Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 57

Little One, today we would speak to you on the importance of forgiveness. Attend us well.

Unforgiven trespasses and wounds – real or imagined – create adhesions, scar tissue if you will, around the heart. The heart center is not only your center of love, but it is also your center of power and healing. When unforgiveness closes your heart, this closing causes pain in itself. The spontaneous reaction to this pain is to close down even more. This survival mechanism may be adaptive for a very brief time; however, if allowed to persist, it creates a vicious cycle of pain and isolation.

To use an analogy, if a particle of dust should fly into your eye, the instinctive and appropriate response is to blink, to close the eye briefly to allow for the eye to cleanse itself, to allow it to heal itself. The eye will tear briefly, wash the speck away, and reopen. Despite the ensuing temporary irritation, the eye will continue to function and soon the incident is forgotten entirely. However, if when you get dust in your eyes, you continue to keep your eyes closed to prevent further irritation, you become sightless.

The human heart operates in much the same way as the human eye. Your heart must remain open in order to retain its vision. An open heart is your natural state of being. It is written in Hebrew sacred scripture that “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” This does not refer to physical eyesight, although the analogy is perfect, for you are a blind world when your hearts are closed. When your heart is closed to love, then your spiritual centers cannot function. For what is God, but love? Just as a closed eye shuts out physical light, a closed heart shuts out your Divine Light.

When an injury or wound is received at the heart center, it is appropriate to allow acknowledgment of the wounding, to briefly to allow the heart "blink" in order to cleanse itself and recover from the trauma. But then, as with the healthy eye, the healthy heart will reopen. It will not hold itself closed by holding on to the offense. It will open itself again to the Light and allow itself to be full.

A great spiritual truth is that an open heart can feel only love. An open heart cannot feel pain. Heart pain is caused by an absence of love, not because of the wound that has been inflicted, but by the constriction of your response to the wounding. It is the withdrawal, and your separation from Divine Love, that is the source of pain.

Consider the eye analogy again. Supposing you get dust in your eyes and you consciously choose to forever keep you eyes closed. Will the particle of dust be responsible for the resultant sightlessness or is the sightlessness the result of human choice, of free will?

If the eye is closed for several years and you finally decide to reopen it, the eye, accustomed to sightlessness, will experience the light as painful. The eye must slowly become accustomed to the intensity of light or it may become damaged. It may take a while for the eye to regain normal healthy function because its natural function has been so long denied. So it is with the heart. If, after many years, you begin to reopen the heart center, to allow love and Divine Light to flow, then the heart center will be extremely and unnaturally sensitive, but gradually with intention, the heart will be restored to its normal healthy function of openness.

You wrongly assume that the openness causes the pain you feel, that the openness creates vulnerability. But this is a misunderstanding, for openheartedness is your birthright. It is your ultimate Truth, the source of your strength and power. If you close your heart, you separate yourself from your essence. You deny yourself access to your power and healing. Your open heart is your connection to the Love Force, which is your connection to the Divine, to the creative principle of the Universe.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.