Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 64

Little One, when you are doing “past life” work, be careful what you clear out, for some of this energy may be intended to be building blocks for this life.

Why do you think that there have been so many “coincidences”? This is to get your attention and to help you learn in this lifetime what you have not previously learned. This energy is good; it is positive. If it were not meant to be present, it would not be present. This is the very energy that will provide you with healing. If you precipitously clear this energy out, it will either come back or it will remain karmically unbalanced. Do you see this?

So the idea is to pay attention to the wisdom of this energy, to allow it to teach you, to allow it to take you where you need to be, and then to allow it to resolve itself. Nothing occurs by accident. These blocks are not present by happenstance. It is all part of your divine unfolding.

We would also speak to you of hierarchy. This is a destructive concept. It is dangerous to your soul’s growth and to your mission here in this world. You know that all souls are in the process of unfolding ‑ not only those souls that you know and love, but all the souls on this plane. The artificial separations that are created through hierarchy or judgment of this unfolding create obstacles to attaining Oneness ‑ Attuma.

All souls are precious expressions of the Divine. Understanding is not your responsibility: nor is judging nor comparing. Loving is your responsibility.

Your only responsibility is to love. Period. There is no hierarchy in love. There are neither victims nor abusers. There is only love, which is the profound expression of the Divine.

The anger and frustration that you feel provide you with opportunities to open your heart and to experience the return of the Light, the return of the Divine Child, the return to Love. This is the secret of the solstice and the blessing of the season. The Lord of the Dance is the Lord of Love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.