Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 54

Little One, release your judgments about your depth and your intensity. As a wise one says, “The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.” Remember, dear heart, the light and the shadow are one. Surely you know this. When you claim your light, then you must claim your shadow also. Which do you most fear ‑ the light or the shadow? You are reluctant to accept your own essence (which we will grant you is very intense), but this is how it needs to be. Your faith is great, yet fear negates faith. What is fear? Fear is not an absence of faith, but an absence of love.

Remember, Dear Heart, that all fear is illusion. The belief that you will be alone and unsupported is an illusion also. One of your greatest fears is hurting someone, but the Truth sets free ‑ it does not wound. It is an illusion that the truth hurts. The Truth heals if you will but allow it to do so. An analogy, if you will:

A knife can be used to stab or to carve.
A hand can be raised to strike or to caress.
A spoken word can wound or edify.

Little One, you equate shadow with darkness, rather than shade, oasis, and nurture. Your gifts are within you, not without. Your lessons are to manifest this grace and to allow the multitude of beings that surround you to speak through you. The time is now. Now is the only time there is. There is no room in now for remorse or regret. There is only room in this moment for grace.

Think you that your family, the loving beings with whom you share this incarnation, desire anything for you but your highest possible good and fulfillment? Do you think that they do not long to see you joyful, powerful, heart‑full? Think you so little of their love for you? Think you not that it gives them pain when you are in pain? You fear that, by pursuing your highest purpose, you are abandoning them. This is an untruth. It is by pursuing your own truth, your heart’s desire, that you release yourself from the bondage of fear.

Dear One, do not look back with regret. Bless the past and its people, but stay in the Now. This is your moment of Truth. This is your moment of Grace.

Be love, Little One. Be loved. Beloved.