting. Be as the insects, the birds, and the trees. With effortless grace, these creatures rejoice in their godness and remind you of your own. Be you. Be grace, Little One.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 130 - Prayer Lessons

Little One, it is our desire to speak to you of the questions of your heart, to give clarity to your concerns, and satisfaction to your curiosity. You have been pondering much about prayer, looking at its many aspects and acknowledging its tremendous, awesome power.

We have spoken to you briefly regarding prayer. We have told you of the power of prayer – that its efficacy is rooted in the immediacy and focus of intention in the moment of Truth, which is the Now. We have instructed you to pray always. In order to do this, you must remain here, now, in this moment of Truth, wherein your power resides. The third point of prayer is that it must come from an open heart, for when your heart is open, your life is a prayer and you bring blessing to all by your existence.

Now you ask about specific prayer, specific blessing, for specific situations. We would say to you: Ask, Seek, and Knock – without attachment to outcome – for the highest good and blessing to all. Know this: The greatest prayer is the love that emanates from an open heart.

-    Focus your intention, not on a specific request, but on the beloved soul whom you would bless.
-    Hold that beautiful being of Divine expression in your mind’s eye.
-    Open your heart to endless possibilities of unconditional love and unspeakable joy.
-    Acknowledge that this power is resident in every sentient being, and then breathe in the essence of his or her name.
-    As you exhale, blow lightly as on a small, flickering flame to awaken its ember, to rekindle its spark, to ignite its gentle radiance that by the warmth and light of this fire, they may be enheartened, encouraged, and enlightened.
-    Allow your breath, which is the breath of God, to inspire and remind those for whom you pray of their true selves, their great beauty, and their godness.

This is the essence of prayer, not to ask for specific things or circumstance, nor to be attached to specific outcomes, but to pray for the quickening of spirit to the wonder and miraculous beauty of each moment, and to the Divine essence, to the godness that is resident in each soul, in every moment. The breath of God created the Universe. Allow your breath to create healing. Allow each breath to be a prayer of remembrance, a celebration of love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 127 - Joy in Every Moment

Little One, we would invite you to look to the Light and to savor the joy of every moment, for you will not revisit these moments. Make the very most of each one.

We would suggest to you that you appreciate your shadow and that you recognize and respect it as an integral part of your nature. Do not shun your shadow aspect, for it is the source of groundedness, great strength, and authentic power.

Know that all is well. There are neither winners nor losers, for all are on their souls’ path home. Support each other. Support yourself. This is of primary importance, for only when your needs are met can you fulfill your sacred task in this lifetime. Yield to grace, Dearest Heart. Yield to blessing, for this is your entitlement. This is your birthright.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 126 - Sacred Garden of the Heart

Little One, I would speak to you today of your daily practice. What calls to you? What do you most long for? Let your heart follow the source of this longing. Do you desire sweet communion? If this is your desire, if you desire to walk this path of closeness, then tarry. Do not rush in and out of this sacred presence, but linger as one who is reluctant to leave the Beloved. Savor each moment, not as an obligatory, perfunctory call, but with anticipatory delight. Be mind-full. Be grace-full. Be heart-full. This is the essence of great fullness of heart, the delight, the wonder, the passion which is returned to you measure for measure, grace for grace, love for love.

O Dearest Heart! When you think to enter the Garden of the Beloved, does your heart not race? Does your breath not quicken? Does your spirit not sing? Does the desire to behold the Beloved not give wings to your feet?

Allow this to be the attitude of  your heart as you approach the Divine. Present to the Beloved your most precious gifts and receive beyond your wildest imaginings, for you are greatly beloved. Know this truth: The Beloved is waiting. He is attending you with even greater desire and more passionate longing. Yield to His care. Dearest One, do not regard this as a regimen or discipline, for this is Rapture. This is Bliss.

Little One, there is no limit to the love of the Beloved for the beloved. Do you feel this? This is the answer to your soul’s longing, the healing for every wound, and the fulfillment of every desire. Allow this love to transform you.

Consider your tradition of fairy tales - Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White. The longing is the same, to hold and to be held, to know and to be known, to love and to be loved. These tales each refer to the awakening of awareness, the quickening of desire, the ecstasy of fulfillment. The “happily ever after” is real. These are not stories of childhood fantasy, but of spiritual hunger and its satisfaction. These are stories of great spiritual truth. Problems arise, Little One, when human beings look to other humans to satisfy their longing for the Divine. This creates many spiritual and psychological dilemmas for you. It initiates vicious cycles of futility, projection, and wounding. The answer to every dilemma, the solution to every problem is to return to the Source of the soul’s longing.

