Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 37

Little One, why does it take so much time to get your attention? You must be very busy now. We know this; however, it is important that you do not forget what is important, or all is for naught. It is neither our job nor our intention to scold you, but rather to gently remind you that communication is important in order for you to keep your vision clear, and for you not to be stuck in the illusion that surrounds you. Be at peace, Little One. All is well. 

The heart is the center of power. This is a correct teaching. This teaching will facilitate the change in planetary vibrations. Assisting in this process is a major part of your work here on Earth. The time has come to bring this heart energy in its purest, most powerful form to the planet. It is the energy of the Divine, but in order for you to channel this energy and to facilitate this healing, you must be scrupulous about your own spiritual process. In order to keep yourself a clear channel – a “live wire” as it were – and to clearly and without interference bring in this new vibration, you must make wise use of the time that you have been given.

You must make your soul work your first priority. This does not need to take time away from anyone else. It is an illusion that there is not enough time; it is another manifestation of the scarcity myth. As you spend more time in meditation and movement, new energy will be able to flow through your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies more freely. You will experience increased vitality from this energy. Your vessel will be strong enough to contain and effectively use the fire of your Life Force that you have repressed (yes, repressed) for so long. Remember that we are not scolding. No, we are applauding the work that you have done. Bravo, Little One. What courage you have shown!

Little One, remember to laugh. This is the sound of God. Laughter. When you are working so hard, you do tend to take yourself too seriously. Lighten up. Smell the flowers; savor the blessings of grace. Open your heart. Laughter is the sound of an open heart.

 What is the sound of one hand clapping? Laughter, Little One. Laughter. We love your laughter. However, we have not heard much of it lately. If your work is too serious, then you are not blessing it with wings. Let your work be joyful. Let it be easy. The same is true for your relationships. Imagine yourself totally supported by the Universe in every area of your life, totally supported and supporting. There is enough time and energy for everyone to experience abundance, grace, love, and laughter.  

Do you see now how important it is to pay attention to your dreams, to be faithful to the guidance that you receive? It is wonderful to be able to communicate with you in dreams, because then you are able to be much more active in this process. First learning and then teaching people about the power of their dreams are intricately woven into the reality of Heartspace,[1] for this is your heart’s dream and your soul’s vision. Heartspace will be the manifestation of this dream.  

Your physical vessel is tiring.  Sit for a while and dwell in the presence of the Divine. This is your reality. Your Father sends his dearest, fondest greetings to you. Know how very much he loves you and how proud he is of you and the work that you are doing.

We love you, Little One. Do not forget that reality. Be at peace. All is well. 

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

[1] Refers to Heartspace, Center for Creative Change. An educational and spiritual healing center founded by the author to facilitate personal, collective, and planetary transformation based upon the principles described in The Little One DiariesFor more information, please visit .