Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 58

Little One, a few days ago we asked a question: What does openhearted anger feel like? Do you have an answer? This is an important lesson, Little One. Settle for a minute to open to us in order to feel our love and to feel our truth.

Anger is generally associated with an injury, pain, a wound, or an offense. Anger is a natural response, like blinking your eyes. It is what comes after the initial reaction that becomes a problem. Anger is often equated with fear, but it is also connected with defensive, and subsequently offensive, action. However, this is illusion. Anger is a physiological reaction that gives you information about an interaction, environment, and relationship. Anger gives you information about yourself. Anger is never about another person. It is about you and, as fearsome as it feels, anger is neutral.

Anger is a teacher. When your heart is open, Little One, anger shows you where your energy blocks are, where there is congealed energy ‑ Karma, if you will. When anger is experienced by an open heart, it is a moment of insight, a moment of grace. Anger gives an answer to the unasked question. Anger is an important teacher.

Anger requires a response. Anger always requires a response ‑ something to balance the energy, to dissolve the blockage. It is important to consider that an incident that inspires anger is often just a stimulus to identify an old, stagnated energy pattern. Preprogrammed anger becomes rage.

Human beings tend to fear their own anger, as well as, the anger of others because of these accumulated energetic patterns. We have already explained that fear is the absence of love; therefore, anger to many represents absence of love. Often anger is associated with violence, pain, and abuse, but not often with healing, reconciliation, liberation, and grace. Yet this is the true purpose of anger: to free us from the cyclic bondage of the Karmic wheel. Little One, know this: You create as much harm when you take offense as when you give offense.

It is imperative that anger not be ignored, because unaddressed anger creates enormous pain, illusion, and Karma. Unresolved anger is stored, encrypted in your mental, etheric, and physical bodies.

It is difficult for you to recognize anger as an instrument of grace and healing. It is not anger that creates pain. It is the Karma, which requires balancing, and the unhealed wound, which calls for healing, that creates pain. Anger is the tool, the impetus, that allows the healing to transpire.

How can this occur? By trusting in the power of the Love Force. What if you were to believe, truly believe, that every event in your life occurred to support you and to bring you healing, that every illness was intended to bring you grace, and that every injury was meant to bring you pardon?

We are not telling you not to be angry. What we are saying is to be angry, and to rejoice in that anger. For anger is a gift of grace. Your sacred scripture enjoins you, “Be angry and sin not.” The important issue is to understand why you are angry and to respond appropriately in line with your soul’s purpose.

Feeling anger does not give you permission to hurt someone, to behave with violence, or to lash out. It also does not give you permission to feel victimized (we have much to say about this later). However, anger does give you the opportunity to bring grace to yourself and healing to your planet.
We understand that associating anger with grace and healing is a novel concept for you. You associate grace with healing and love, but anger is a manifestation of love.

Anger is unconditional love. It is an aspect of self‑love, yet it is a manifestation of love for other human beings. Anger says, “Wait a minute! Something is not right here! I am angry! Something here needs attention!” There is a physical reaction, a cautionary alert. Response comes from reflection, looking for guidance, “I feel pain” – “I feel fear” – “I feel grief.” When anger is uncomfortable, when you have been taught that the expression of anger is inappropriate, or that anger equates to danger, a new response program is required.

Do you remember what we said about anger always requiring a response? Anger does not just dissipate; it is energetically stored (much like fat in the physical body). Anger has mass, just as any energy. If anger does not receive an appropriate response, then it is stored in the energetic, mental and physical bodies, creating blockages, judgment and separation, imbalance, and illness.

Anger and rage are also stored in the collective unconscious. We touched on this earlier with you. When groups of human beings are unable to express their feeling of anger, despair, and pain, or if they are unable to access healing in their lifetimes, these constellated energies, this congealed rage, is passed on to subsequent generations. The Hebrew sacred texts refer to the sins of the Fathers being passed on for many generations. This is not a judgment. It is a natural law of the Universe: Anger requires a response. This is the law of Karma.

You experienced this phenomenon with your father. When your father passed over, you inherited the psychic wounding that he carried for the children of Ireland, the stigmata if you will, of a bleeding heart. You felt the pain in your body, the unexpressed rage, and the immense grief.

Do you see, on a global level, how unexpressed individual anger becomes part of the collective, and do you see also then that personal healing will ultimately bring global healing and grace? There is more, but you are tired now. Sit with this for a while. See how this teaching is reflected in your own life, your own body.

Little One, when you are looking at issues of anger, it is important that you do so without judgment, as judgment cannot lead you to truth. You must do this with love. If you have anger stored in your body, and of course you do, remember that it is a gift of grace. Do not forget the point of this writing: to understand anger as a manifestation of love. In order for anger to be understood and processed appropriately, it must be understood in this light.

Rejoice that this information has been made available to you. Rejoice that healing is available. Experiencing and responding to anger does not mean experiencing the pain of the wounding, for the anger is not the pain. It is energy ‑ pure energy.

This is not a burden, Little One. This is liberation from the burden that you have carried for so long. The important question is, what response does this stored anger require from you? Remember always that the purpose of anger is to bring grace and healing to you.

Your anger is not about anyone else. It is about your response to life. Other people come into your life as teachers, players if you will, in the drama that you are creating, but the Karma, the opportunity for grace, is yours.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.