Do you hear the truth of these words? It is sad to us that the current trend is to re-write these stories into more socially correct tales rather than to acknowledge and satisfy the soul’s longing. While this revision may be more politic, it denies the great spiritual truth of the longing of the beloved for the Beloved. The Search for the Beloved is fundamental to the human experience. Its suppression forces its manifestation into addiction, violence, and promiscuity. We would say only this to you: Honor this longing and hearken to its call. The Beloved is calling you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 125 - Riding the Ripples

Little One, we would speak to you briefly. You feel as though you have done something wrong, but you are incorrect in that assumption. Do not judge how you feel either by situation or circumstance. We would suggest that you bear witness to yourself and to your process. Ride with the ripples in your pond. This is a good place for you to be - a rocking boat. Enjoy the ride. Do not balk. Be patient for yet a while longer.
All is in readiness for you. You resist these words, yet you sense their truth. Can you not trust that all is well? You puzzle over relationships, yet you know and understand much of relationships and their value. You puzzle over the power that you give away to people within the context of your relationships. Follow the energy of these dynamic exchanges and you will learn much regarding your power and your energy leakages.

Relationships represent the dynamic flow of energy. There is push-pull, give-take of energy. When we speak to you of  “giving heart and taking heart,” this is the energy to which we are referring. Your lesson is to be openhearted in every moment. This is the challenge of the Heart. This is the essence of Truth.

Many defenses have arisen in your relationships. This is the crux of the dilemma. Fear and defense wound and create an illusion of separation. Recognize this as illusion. Love is the reality, Little One. We have spoken to you of this simple truth many times. The “soul-ution” to every problem is to open your heart. No matter what the illusion, an open heart dispels it.

We have spoken to you of great fullness of heart. Yet, how can you experience great fullness of heart if your heart is closed? It is a challenge, Little One, to be openhearted in the presence of fear and pain, doubt and despair, but we would remind you to yield to grace and to surrender to love.

Keep the boards off the windows, Little One, for all is well.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 124 - Global Healing

Little One, you are experiencing so much confusion. What has changed, dearest one, but that you have moved away from this present moment? 

What is true in this moment? That you are loved unconditionally. Can you witness this truth for yourself? Observe the perfect witness of nature surrounding you. Do you not see the perfection of every creature, each insect, bird, cloud, pine cone? Savor the splendor of each moment, for this is the source of your Truth.

Consider the splendor of this moment, the flight of the dragonfly and its graceful dance. What lessons have these winged friends to teach you, for all are teachers? Attend well and wisely to their lessons. Meditate on their flight of freedom. Follow their example and allow your soul to fly free.

Dearest Heart, there are many things that we would say to you today. You have spoken of many things that you are desirous of understanding, but today we would speak to you of power, more precisely, the power to create. We have spoken to you previously of the magnificent power resident in each human being. This is the power of intention. The power to create from the heart which is the center of power. We have spoken to you of the power to create healing and grace. Yet today briefly, we would discuss with you the power that human beings have to create disease, famine, war, pollution, and death. Once again, Little One, it is true that the possibilities are endless.

You have seen for yourself that you can create either illness or wholeness in your body, either harmony or chaos in your relationships. Do you see that each individual has the potential to create these same conditions?

The tragic condition of Terra is a reflection of the human condition, her inhabitants, and the condition of their hearts. Do you see and understand the import of this teaching? This is why we say to you that it is imperative that the vibrations of these teachings, these words, be broadcast. Trust in the rightness of these teachings.

The condition of your planet is a measure of its disconnection from the Divine Principle of the Love Force. The degree of pollution and the depletion of resources are in direct proportion to the misalignment of energies. This is a spiritual condition that is manifesting in the physical realm, and the source of its cure, the source of all healing is to return to the source of all life, to return to Love.

Little One, you cannot reverse the damage on a physical level, for unless there is spiritual healing, all efforts are for naught. The only remedy, the only “soul-ution,” for Terra is the healing of her children. As her children heal, the planet will regain its energetic and ecological balance as well. Love heals all.

We have given you many teachings on healing, yet we will repeat them here: The source of all healing is the source of all life. Healing begins by the opening of the heart to the Divine Principle of Love. There is no other "soul-ution," but the path of Love.

Do not underestimate the power of one open heart to change the world. Imagine the possibilities for grace and healing as hearts around the world begin to open to new possibilities of power. Love created the Universe, and Love will restore the personal and collective energetic balance of the planet.

Do not be distracted or disheartened by illusion. Do not believe for even one moment that this is a difficult endeavor, for this creates energy blockages. Know in your very deepest being, to the very center of your soul, that the work has begun. Keep opening. Keep loving.

