Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 43

Little One, you do not feel out of alignment - what you are feeling is fear. There is fear of moving into that place of fire, to match fire with fire. You have tremendous power. You know this. It is to blend your fire energies that you are called to this work. Do you feel this thrumming in you? Allow openness. When you put a lid on a boiling pot, it becomes a pressure cooker. It is time to do more and to sit less. It is time to move back into your fire energy.

Little One, it is time to ask for that which you need. Why do you cling so persistently to the belief that you cannot ask for that which you desire? Or if you do ask for something and you do not receive it, that it is a measure of unworthiness? Dear One, if you are unworthy, then you are unworthy whether you receive or not. There is no such concept in the spiritual world as unworthiness.

Ask for what you want. Look at your life. The evidence with which you live supports the belief that the Universe totally supports your every desire.

Little One, you somehow have the mistaken idea that you have to do or be something other than what or who you are in order to do this work. If we had wanted someone other than you, we would not have selected you.

You continue to retreat in order to somehow manifest something other than your own light. But it is your light, your heart that we require. It is your essence, your energy, that is harmonic with this frequency. Can you feel this? Take your light out from under the bushel. Let it shine. Move into your fullness. No one else has the power to affect your essence. The work for you is to be real, to be fully and authentically powerful.

Little One, there are many guides working with you now, but we are all working for the same purpose. Our ways and methods are different, but the essence is the same. Open your heart, dear one, and know this to be true. Our goal is to bring grace and healing.

You are beginning to channel in a new group of spiritual teachers. These beings are highly evolved and very technical in their understanding of the Universe and the time‑space continuum, which is, in fact, a hologram. Do you recall working with them at other times? These beings now desire to work with you in real‑time, as opposed to dreamtime only.

Open your heart to them, Little One. Do not allow your ego to create interference. Feel the hum of the heart deep within you, the vibrations of the heartstrings. Go deep. Seek truth. Honor yourself.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.