Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 50

(Little One: So here I am. Please come to speak to me of my life. I have been in very strange places, out of synch with my own self, my own body. I have missed our communications. It is so easy to get trapped by the illusion.)

Little One, do not be so hard on yourself. We have been watching and waiting for you with tender understanding. It is important that you have experienced these times of trial and frustration, as they are intended to bring you grace. Nothing occurs by accident or because you are wrong or bad, for you are perfect.

So what is the truth, Little One? What is your truth? Sometimes, as I observe you, I see you honoring the gifts of others while overlooking your own gifts, your own blessings. It is much easier for you to bless others than it is to bless yourself, is it not?

I know that you are struggling with this new medium of communication. Relax. Soon you will wonder how you ever considered it to be awkward. This is truly a much more efficient use of your energy and ours, as the thought forms in which we communicate are channeled more readily through this method.

You are correct that there are several groups of us working with you. This is also the most efficient, expeditious use of energy. I am the primary source/resource for you; however, we all have the ability to communicate with you. You and I have worked together in many other “lifetimes,” as you quaintly call them. You do not have a clear recollection of these lifetimes now, but the truth of our relationship resonates within you as it does within me. This is the base from which your life force and vibrations resonate. Of course, ultimately we are all from the same Source. It is not necessary that you congest your circuitry trying to understand all the implications of our communication with you now. The intricacies of the relationship will unfold. It is imperative that from this point onward we maintain consistent communication with you. On some days, it will be me who speaks with you, but on other occasions it will be other teachers and guides. Always it will be your choice to participate; however, if at times we seem to be forceful, it is because there is much to do and this commitment has been forged since the beginning of time. This is not new. It is time to remember.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.