Be Grace. Be Peace. Be Love. Beloved.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 122 - Winds of Change

Little One, we are happy that you have taken this time to be with us to discuss this work and your life. These seem to be the issues that you focus on most, and this is fitting for your work is your life. It is your heart’s work that you understand to be different from a job or career. This is the work that gives life and light to your earthly existence.

We would briefly address two issues before we move on to other topics. First, the issue of boldness need not cause heaviness in your spirit, yet we feel this in you. We would say to be kind to yourself. Ask for a deeper understanding of boldness. Boldness. What does this word mean? What are its qualities? This is a missing piece for you, and you may find it while you are here, if you will attend to yourself and to our words.

What are your obstacles to boldness? Are there any? In order to be truly free,  Little One, you must be bold. Yet, you know that it is Truth that will set you free. So then, what is the connection between your boldness, your truth, and your freedom?

The second issue of attention is the matter of your life as you know it. This will be changing. This is not new information for you, Dear One. You have known this since the beginning. Your life must change for all of life is change. These coming changes need not be difficult, but they must be complete. The quality of your life must be in alignment with your essence – to do less would be a lie and without godness, without goodness.

You feel this truth, yet there is another truth that you have not yet understood. This is the Truth: These changes will occur as naturally as night follows day and day follows night. Allow the beauty and grace of your being to fully unfold in your life. Cease worry. Embrace each moment with a child’s delight. Laugh, Little One. It is your secret weapon against fear; it is your “ray gun.”

Now that we have taken care of business, we would speak to you of other things. First is the nature of trust. If you examine the word, you will see that its root is grounded in Truth. Attend to this, for in order for trust to exist, there must be acknowledgment and respect for the Truth whence it springs. All truth comes from God. When the Christos said, “I AM the Truth.”  He demonstrated and declared to all that he is rooted in God. Is your desire, is your longing, not the same: to sink deep roots into the truth of God, to drink from the waters of Spirit, to grow in the garden of the Beloved into a tree of Life that brings of goodness to all who partake of its fruit?

When there is doubt, you do not doubt yourself only, but you doubt God as well. You are denying the fundamental truth, for God has declared that you are the image and likeness of the Divine. Do not complicate this. The choice is clear. Trust God or trust not, but do not vacillate. This dishonors all. Decide on this day whom you will serve, and decide with boldness.

Dive deeply, dearest one, into the waters of Truth. Drink deeply of the water of life, for naught else will quench your thirst or satisfy your longing.

LO: What is the difference between meekness and boldness? Are they not contradictory?

This is a good question, one that we will endeavor to answer clearly and without ambiguity, for we understand that this appears to be a paradox; yet, in truth, you are called to be meek in your boldness and bold in your meekness. This is again an issue of balance and harmony, of the sun and the moon. We say this to you, hear it well: There is nothing so strong as gentleness; there is nothing so gentle as true strength.

The creatures that you befriend in the forest, love in part the meekness that you possess, for in truth you walk in meekness. This is grace and we would not seek to change this blessing you bring to others, for in this meekness you acknowledge the godness present in each being. Yet in boldness, you acknowledge the godness in yourself, for this is authentic power: to be seeded in love, rooted in truth, and grounded in god. Boldness allows others to witness the I AM of your beingness, thus bringing grace to all.

There is no conflict between these qualities. They are both desirous  and both qualities must exist in equal measure. The meek shall inherit the earth, and the bold shall be as god. This blending of energy is the essence of true power. Consider again the oak tree: its power lies in its flexibility as well as its strength. Stand true, Dear Heart, to your truth that is the only truth. Embrace meekness, embrace boldness, but be love. There will be much blessing. Yield as the branches of the trees to the wind, which is the breath of God.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved One.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 119 - Colors of the Prism

Little One, I am delighted to have this occasion to communicate with you regarding your work, your life, and your blessing. You are learning much with regard to the Prism energy. It is my desire that you understand well the principles – the laws, if you will – of the prism, for there are many aspects to these teachings that relate to the accelerating vibrations of the planet, to the shift into the higher dimensions of consciousness, and to the healing that is currently taking place on Terra and in your heart, as well.

This Prism energy is very simple with one regard. It represents the use and manifestation of the Light force of the Divine Principle, for God is Light and God is Love. The law of the Prism is a metaphor, if you will, for understanding the energy of the Divine Principle and its role in the physical world.

The vibrations of the colors of the prism have tremendous power over the human experience - health, well being, emotion, and cognitive function. Observe the colors around you. What do you experience? We know of your great affection, affinity, and admiration for the color green. This is so, because it resonates to your own energy signature.

