Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 10

Little One, you ask whether there is “magic.” Yes, certainly. However, are no magic steps, words, or rituals are necessary in order to directly experience the Divine. What is “magic”? Magic is the intention of the Heart. Everything else is symbolic, though not irrelevant if it has value or meaning to you; however, it is unnecessary.

At times you wonder if there a secret formula that someday you will accidentally stumble upon that will contain the Secret of the Universe. Will you need a guru or an initiation into a secret sect? No, not at all. In order to understand the Secret of the Universe, you must be open your heart to be the love that you are. You don’t need to create what already exists. It is already you.

Relax. Enjoy. Play. Smile more. Laugh always. You have power over your experience in every moment. Allow the windows to be open. Do not close yourself off. Increase your ability to experience bliss. Do not worry that there is not enough bliss and joy to go around. There is more and more and more and when you feel that you have been filled to overflowing, allow your heart to expand even more. Your paradigms need to stretch in order to accommodate this expansion. Release your limiting beliefs with blessing and gratitude.

The Chariot is a vehicle for change. Each soul’s mission is to be the vehicle for change. Do not balk at this,rather relax into it. Embrace it. Revel in the excitement of it. Although each soul is magnificently unique, each is committed to bring peace and love to the planet and to raise the energy vibrations to the fourth dimension and beyond. This is a time of great transition.

At this time, you do not need to understand anything with your intellect. Remember the story of the Bird and the seed: The Bird’s ritual had meaning for him, but it also took away his freedom and his power to choose. His beliefs about the distribution and availability of the seed limited his choices. He gave up his freedom for an illusion of control. Yet, it was only an illusion, because the seed was there for him always and was not dependent upon any prescribed behavior or level of worthiness. The Bird created his illusion-based system just as you create yours. It is time to release these illusions with gentleness and humor. Do not improve your prison with more sophisticated superstitions. Just take the boards off the windows and fly free.

Reach. Stretch. Grow. Go beyond where you have gone before. Breathe in the essence of the Universe. Nothing is separate from you. Judgment is an illusion. All feelings of separation result from judgment. If you withdraw judgment, then you experience the great mystery of the paradox of One and the Many – the unity of all beings - the Law of One.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.