Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 69

Little One, unresolved past life issues create karmic overlays in this present lifetime. There are many ways to deal with these overlays. Imagine that there are invisible energetic cords that attach you to those people with whom you have unfinished karmic issues. The emotional energy flows through these invisible cords because there are unresolved issues that require attention. Sometimes this work may be on a personality level; however, at other times, work at the soul level is required. This work must be approached without judgment of yourself or others, for its goal is to bring the light of love to the darkness of pain.

The issues are karmic in nature, imprints that have come with you from previous lives as well as constellations of energy that others carry. When these energies merge together, it is difficult to separate past from present. For indeed, time is not linear nor is your experience two‑dimensional, but rather time is holographic in nature. It is important for you to recognize when this is happening and to separate these layers of experience so that healing and karmic balancing can occur.

The past, present, and future are one. As these energies present themselves to you, it is an indication that they are ready to be healed and balanced. This is work of the spirit. The invitation is always to healing and wholeness. The choice is yours.

Difficulties arise in your identification and attachment to these energies that you have carried for so long. Pain results from choosing to cling to the memories of past pain and glory. You become attached to the pain, wounds, shadows, and ghosts that haunt you as well as to the triumphs, successes, joys, and pleasures of the past. Attachment in any form, whether to pain or to pleasure, brings separation from Self. You often become so identified with the attachment that to release it feels like you are losing something, either a loved one or a piece of your identity, when in essence you are reclaiming the wholeness of Self, reclaiming your life force. This reclamation is an act of grace.

It is an illusion that this healing, cutting the invisible karmic cord, creates separation of any kind. It allows for healing, which by its nature reinforces the bonds of love. A deeper bond then exists, a unity of atonement – at‑one‑ment, if you will. Grace replaces pain. Power replaces fear. Compassion replaces judgment. Ecstasy replaces longing.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.