Know that color corresponds to sound, to light, to emotion, to all states of physical beingness. We also desire to teach you of the way in which colors relate to each other in the purest forms - vibrations - in the light of the prism. There is much power waiting to be released through the prismatic principles of fusion, integration, and healing.

Keep looking to the Light. Allow the light to shine brilliantly through the Prism that is you, for you are a bringer of grace.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 118 - Self Care

Little One, we are happy that you are here with us today. Know that there is much to do, and that all is in good order. We would speak to you of several things. First—as you work on the Applications Manual—think about how best to apply these teachings to your own life. Do this gently with an open heart.

 Ask yourself questions, for questions are the vehicle of communication that create change and allow the quickening energies to move more freely. Question with courage and boldness. Embrace whatever answers you may receive. Do not doubt. Keep moving. This will provide you with optimal results. Make a list of questions. Keep a running list, then record the answers by the questions.

This leads us to the second point: Remembering. Remembrance is essential to forward progress – not for ego attachment, but for spiritual integration. Again we would say this: Ask questions and keep going in for information. Accept what you receive as true.

Little One, you have called this process of remembering a “data dump."  This is a good understanding of the concept. We would suggest that you do not let your ego create energetic blockages to this process and that you speak from the place of openness and truth.

Another point that we would address with you indeed relates to self-care and attending to your physical needs. These teachings have not changed and will not change. What do you need to do in order to experience more fully the measure of spirit that you desire?

 Meditate. Pray. Drink water. Eat lightly, but well. Breathe. Move.

Do not allow yourself to become overly fatigued. You will recall that we recently asked you to move ahead quickly with this project and to adequately care for yourself. You have been working hard to do just that; however, you are learning still. This is as it should be. Pay attention both to what works and to what does not.

You seem frustrated that this is so, but this is necessary for a the energies are intensify and you must be refined as well. Make time each day to breathe and to remember the truth of your beingness. Attend to these simple enjoinders and you will be amazed at the results.

Clean your closets.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 117 - Removing Obstacles

Little One, good morning to you also. You have been very busy, and it pleases us that you are following your heart energy. This is wise, for it is the path to all that you desire.

Let us speak for a moment of energy blockages to the manifestation of your desire. We have assured you repeatedly that nothing is withheld; yet, you are not receiving all that you desire. When this occurs, you doubt yourself, your worthiness, and us; however, but you do not look directly at the cause of the blockage. If you have a splinter, Little One, do not berate yourself or the circumstance. Remove the splinter. This is not difficult.

Last night, you remembered a block to manifestation that is based upon the fear of not receiving, yet this is a self-fulfilling prophecy, is it not? For this fear creates itself in the physical form, which is the denial of your entitlement.

What dispels fear, Little One? When you confront a block, simply ask yourself, “Am I loved in this moment?”  And experience this love - this bliss - in your heart. Know and bless this truth: You are totally loved and supported in every heartbeat, in every breath, in every moment. Surrender your fears to Love, dear child. This is Life in its fullest.

 Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 116 - Growing Pains

Little One,  we are aware of what you perceive as difficulty, and we perceive as perfection. Now you are experiencing the “painful growing.” Allow yourself once again to feel the pleasure of the expansion, the stretch and the grace of growing. Pain results from attachment to an existing condition. If you allow yourself to focus on the grace of the expansion and the pleasure of the moment, then you will in fact find pleasure. If you focus on the pain, if you focus on the reluctance and resistance to movement, then this is what you will experience. Choose your companions wisely. Fear is a poor companion on the journey of grace. Choose instead the companions of love, joy, and merriment. For laughter is the sound of an open heart. Keep opening your heart.

We would speak to you briefly of the Path that you have chosen, the Path of the Heart, the Path of the Prism. This is a path of brilliance, a path of devotion, a path of peace. Seek this peace, Little One. Release and bless the past pain. A new day is dawning. Look to this day for grace.

You wear now at your heart center the prism of power that your beloved son gave to you. Know and remember that this is your power: your ability to love. Love is extended to all without distinction. Can you not allow yourself to be included in its embrace? This is the day. Joy is its measure.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 115 - Opening to Receive Love

Little One, today you have indeed passed through a gateway. Although the actual physical process was symbolic, your intention was set long ago. Look to your notes with regard to the process of heart opening. How do you open, but by love? This is not hard, for already you love deeply, truly, profoundly God's children, but we would speak to you now of receiving, for this is truly your question. This is truly your desire at this time: To learn to fully receive the blessings that the Universe has for you and to fully receive your entitlement as its child. Think, Little One, if you do not allow yourself to receive unconditional love unconditionally, then how can you expect to receive anything else?

