Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 49

Little One, although you have made little time for us of late, do you doubt that we are with you always? Do you doubt our commitment to you?

It is you who struggle; yet this struggle is an illusion that you have created. You want to be both child and adult at once. Relax and enjoy your experience. It is not our desire to cause you pain or fear. We do recognize, however, that the time is now. You sense this also. Open, Little One. Open your heart. This is the only solution to every dilemma, to every circumstance: the Opening of the Heart. This is the Divine Impulse. God is love. You are love. Therefore, you are God’s image, is it not so?

Yet there are many manifestations of the heart energy. This is what you will learn and share with the world ‑the quality of the heart energy, the Divine Principle.

Write a book about loving the world. It is simple, is it not? For you are the heart, you are the gift. This information is nothing, but your essence in printed form.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.