Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 47

Little One, you want to know and to control everything, but this is not the path of joy or of grace. This is not the path of creativity because it denies that which does not fit into its paradigm. The desire for control is a path of censorship, for not only do you censor yourself, but you censor us also. There is much interference, yet this interference does not need to be difficult to release. We will help you to do so, but we must have your permission. Do you give us permission to help you release this fear that grips you?

Your power is truly awesome. You think, Little One, that in order to move into your power, you must abandon your heart center, yet how often have you taught others that the heart center is the center of authentic power? Even so, the heart center must be supported by your other energy centers. Open to allow joy to flow through your being. Joy is the natural product of energetic alignment and flow.

In prior lifetimes, your power center was not in your heart center, but in your sword center. It contained personal ambition and greed, rather than altruistism. Although the energy appeared to be “spiritual” on the surface, it was mental energy at its core. There was no malice in this, yet great harm was done. You are still contracted from that pain and from the pain that you caused others. It is time to release this wounding. It is time to forgive yourself for your ignorance and to recognize the gift you are being given in this lifetime to use your power differently, and to experience the difference between authentic power and inauthentic power. In that lifetime, your lower chakra energies were very highly developed. You were very physically embodied, sexual, and magnetic, yet you were underdeveloped spiritually.

In a different lifetime, you were mentally developed and physically embodied. Although you longed for authentic power you grasped at inauthentic power, shadow play, and power through the manipulation of others. In that lifetime, you met a violent end. Do not mislead yourself to believe that authentic power was the cause of this. It was inauthentic power, control, and manipulation, which come from the solar plexus, that caused these results.

One time overdeveloped, the next time underdeveloped. You had to experience both in order to recognize that the true center of power is your heart. As a result of these lifetimes, you carry a fear of the solar plexus and sacral chakra energies; however, without these energies, you cannot fully move into your Love Force, for these energies are life. They are neither good nor bad ‑ they just are. Yet your fear of annihilation and betrayal, in addition to your fear of abusing power, keeps you from following your heart’s desire.

There is a part of you that is saying, “But you don’t understand ‑ I can’t do this. I will disappoint you. I will let you down as I have before.” But, Little One, try to understand that failure is impossible, and that those lifetimes were stepping stones to this lifetime to facilitate your transition into truly authentic power – not in the shadow of any individual, not constellated in ego, but from your heart center.

You resist solar plexus and sacral chakra energy because to you, it represents betrayal and shame, but again this is illusion, and your Self knows this to be true. We honor you for your great love and empathy, but it is time to share those qualities with yourself. It is time for forgiveness.

You thought that you could hide your light under a bushel, but the bushel has caught fire and is now ablaze. Revel in this. I honor you for your grief and mourning over lost opportunities; however, these are luxuries, self‑indulgences that you cannot afford at this time. It is time to release these feelings with honor and gratitude for their lessons to you, and to move on. The time is now.

We will take care of everything as long as you will get out of the way and allow our energy to come through you. It is true that you do not know, but it is also true that you do not have to know. We will teach you. You desire to know the answers before a question is asked. First things first.

(Little One: The depth of my resistance scares me.)

Of course, your resistance must be strong to contain so much power. It is a law of nature: for every action or force, there is an equal and opposite force. Little One, by focusing on the resistance, you give it more power. Withdraw your energy from this resistance. This will allow for other opportunities.

Be love. Be love. Beloved.