Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 29

Little One, no matter what you do, do it from an open heart. There is no wounding in an open heart. It is a closed, angry heart that feels pain; an open heart only feels love. Do not be fooled by illusion. Reclaim joy. Seek light. Remember that it is a beacon that cannot be found anywhere but inside your opened heart. Be still in this peace and love will be your guide. Fret not. All is well.
Release judgment, not only of yourself, but of all those who are involved in this drama called Life. When you feel separation, always look for judgment. Judgment separates. There is no love in judgment. Strive to love always, without condition. Your soul only recognizes unconditional love. This is where you will find your peace. This is the path of your heart. Authentic power comes from an open heart because only then are you one with the Universe.
      Be love. Be loved. Beloved.