Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 41

Little One, We are here with you. Did you doubt? You have been on quite a ride, Little One. It has been difficult for you to use your new mantra, but this is fine.
You are beautiful, Little One ‑ full of grace, as you are wont to say. Stay present. Recognize that the bumps in the road are just that, bumps in the road. You are grace, Little One. You are light. You are love.
Be aware of what is happening around you. Be aware of the loosening of the constructs that have previously bound not only your reality, but the reality of those around you.
Use your fear as your teacher. Release your judgments. Why do you give so much of your power away? Little One, we ask you to examine this paradigm. How do you create the paradigm that your needs are not being met? How is this possible when you are responsible in every moment, for every moment? How then can you be victimized or “acted upon”? How then can your relationships not meet your needs? Of course, a relationship cannot and will not meet your needs if you are expecting something or someone outside of yourself to satisfy you. This is attachment to illusion.
Remember, Little One, that everything is perfect in every moment. The challenge is to recognize the perfection and to recognize the Beloved in his many guises. The lesson is always the same, Beloved: to be love – to be loved.
Honor yourself. Allow yourself to be open to us. We desire to teach you all things. Nothing is hidden from you. There are no secrets. There is no privileged information. However, you must allow this information to come through you without censoring it. You must allow us the opportunity to access your thoughts and heart on a regular basis. Your dreamtime permissions are wonderful, but the time has come to wake up, to open to us in new ways. Allow us to help you to create what your heart desires. Allow yourself to move through the stargate of love, for this is your home.
It keeps coming back to “yes,” Little One. It keeps coming back to “Whee!” Turn off the censor, the great evaluator. Honor your mind. Honor your body. But follow your spirit for this is your truth. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by form. Consider the pebble in the pond. Observe the physics of this. Often you focus on the ripples going out. This is good ‑ knowing that your work is to good effect. But observe the behavior, the right action, of the pebble. Does it try to control the number of ripples, the depth of its descent, or the size of the concentric circles? The pebble disturbs the complacency of the pond; the ripples are a measure of the disturbance. Your job is to be a pebble. The ripples are not your responsibility.
Be true to your own grace. Remember that your truth is your strength. Stay in your truth. Keep releasing attachment to the visible world.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.