Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 42

Little One, guard against sameness. Guard against generalities. Love is the life of the soul. In order to experience this life force, your heart center must be open.

Do not try to understand love as a feeling. Love is not a feeling. It is a principle. It is a force. It is energy. Do you feel this? Love has its own frequency and characteristics. It is a major energy field in itself. Do not struggle with this. It will come to you with greater clarity as you work with these concepts.

All of your major religious and spiritual traditions are love based. They use stories and metaphors to teach the lessons of love. Now the world is ready for new teachings that will create a greater understanding of the lessons of the heart center’s power. This is not about feelings of warm fuzziness. It is about the power to bring healing change to the world. It is about grace. What is grace, but the ability to receive blessing, goodness, love, and healing from the Universe?

Grace is not grace if it is not received. Grace is the power of exchange. It is a barter heart for heart gift for gift love for love Beloved for Beloved.

All of life is based upon this exchange of energy: ebbing and flowing, giving and receiving, inhaling and exhaling. All communication results from this interplay of energy. Little One, what power you have to change the world, to change your life, to be grace, to be love, to be Beloved!

It is the Love Force that causes the world to turn, the sun to shine, the heart to beat. It is love that moves mountains, or more precisely, it the deep assurance that you are loved beyond all measure, that you are beloved. It is knowing and understanding the limitlessness of life.

If your power is constricted, if your life is “stuck,” or if you are limited in any way, look to see how well you are allowing yourself to feel loved, to be loved. Are you receiving the Beloved? Are you responding to His knock? Where is the Love Force manifesting in your life? Where is the heartspace in your life? How is it filled?

The reality, Dear One, is that you are totally accepted, loved, supported, embraced, and challenged in every moment, for you are the Oneness. You are the Universe in its totality. The pain that you experience is the illusion of separation from the Oneness. The pain is your longing for reunion.

Little One, recognize the ebb and flow of life for what it is. It is showing you the many faces, the many phases of the Love Force. Do not make judgments of yourself, others, or the Universe. In every moment, experience the power of the Love Force. The open heart is the window of the soul; it is your connection to the Divine.

The longing, Little One, is satisfied with every breath. Receive and release each breath with the understanding that there is always fulfillment of your desire.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.