Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 14

Little One, you have only glimpsed the wonder that awaits you. Allow your consciousness to expand to fill the Universe. Listen to the song of the birds and you will hear yourself singing. There is neither limit nor constraint on the healing that is available to you, to this planet, and to the human race. The blessing is there for all. Many more will come as you allow your light to shine more brightly.

Do not look at limits, Little One. Allow only for possibilities and opportunities. There is an abundance of everything that you can imagine. There are some things that are beyond your imagination now, but these things will come to you, as well as the words that you need to express their power. Learn to play with this energy and to be open to this teaching, even though it may be unfamiliar and different from what has been taught about energy before. Know that what we say to you is true. Do not fear its unfamiliarity. It is not new. It has always been true; however, as a species you have not empowered yourselves to access this dimension of power.

Within your energy field you have the power to create a Universe. Pay attention. Stay present. Observe how the energy fields of others influence you and know that you have much more power to influence the collective energy field than you can imagine. Right now, in this moment, you can change the world. You can heal the collective wounding by the power of Love, by journeying through the Heartspace, and by taking the boards off the windows.

Little One, we are pleased to be able to communicate with you in this way. It helps you to maintain this connection; however, the time will come when you will not need these instruments to receive this information. Do not to become attached to any form of communication as this limits our ability to bless and teach you. There is more that shall be shown to you. Trust us, but more importantly, trust yourself.

We know that you have many questions. You worry about what to do. Practice loving. Let Love be your practice. Open your heart center and feel the energy vibrations rise all around you. Take responsibility for every relationship. Fill each relationship with the light of unconditional love. This is the message. This is your work.

Do not judge others or their messages. Hear only love. Words are unimportant. Bypass the words and seek to understand the energetic vibration of the message. These energetic vibrations are profound and no less powerful than those that shake the earth. Earthquake shock waves are minuscule in comparison to the power of the heartwaves generated by the Love Force. Bring the power of this Light into the world. Practice it. Accept it. Know that it is Truth beyond any truth that you have experienced.

Know that the gifts of Light are limitless. Open your heart to receive these teachings. Through the portals of the Heartspace, enter into the realm of the Stars. This is your destiny. I feel your joyful anticipation. There is only blessing. Everything is here for you. Every aspect is in place and has been set into motion. There will be others to support you. The plan is intricate and perfect. You will recognize each other by your energy signatures for, in truth, you will know them by heart. You will call others to yourself as your heart opens and transmits the frequency of unconditional love. Receive this teaching. Know this truth. This seems like a lot for you to process. Know that we will assist you in every way - body and soul. It is perfect, Little One, as are you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.