Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 8

Little One, you are learning much about yourself. You are learning to listen not only with your heart, but with your whole body. We know of your desire to serve. We honor this. Know that we are preparing you; we are purifying the vessel to more fully open the channel.

This is the time to begin writing our teachings to you and to share the wisdom that abides in your mother’s heart. The vibrations around you are sweet and pure. These energies will nourish your Spirit and fill your soul. The creative fires that have lain dormant in you for many years will begin to blaze. Do not fear this creative energy. Exult in its power. You have tremendous support in the Universe for your work. Do not let this frighten you; rather keep returning to the Source and allow us the privilege of partnering you on this journey. You have everything you need. You need only to open your mouth to speak and the spirit will flow through you. You know this truth for you have experienced this since your youth. Yield to the Divine. Open your Heart. Love is the message. God is Love. You are Love.

Time is accelerating at an amazing rate, faster than ever in the Earth’s history. You are to be part of this transition into the fourth dimension and beyond. You fear that you will not be able to communicate this in words to others. Yet you have witnessed that you are everything and that you already exist in every dimension. Allow the communication to flow through your heart. Do not try to analyze it. Know that it emanates directly from the Source regardless of its metaphor.

We have shared with you that reality exists in negative time-space; that is, not in what is seen, but in what is unseen. It is true. You exist in many dimensions simultaneously. Give yourself permission to fully experience each one. The Universe is not hierarchical. Do not allow judgment to give form to illusion. Judgment perpetuates the illusion of separation.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.