Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 44

Little One, you must take better care of yourself physically in order to accommodate the intensity of the energy that you need to bring in. When you are disconnected from your heart center, you are disconnected from your life force, your Love Force. It creates an absence - a void, if you will ‑ at your core. There is no mystery. Your heart is your power and your inspiration. You are love. It is your responsibility to be lover to the world.

Do not get caught up in pettiness. It is imperative that you align yourself with the energies of grace and healing. If you allow yourself to focus on woundedness, this is what you will find. If you allow yourself to focus on love, this is what you will find. Do you feel the difference? You have become absolutely intolerant of energies that are not in alignment with your highest vibration. Little One, you must be scrupulous in your attention to your heart work. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by negativity around you. Recognize the illusion as illusion.

It is important that you learn how to more effectively organize your time and thoughts in order to move forward. Sometimes what you experience as resistance is primarily disorganization and a physical and psychological response to chaos. You would benefit from more discipline.

Spiritual discipline is a component of all major religious traditions. It is not that ritual and form are important in themselves; however, they provide a container for spiritual energy. If you have a spiritual practice that creates a forum for your communion/communication with the Divine, then you do not need to use your time and energy to continually recreate the vessel. Ritual has value in its ability to create energetic structures that allow your grace to function in freedom. Ritual provides a vehicle to move into a sacred space with greater ease. It would be valuable for you to create time each day, not to be a slave to the ritual, but rather to reclaim your spiritual power by establishing clear priorities in your life. This is basic maintenance.

Little One, refrain from making generalizations about what is true. You can say: “This is the truth as I understand it,” for in truth, we all have only a piece of the greater Truth. This is why we continue to journey together, with each bringing our piece of the Truth, each honoring the other’s piece of Truth. Beware of thinking that you do not need to honor another’s truth because that may be the very piece for which you have been looking. Sit with it. Even if it is not your truth or if it does not resonate at your frequency, do not deny its value.

Honor is fundamental to spirituality. Honor the journey of your companion souls as you each move forward grace for grace. Judgment separates you from the life force, the Love Force, each other, and your true selves. Although we write this often, it bears repeating because judgment is such an insidious part of the human experience. Self‑righteousness is tantamount to self‑destruction. It kills the soul. It denotes an absence of love for your fellow souls and yourself, when in truth we are all one. Self‑righteousness is merely another facet of the victim-victimizer paradox. Do you see this? It is hierarchical. It is judgment.

Open your heart, Little One, to the sounds of love around you, to the music of the Universe. Strive to not judge others or yourself. Strive to love all, to honor all, and to see the Beloved in every face. Strive to let the Beloved be you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.