Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 9

Little One, you are learning that the exchange system is not about doing; rather, it is about loving. It is about opening to blessing. It is about sharing your essence freely from your heart. Nothing can possibly be withheld from you, Little One, for you are everything. Your experience is dependent upon your willingness and openness to receive as well as your soul’s desires and priorities in this lifetime.

There are many different forms of abundance. Do you feel whole? Do you feel joyful? Do you feel loved and supported in every moment? Do you feel grateful? This is the experience of abundance.

Physical manifestation is the most elementary form of energy manipulation. It is the densest energy and, therefore, it is the easiest to manipulate. It is a pleasure to teach you to manifest physical and material forms on the third dimensional plane. This is play. Lighten up and enjoy the experience. The earth is your playground. Experiment. Be curious. Nothing is withheld from you. There is no concept such as “I can’t.” You can do anything. Only your fear limits you. Fear applies the brakes to any manifestation instantly. This is not a bad thing; however, it is important to realize that you have complete control over your circumstance without using fear for protection.

Dear Heart, do you want $500? It is yours. Open to receive it. You are everything. There is no entitlement or no qualification of deservingness. It is all you: your debt and your prosperity. Life flows abundantly through the Universe. Any debt or lack represents a blockage in the flow of the Love Force. Abundance occurs naturally when the Love Force is allowed to flow unimpeded. The physical aspects of life receive far too much focus and emphasis. Life is about living, not about paying bills, getting a new car, or accumulating wealth.

Live fully and presently in this moment. Find the joy. Experience the blessing in each moment. Recognize the Beloved in each face. These are your playmates. Each person that you encounter came to play with you whether they are consciously aware of this. Have fun. Laugh out loud. Do not worry about anything. Be clear in your desire to hear, to serve, and to know. Your sacred text says this well: First, seek God’s kingdom and righteousness and everything shall be given to you. Relax. Trust the Universe. Release any belief that asserts that life is anything other than joyful; all else is illusion. All of creation is right there for you.

Little One, learning to intentionally manifest is not difficult unless you choose to make it so. Are there a series of magic steps? 1-2-3 Presto! Not quite; however, you can merely say, “I need a shovel,” and you will manifest a shovel. Or “I am hungry” and you shall be fed for nothing is withheld from you. Abundance is a Universal Principle because you are the Universe and you are abundant. No one can take that entitlement from you; however, you can choose to not experience this natural abundance.

It is time to release the hierarchical cultural belief that “more than enough” is better than “enough.” This belief is rooted in the illusion of scarcity rather than the truth of abundance. Comparison in any form is an illusion. Put purely and simply, comparison does not exist in the Universe. There are no opposites. There is only love, unity, oneness, you. There is only the Beloved. On this St. Valentine’s Day, know that you are loved, that you are Beloved.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.