Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 46

Little One, you are afraid of the power of this work. It is not that you resist bringing healing, but that you resist the responsibility that comes along with this power, just as you resist the responsibility that comes with the power of your personality.

But, Little One, this is only fear. Do you really think that fear can protect you from yourself? One of the reasons that you are here is to release your fear of yourself, for you are not afraid of anyone else. You are afraid of the brilliance of your own light, as well as the depths of your own shadow. How can you truly experience joy when you are afraid of yourself, when you are afraid you will be too big, too much, too you? You are magnificent. You are Pele. What happens when Pele is repressed or when her power is denied? As you would say, “It is not a pretty sight.”

Little One, you dishonor yourself. No one else does that to you. You deny your power because you fear it; however, that does not change it. It hurts you and deprives others of the grace of your presence.

How often have we asked you to do something that you could not do? We only ask you to be who you are, but to be that freely, totally, completely. We ask you to be real.

It is really much easier. It requires a lot less energy to be real than it does to keep fighting yourself, for you are in constant battle to contain, to restrain yourself. It does not leave much energy for joy and spontaneity. Observe the children and allow them to be your teachers. Observe their wonder in themselves. Learn this and then teach it.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.