Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 59

Little One, today is not different from any other day. We are here and you are here. What else matters? Are you ready to begin? We understand that you have many concerns that our connection with you will disappear, but this is an illusion, Little One. We are committed together in a partnership that is rooted in love and signed in spirit. This is not a fluke; this is your right.

Now, Beloved, let us speak candidly with you. You relax; we will talk. (Yes, relax, Little One.) You are learning so much, so rapidly. We know that you are struggling to receive these teachings. Cease your struggle as it inhibits the absorption process.

If you will, consider for a moment your freedom. We are the teachers and you, Dear One, are the student. You are not expected to know what you are going to be taught until we speak it to you. So open your eyes, your ears, and most especially your heart, to receive what we have to say to you.

You seek truth, Little One. What is it that you know of truth?

We have taught you that your truth is your power and your strength, but what is the nature of truth? What is the nature of this power whereof we speak?

We spoke to you months ago about the nature of energy. Is energy truth? Yes, of course it is. Does this mean that truth is energy? Yes and no. Truth stands alone. It is not dependent on a belief or experience to make it real. It is not dependent on any condition to make it true. The Truth is. Yet this Truth can be broken down even further for your understanding, for the essence of Truth, the essence of energy, the essence of all, is love.

There is nothing in the Universe that is not love. If your truth is your strength and truth is love, then in reality love is your strength, is this not so? If truth is energy and love is truth, then is love not energy? If love is energy, if love is in fact the Universal force, then we know much already of its nature, but it is time to learn more.

We spoke to you earlier about the bonds of love. The chemical bonds with which you became so fascinated in your studies of biochemistry are in reality bonds of love. All those around you knew and continue to know that above all else you understand how to love and to be love. But, dear one, we must in this lesson speak to you about your understanding of being loved, receiving love. For this is a lesson the world desperately needs: the experience of being loved. Know this beyond doubt: you are totally and completely loved without condition in every moment.

Do you understand that if you only love and do not know how to receive love that you are only a half‑self? This is the root of fear and illusion. As John, the Beloved Apostle, stated so well: Perfect love casts out fear. It is no coincidence that John is known as the Beloved, for he knew the magnitude of the Love Force and was able to receive its power.

You ask us: How does one experience this fullness and perfection of love?

As you embrace the concept of the Beloved, greeting each soul in your life as the Beloved, it is important not only to open your heart to love that soul, but to open your heart to be loved. This is a secret that young children carry, for they have not yet separated from the Truth of their essence. They still live in the reality of unconditional love.

Little One, how would you experience the world if you lived from the certainty that not only were you loved unconditionally by the Divine, but that every beating heart loved you totally without condition? Open your heart to receive love, regardless of the source, embracing all sources, regardless of the manifest behavior, seeing and receiving all through the eyes of love. This is the truth of the statement we gave you: an open heart only feels love and an open heart feels no pain.

Love is the essence of all. It is the source of every experience. It is the force that both initiated and sustains the Universe. Love is responsible for all behaviors, for all events. Love is.

Think on these things, Beloved. They are not new to you, though you have forgotten much. It is to remind you of this that we give you this blessing, this entreaty: Be love. Be loved. Beloved. For, in truth, you are.

Little One, you are thinking that this is difficult, but you know in your deepest self that it is only hard to go against your nature rather than with it. It is when you are out of alignment with your nature that you experience pain and illness. This is not difficult, Little One. This is you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.