Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 15

Little One, we would speak to you today of energy signatures. You can tune into an energy signature, much like a radio station, in order to pick up information and to communicate. All human beings have the capacity to vibrate at all frequencies. One frequency is inherently better than another.

Sometimes, however, you become stuck in a particular frequency because of blockages in the emotional, physical, mental, and/or spiritual bodies. It is important not to make judgments regarding these blockages; rather, observe and release them with love as they occur. Blockages allow energy to stagnate, which inhibits its free flow, thereby limiting your possibilities and distorting your perceptions of the Universe. It is from these blockages that illness and spiritual disenfranchisement occur. You become separated from your life force and make judgments about yourself based upon this separation. You then perceive the separation as the reality rather than the illusion that it is.

Your energy fields are composed of light. There are, in fact, many energy pathways in your body. The energy centers, which you call “chakras,” are centers of power intensity. You can control the amount and intensity of light energy emitted from these centers. In this way, you can adjust your energy frequency to communicate with and to bring healing to others. Your heart energy is the most important energy for healing at this time. This does not make it superior to the others; however, it is where many blockages occur. Often in human beings, the heart center is overly defended, scarred, and/or closed. An open heart creates a healing atmosphere that facilitates the softening and opening in the heart of another; this is the Heartspace and this is you.

The energy for healing is inherent in each individual within every tissue. You need only be reminded of where you have come from, of who you are, and of the limitless possibilities for healing. You need not formalize this process. You need not use your hands. Use instead your heart. Use your third eye to scan. Use the heart to hear and interpret the soul’s longing. Note that the word “hear” is contained within the “heart.” Your presence brings healing as you adjust and sensitize your energy fields to another and as you intentionally bring love and light to each individual in every moment.

Problems occur for you individually and collectively when you do not resonate to your own energy signature because energetic blockages have created dissonance. When this occurs, you cannot communicate with the Source and the flow of your life force is compromised. Your energy systems have the capacity to be self-regulating. Tears are a good example of this self-regulation; nutrition is another. The stronger the blockage or the longer it has been in place, the more resistant it becomes to change. Once you begin to judge the blockages, self-regulation and adjustment become very difficult, because judgment shuts off the heart energy, which is the “heart” of the self-regulating mechanism.

Trust your instinct and your deepest knowing. All of your energy centers gather and process energetic data. Then, they adjust automatically, bringing in the appropriate frequency to allow healing to occur. Do not doubt this process. Trust this instrument of grace.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.