Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 24

Little One, you look to us for answers, but you find only more questions. That does not seem fair to you, does it? How can you take the boards off the windows, if you do not recognize the boards for what they are – illusions that separate you from the Truth of your Limitless Self?

What is your reality, Little One? If the Universe is an abundant place, then where is the fear of scarcity rooted? Be careful of perpetuating illusion with your thought forms. Ask yourself: Does this thought resonate with my True Self? Is this idea harmonic with my energy signature? Do not feed illusion with the energy of your negative or fearful thought forms. Your thought forms are powerful creative tools. Use them to create what you want not what you don’t want.

You ask about Noetics. There is purity in such knowledge. However, knowledge can replace neither spirit nor wisdom. Knowledge can easily seduce the ego away from its True Self, which already knows and understands all things. You need not that anyone should teach you, for you know all in your deepest being. The mind and spirit complement each other; therefore, do not exclude one from the other in any pursuit.

Do not exclude your physical form from your search for understanding. You still have much ambivalence about your body. Often you treat your body as a machine rather than as an expression of your divine essence. Honor your body as you honor the divine principle that it manifests. This is not a judgment of you, Little One, so do not take offense. It is merely a loving observation of a behavior that does not serve you well.

You have not been laughing, Little One. Who has stolen your joy? Where has it gone? It is still there hiding behind the illusion that you mistakenly call reality. The more tightly you cling to illusion, the more real it appears. Release these shackles and allow your spirit to fly free. Laugh.

Why is Buddha smiling? The Buddha smiles for the same reason that you may smile. He sees beyond the Illusion. Open your heart, Little One, to the power and the grace of love.

Inhale: “I receive the gift.”
Exhale: “I return the gift.”

Little One, you must accept the responsibility for creating the reality in which you wish to live. Look deeply within yourself. For what do you yearn? For what does your spirit seek and your heart hunger? Seek these things. You have all the tools that you need to create what you desire. Follow your longing for it will lead you to bliss.

It is not necessary to name it, to say “Aha, this is it!” for the “it” is constantly shifting, growing, changing, transforming. Do not become attached to the source of your blessing. Create an opening to allow the light to illumine your path and simply follow the light. Experience the wonder of this journey moment by moment. Practice Presence.

Be peace. Be love. Beloved.