Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 40

Little One, have I ever asked you to do anything that you could not do? I admit that I have asked you to do some things that you do not want to do. Yes, I’ve asked that many times. However, I have not asked you to do anything that you were unable to do; nor will I.

Do not allow your fear to hinder you, Little One. Do not allow yourself to be attached to form and ritual. Do not be attached to specific outcomes. Only allow for the intention of being a channel of universal grace and healing. This is not a function of ego, but rather a function of spirit. Allow your spirit to guide you. Allow your heart to open to possibilities of grace for yourself and others. You will receive healing in this as well. Ask only to be an instrument of the highest good.

You have done marvelously well, Little One. Continue to allow your soul, your heart, to be filled with grace.

(Little One: Help me not to be so ungracious and complain so much.)

But, Little One, it is part of your charm. Be patient with yourself. 

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.