Look to what blocks this love. Look to the fears of being loved that constrain and constrict you. Open your mind as well as your heart to understand and experience the nature of unconditional love, for we would say to you that all the blockages that you are experiencing, precious child, are due to the conditions to which you cling and to the belief that certain conditions that must be in place in order for you to receive grace.

Know that no conditions exist to make you worthy. The blockages are insignificant once you truly reflect on uncondition. Explore this. Play with this. Revel in the unconditional, then the blocks will disappear. Little One, if you can give love unconditionally, why then do you not choose to receive without condition also?

Think on this: Be love, and be loved as well, Beloved One.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 114 - Remembrance

Little One, you are indeed learning many lessons. These are lessons of grace. Allow yourself to truly open to receive these gifts from a place of truth and gratitude, for they are given to you with great joy. Much blessing is coming to you. Can you feel how the energies are coming into alignment for you as you begin to apply these teachings to your life and work? Nothing will be withheld from you, Dear One. Know these truths.

We would speak briefly of the issue of time. Attend us if you will. Time, as we have explained previously, is not linear; it is a hologram. There is no separation - All is One. We speak of this with regard to your past lifetimes, as you call them. Know that these are true, that these are real, and that these are you. You bring the culmination of all these energies with you to this moment of Truth, to this Nowness.

Dearest One, we applaud your desires to understand all. This is good, for these energies will support your work and these understandings will be among those that you will later communicate through these writings to others. However, in order to teach, you must first know and truly understand. Know that we support you in all things. Keep opening your heart and allowing the Love Force to forge the vessel in which your are held. Embrace truth.

Ask for wisdom with the knowledge and supreme confidence that nothing will be withheld from you. Trust the rightness of your remembrance and your knowing about the information that you shall receive. These exercises will allow you to truly know and understand yourself and each other as deeper, fuller, holier manifestations of the Beloved energy.

Do you see this? Do you understand the grace to be received in this adventure in Spirit? Do not think that because you enjoy it, because you are delighted, that this is not work. Know that delight is precisely the measure of correct alignment and right action. Allow “de light” to be your guide (it is clever, is it not?).

Regarding Remembrance: Open your heart, as this is an important teaching. Know that the objective in this case is not to become attached to other lifetimes, past or future, but to integrate the gifts of grace into one prism of Self. This fusion will allow healing, align the karmic wheel, and bring the planetary, personal, and collective energies into harmonic balance. The pieces will fit together as Light is brought to Shadow. Allow the Love Force to guide you. Know. Trust. Remember.

We would say something specific about the concept of “story.”  The “story” provides context. There is teaching that “story” is irrelevant. This we would say is ultimately true, for the ultimate goal is at-one-ment. To this we say, Amen. However, “story” is an important teaching tool, as a vehicle for healing and as a gift of grace. We say to you: Remember the Stories for they are you. Do not become attached and say, “This is my story. This is who I am,” for that is but a shadow of truth. You, Little One, are Everything.

Open to all possibilities. Trust. More will be given to you as you attend to these teachings. We would say again how very pleased we are with your passion for the Beloved. Know that this love is returned to you one-hundred fold. Be light. Delight.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 113 - Today Is a Day of Blessing

Little One, be at peace. Today is a day of blessing. Continue to open and yield to the divine light of grace. Surrender the illusion. Release the attachment to pain. Embrace the possibility of joyful bliss. You know you can do it. Yield. Did you hear that? Be still and listen. It is the voice of the Beloved calling you home. Yield to grace, Little One.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 112 - Sharing Joy

Little One, dispel the illusions. Do not just push them away so that they are waiting outside your door. Your fears have nothing to do with reality; they are based on the distant memories that are creating future projections. Remember what a powerful manifestor you are! No one can take this away from you. No one can steal your joy away from you. Do not allow this illusion to have so much power over your experience.

It is true that in the past you have allowed this dance of shadow to play out. Those who have not yet discovered their own power to create joy would seek joy from other sources, for joy and laughter are the balm of the soul. Dearest Heart, no one can take this joy from you. You may share your joy as you may share your love and thus multiply your joy.

Do not judge those who are joyless. Open your heart to them with compassion. Pray for them that they may be open to the power of the Love Force. This is the key, Dear One. Pray always. Bless always. This  is the “soul-ution.”  You do not need to withdraw. You do not need to say, “This is my joy. Go get your own.”  Know this: Your joy will be made greater by the sharing.

Yes, we hear and understand your analogy of the black hole vortex, but this is not the case. You are seeking to justify and to rationalize an illusion-based fear, a fear-based illusion. There is only love. Open your heart, Little One. We will help you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.